Bali Island School A dynamic, community focused IB World School

As parents, we want our children to be safe, happy and learning at school. At Bali Island School we have a committed, qualified and effective teaching faculty from a diverse range of international backgrounds. “Community” is the word that is most frequently used to describe the strengths of BIS and this is evident in so many ways. Our school environment is a tranquil place to be, with members of the school community interacting with respect, care and empathy. We regularly see the older Secondary students teaching, coaching and helping out younger students and interacting with them by name. Our students’ intellectual and emotional growth is fostered by the school through a carefully planned and balanced curriculum as well as an extensive extra-curricular program full of sports and arts options. Communication between the school and home is valued and these lines of communication take many different forms. BIS has developed a fun and supportive school environment whilst maintaining a high level of academic rigour. The school regularly surpasses the world average for IB Diploma scores, while boasting ‘open enrollment’ into our IB Programme. In 2017/18 the IB world average was 29.78 out of a possible 45 points. At BIS the average IB Diploma score was 33 which was a great result by our graduates highlighting the level of academic rigour and support provided by the school.

BIS is a three-programme International Baccalaureate (IB) school where students have many and varied opportunities to explore, grow and excel in a holistic way. Learning is evident both within and outside of classrooms whenever you walk around the beautifully maintained campus. Students are encouraged to inquire and to think critically and creatively, to solve problems in a range of different ways. Learning opportunities in the Secondary School are designed to challenge the students whilst developing the skills that will make them successful when they leave the school and enter universities and the workforce. There is a strong focus on students acquiring Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills so students are not only prepared for success at school but throughout the rest of their lives. They develop the skills to communicate in a range of ways, to work with others, to think critically, to question information and creatively solve problems, to organize themselves, to manage their state of mind, to reflect and improve, to understand and decipher information, to interact with a range of media and to transfer their skills and knowledge across disciplines. Students are reminded that learning is a lifelong journey and that the development of these skills is essential for future success in a fast changing world where jobs they undertake may not even exist right now.

Student leadership is something we value and promote in the Secondary School. We have a very active Student Council (StuCo) made up of representatives from across the school. These students regularly meet with the Secondary Principal to propose events and improvements at the school. All Secondary students are involved in service to the community. These activities are often based at the school but there is also opportunity for students to instigate their own service for a range of organisations or needs outside of the school. They set goals and regularly reflect on the impact their service has had on the local and/or global community. They also reflect on how their experiences have impacted them personally and how their perspectives have changed. The participation in many meaningful community engagements and extra-curricular activities sometimes becomes an enduring passion which can often shape who they become as adults.

Our campus and student body, while small and intimate, is a place of high quality education in a congenial and respectful environment. Our teachers have specialist degrees from universities around the world and many possess postgraduate qualifications. Every year BIS graduates receive scholarships and acceptance to great universities in many different countries. Our alumni network comes back to visit the campus frequently and they talk about the great preparation they received when they were a student at this school. Low teacher to student ratios and class sizes means that students receive individualised attention and the curriculum is differentiated to suit the needs of each learner. Students have a voice in their classrooms and their learning overall; their input is sought after and respected. BIS prides itself on its academic performance, but there’s no denying that our out-of-classroom opportunities for students are a major focal point and source of pride and enjoyment. Our sports teams have trophy cases that are literally overcrowded, with many first place/championship accolades.

And when our students do finally glide across that stage in the Bali sunshine at the end of May after a well-earned BIS and IB Diploma, they are more prepared and skill-ready for the rigors and realities of the 21st century than any other graduates on the island. And isn’t that the point?

Find out more by visiting our campus in Sanur. It will be your first visit, but certainly not your last.


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