The number one question that I’m asked by tourists and people that I meet in Bali is “Where’s a good place to get a massage?”After surrendering my body to the ministrations of numerous hands at a multitude of spas in Bali I have a pretty good idea of who offers not good massage but great massage. (I know, somebody has to do it.) Luckily, it’s my favourite addiction – massage. I’ve selected some spas that really impressed me in the popular areas to keep everybody happy and highly recommend them.


What to look for?

A clean environment with a pleasant ambiance that you’ll enjoy spending time relaxing. The staff are well trained and use good natural products. Your therapist should ask if there’s any areas that need attention or avoid.



THERAPY After driving by this spa many times seeing a sign out front declaring the “Best massage in Bali according to Trip Advisor”. I had to go try it. I was recommended their Signature massage called The Ultimate Euphoria 90 minutes of bliss. The treatment begins with a ten minute foot ritual to clean and ease your sore feet. This massage is quite unique by using a warm back heating pad filled with pebbles, which relaxes the muscles preparing them to receive the manipulations of the therapist’s hands in relieving tension and tight muscles. Plus the fact that the warmth feels really good. My therapist expertly worked on my legs before coming to the warm muscles on my back. It’s obvious that the practitioners have been well trained using their skills to locate knots in the muscles and release them.

When I turned over she placed a long thin heating pad around my neck, which felt immediately soothing. After working on my arms and legs she came to the neck area which appreciated the attention. The experience ended with a gentle face and head massage. I felt completely relaxed with a happy body.

Therapy has two convenient locations – Seminyak – Jalan Kayu Ayu 1A (Oberoi) next to Sambal Shrimp & Canggu – Jalan Batu Mejan, Echo Beach. With ten spacious treatment rooms in a minimalistic décor the spa is very comfortable the moment I entered. Seminyak contact details:

Telp : 0819 3301 1325 / 0821 4404 9292.

WhatsApp : +62 819 3301 1325




Canggu – Jalan Batu Mejan, Echo Beach

Telp : 082247242233 / 087862137803

WhatsApp : 6287862137603




ESPACE is a relatively new beautiful and spacious spa in Canggu proud of their professional expert massages. Their excellent signature massage which is stimulating and rejuvenating using long strokes, deep stimulation on muscles and joints along with great stretching and pressure points.The massage commenced with some gentle rocking on the back to relax me. Then strong stretches to my legs which really needed it. Methodically she worked on each leg easing the aching muscles then placed a small cushion under each ankle for comfort of the leg. The splendid back massage erased all tension. Then she surprised me by asking me to lie on my left side, which is a common position in Shiatsu and Thai massage. Instead of applying oil she covered my leg with the sheet and pressed pressure points on the outside and inside my leg. Some of the points almost had me crying out in pain but I grinned and beared it knowing it was doing my body good.

The whole massage seemed to go on forever culminating in a band of fabric under my neck and pulling up on the occipital which felt incredibly good. A gentle face and scalp massage had me in a state of bliss at the end.

Espace Jl. Pura Batu Mejan, Canggu.

Telp: 0361-9077442 / 081238000442


FB espacebali




After a 30 minute leisurely walk through the spectacular rice fields along the Campuhan ridge, we arrived at Karsa Spa and Kafé. Graced with large lotus ponds of pink blooming flowers and an abundance of swimming fish. An oasis surrounded by such natural beauty you can’t help appreciating and enjoying being there. Designed as being eco-friendly environment they only use Ayurvedic and organic oil blends in their treatments.

We were booked for Intuitive Heart Massage for 90 minutes. They have eleven very skillful and experienced practitioners offering this treatment, all with Reiki Tummo certification. This isn’t an ordinary relaxing massage but much more therapeutic. They use Reiki, Shiatsu, Balinese, Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Deep tissue techniques plus their intuition to locate areas in your body which require healing. I was accompanied to a quaint room with a splashing wall of water and soothing music. I quickly discovered that Gusti is a man who I could surrender my body to, realizing that his intuitive fingers were able to find all of the knots of muscle and painful points that I didn’t even realize I had until he pressed them and released the pain.

When the massage finished, WOW! Fantastic! An amazing massage. I’m not that easily impressed, but I was with Gusti.

I highly recommend a walk through the rice fields to Karsa Spa and enjoy a memorable massage.

Karsa Spa Campuhan Ridge.

Telp : 0361-8493518 / 081355592013

E-mail :




CHANTARA Wellness & Spa Inspired by time honoured Asian beauty and health treatment using organic and all natural botanical and aromatherapy ingredients. With four spacious treatment rooms, accented with shades of ruby and burgundy, “regal” is the word that came to mind upon entering my treatment room to experience the Deep Tissue Signature massage for 90 minutes. After donning a silk kimono, Sara commenced my treatment with a footbath ritual.

Lying comfortably face down she began by pressing on the soles of my feet and then methodically worked her way up one leg. Eventually she reached my back where she spent considerable time working out the knots in the muscles of my shoulders. I was aware that the staff had been professionally trained and was expecting great things. Her movements were meticulous in relieving the muscle tension and knots, sliding her hands in a variety of movements.

While lying face up she asked if I’d like my stomach massaged. Yes please. The massage culminated with a relaxing neck, face and head massage. She asked if I’d like to keep the oil on my body at the end of the treatment, which I agreed to receive the benefits of the essential oils. By this point I was in a state of bliss.

Chantara Wellness & Spa Jalan Danau Poso 104, Sanur.

Telp : 0361- 4490440 / 8113992015.




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