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With the coming Giving Season in mind, I’ve put together a list of a few organizations that do good work for kids in Bali, are trustworthy and transparent and are in need of donations and assistance. This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any suggestions for organizations that I may have left out, please reach out to me on the email at the bottom so I can include at a later date.


Yayasan Solemen Indonesia ( is an Indonesian non-profit foundation that provides direct support and funding for the good health and well being of disadvantaged and ‘diffabled’ (differently abled) Balinese kids and their families. Solemen’s alleviates the misery of extreme poverty by bringing hope and sustainable solutions to those who don’t have [easy] access to medical treatment. Solemen has a volunteer Outreach Team of doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists and social workers that help a caseload of people they call ‘Solebuddies.’ In addition to needing money donations, Soleman also needs food, clothing, mobility & disability aids, ongoing sponsorships and more.

Currently, Solemen is carrying out a campaign to plant 1746 Moringa trees to help families generate income from the crop. They are also raising funds to help nine children with heart problems receive the live-saving surgery they need.

Their website has wish lists of items they need and drop-off locations around Bali. You can also contact their main office at Jl. Merdeka Raya No. 8x, Kuta, email them at ( or call them on +62 812 3720 6220. Their Facebook page is Solemen Indonesia (@IndonesiaSoleMen). Solemen is endorsed by the Bali Government Tourism Office and the Bali Hotels Association.


Bali Kids, or Yayasan Anak Anak Bali, ( is a non-profit organization that provides health education, medical and dental treatment to 10,000 poor Balinese kids every year. Bali Kids has operated a clinic since 2005 offering free health care for Balinese children in need, as well as a mobile medical service two days a week that travels around Bali on a roster system.

Children that require hospital care are given pre and post-operative care at the clinic. Bali Kids arranges hospital appointments and surgery for kids, but has to find outside funding for any surgeries. Short and long-term accommodation is also available at the center.

The Bali Kids team offers education for kids on health, hygiene, diet, bullying, sex education, the environment, girls’ health, dental health and more.

Bali Kids is located at Jalan Raya Cica Abian Base, Mengwi. Their website has wish lists of items they need and drop-off locations around Bali. You can contact them on 0361 900 6331 or email them at Their Facebook page is Yayasan Anak Anak Bali (@YayasanAnakAnakBali). Bali Kids is non-denominational and accepts all Balinese children under 18.


Yayasan Senyum Bali (Smile Foundation of Bali) ( is a non-profit that brings health care to children with craniofacial disabilities. These commonly include cleft lip and palate, as well as a variety of other conditions, including facial tumors. Senyum Bali raises funds for surgeries and establishes partnerships with other organisations to provide logistical and medical support. The charity maintains a patient accomodation in Denpasar called Smile House.

Their main fundraisers are the Smile charity shops in Ubud and Sanur. If you have any goods that you no longer need or want, you can drop off at your local Smile Shop and they will sell it. (You can also volunteer there.) The shops are located at: Jl. Nyuh Kuning, Pengosekan and Jl. Pantai Sindu No. 3, Sanur. The Smile Shop Ubud is open every day from 10 am – 5 pm and the Sanur store is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm. Senyum has maps to both the shops on their website. They also accept cash donation through the website.

The main office is locared at Jl. Pulau Aru No. 9 Sanglah, Denpasar. You can call them on 0361 233758 or +62 8133 796 4998 or email them at Their Facebook page is Yayasan  Senyum Bali (@yayasansenyumbali.YSB).


Yayasan Kasih Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) (Mother Earth Humanitarian Foundation) ( helps provide educational opportunities for kids to help them break the cycle of poverty in poor families in Bali. YKIP offers an educational assistance program, called the Kembali Scholarship Program, that provides scholarships to elementary and high school students. The charity also gives scholarships to students in university or vocational training programs, as well as youth career guidance, leadership development and advocacy training.

The YKIP office is located at Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Gg. Mina Utama No 1, Suwung, Denpasar. You can contact them at or on 0361 937 8047. Their Facebook page is YKIP (@YKIPBali).


Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak (YKPA) (, often known as the Bali Street Kids Project, runs two orphanages in Denpasar and Tabanan and a school for street kids in Kuta. The non-profit gives disadvantaged kids the loving care, education and skills they need to succeed in life.

YKPA also offers relief – food and basic supplies — in the event of natural disasters. In 2018, their mobile team helped people in Lombok affected by the earthquake and continues to support them. The website has information about how to donate and items that YKPA needs.

The YKPA office is located at Jalan Gunung Payung No 23, Denpasar. You can contact them at, on +62 8133 7411 112 or +62 8786 1515 773.  Check out their Facebook page at  @YKPADenpasarOrphanage.


Yayasan Sari Hati ( provides a free school for kids with mental and physical disabilities, ranging from mild to severe, in Ubud. By teaching these children life skills, hobbies and academic studies, the school helps to develop the potential of each of their students. 

Sari Hati is located at Jl. Raya Tebongkang No. 39, Singakerta, Ubud. You can call them on +62 877 0174 6897 or email on Their Facebook page is Sari Hati School (@SariHatiSchool). Check their website for details on donating.


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