From Bali to Ecuador: In search of the Shaman Masters

I have lived on Bali since 2002, married to a Balinese and in a sense, married to this rich culture with all it’s magic and wonder. When I chose to move here 16 years ago, I had no idea the twists and turns my life would take. There seemed to be another plan for me that was carefully laid out by the Universe. This plan was and continues to be an incredible journey into the world of healing and transformation for myself and others.

I have worked with several Shaman Masters here on Bali both local and western. My path to become a shaman continues to unfold with new challenges and gifts that are bestowed upon me in both ordinary and non ordinary reality. There has always been a deep yearning within my soul to go deeper into the mysteries of our existence and truly understand how we are not just living in the Universe, but the universe is actually living within us. Through Shamanism, I’ve discovered many amazing tools for empowering my life and many others who I work with.

And so the journey to learn more continues to inspire me — to reach even further beyond Bali to South America, where the first ever Andes Summit will be held bringing together ten of the most prominent indigenous teachers, healers, and community leaders, with people from all around the world. The Andes Summit mission is to initiate a new paradigm for Earth and Humanity Healing and it will be held on the High Andes of Ecuador.

“It is befitting for such an important conference to gather at the “Middle of the World” where the South and the North meets at the Equator Line, as two equal partners. Each will bring its unique point of views on the vital ways we must take to sustain the future of the Earth and Humanity,” said Itzhak Beery, bestselling author, the founder of, and The Andes Summit.

In this unprecedented spiritual and healing event, happening over 8 days and 7 nights, participants will discuss the pressing issues of our time. A variety of diverse Master Classes will be offered in which the Andean Shamans will share their ancient knowledge that has been passed on from generation to generation for 1,000’s of years. Participants will also get to experience personal healing ceremonies in the Shaman healer’s homes, as well as sacred indigenous rituals.

We will engage and dance in the sacred Inca’s Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) in their villages, and take intimate nature hikes to the breathtaking lakes, waterfalls, and mountaintops. Additionally, optional Plant Medicine (Ayahuasca and Huachuma) visioning tea ceremonies will be offered as well.

Born into generations of Yachaks (Healers-Shamans), each of these powerful elders will be sharing their ancestral wisdom, Andean Cosmology, distinct healing modalities and techniques, and the prophesies that their culture is built upon. They genuinely recognize the vital responsibility they hold to impart their knowledge to the technologically advanced cultures that are in economical, societal, and spiritual peril. These –Condor Elders– wish to share their wisdom with the people of the North/West –The Eagles– who need to restore their connection to nature, the elements and communities, the ancient ways, not only to sustain the health of the Earth, but also to gain physical, emotional and spiritual health, and most importantly, to open their hearts to global peace, cooperation and harmony.

Discussions and Master Classes will include:

–               7 Feathers of the Condor: 7 Teachings in the Way of the Andean Sages

–                Usai-The 5th Element

–                The Healing Sounds of the Andes

–                The Andes Sacred Healing Movements

–                Opening the Feminine Heart

–                The Tsachilas Ancestral Healing

–                Midwifery and Women’s Healthcare

–                La Limpia: The Andean Rite

–                The Path of Light: The Healing Tradition

–                The Power of Mushuk Nina-–Sacred Fire

This will be a life changing event which will inspire all those who choose to join. I’m curious to see what the similarities and differences are between Balinese Shamans and the Andean Shamans.

“All indigenous people have knowledge about how to preserve the earth and keep life in balance. In the western world, we are not living in a balanced way. There are very aggressive societies that are focused on profits and the material world. The beauty of this Andes Summit is to bring the community together and share important information about how we can all live a more ‘heart-centered’ life,” said Itzhak Beery.

The Andean Shamans want to teach the people of the north their wisdom, because many of their younger generations are no longer interested in learning their ancient ways; they are more interested in all the material trappings of the west. Thus, the Shaman masters realize that in order for them to preserve this ancient knowledge, they need to pass this on to the people from the North. Itzhak Beery hopes that by the end of the summit that we can all become ambassadors and go back to wherever we are from and share this knowledge with our families and communities, spreading the wisdom of the Shaman Masters throughout the world.Now more than ever, we all need to rediscover how to connect with our soul and live a meaningful life. Shamanism provides many tools for us to do this with ease and step into our power. For more information about The Andes Summit which will be held in Ecuador June 16 – 23, please visit:



To all of you who have been following my column for a long time and for those who are new, thank you for your readership and for your willingness to open up to new and old ideas that have been presented in my past articles. I look forward to sharing more wonderful tools, interviews and insights with all of you in 2018 and beyond

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Michele Cempaka has lived on Bali since 2002. She has been initiated as a Shaman and Reiki Master. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist and Transformational Coach. She offers a variety of trainings and retreats both on and off Bali which focus on personal empowerment and healing. For more information about her upcoming programs, please visit: Copyright 2018 © Michele Cempaka