Bokashi Treatment

I’m always open to new things and willing to try them out. So when someone suggested I check out this place, which he described as soaking in mud I was intrigued.

Located on the by-pass near Lotte Mart it was easy to spot the poster advertising Bokashi Therapy. Entering the place I noticed that there were several people coming in for treatments and the facilities were very clean. The scent of spices filled the air. Owned by Pak Oles, who is well known for his traditional herbal massage oil.

What is Bokashi Treatment? It originated in Japan where it’s known as Kozoburo (Enzyme bath). The substance is comprised of allspice and sawdust from the Kayu Albis tree, which is fermented with Effective Microorganism, producing a natural heat of 50 – 70 degrees centigrade without electricity. Being buried in this natural heat for 15-30 minutes stimulates the nerves and blood circulation, promoting good health.

I asked to see the facilities which is home to 22 treatment rooms on two floors, a reflexology room and downstairs is the Bokashi treatment area. There are two very large pits filled with not mud but a dark brown sawdust made from Kayu Albus, a special tree used in Bokashi therapy. They were empty at the moment so I leaned over and picked up a handful of the sand-like substance. It was very warm, dry and spicy smelling. Not mud at all.

I returned a few days later to try out the treatment. It was quiet when I arrived at 10 am and was quickly escorted to a treatment room upstairs, which contained a large massage bed for Balinese massage, which was very good. She used thumb walking techniques and pressure points before applying Pak Oles massage oil and began kneading the muscles. My body felt nice and relaxed after the treatment.

Afterwards she asked if I was having therapy which I affirmed I was. She then returned with a neatly folded pile of brown clothing to change into. First I put on the small shorts and then looked at the trousers. I slid my foot into a leg and realized that the end was closed. First I thought maybe a mistake with the tailor. So slid my other leg into the other pant leg. The same. Reminded me of being a toddler with jammies having feet. Next I climbed into the large tunic which had no arm holes for the hands. Now I really did feel like a toddler with a hood covering my head. I realized this was all for my protection from the spice pit downstairs.

Slowly descending the stairs with the therapist following carrying my bag and clothes she placed my things in a locker and indicated I should move towards the spice pits. There was a man buried with only his head exposed and a staff member was digging a grave for me next to him. It looked a bit ominous. I watched the man finish clearing a narrow pit for my body as he indicated I should climb in. “Lay down”, he instructed.

I plopped my body down in the shallow grave and was instructed to slide my head up. It felt all warm. Then the man took his shovel and piled sawdust over my body keeping my face free. An image of being buried in the sand on the beach came to mind. But this stuff was dark brown and warm. Okay, maybe buried in the desert. Within a few minutes my body was feeling warm and cozy. The muscles were relaxing.

Every few minutes the attendant came over to wipe the sweat from my face. This was different from a sauna. I knew my body was sweating profusely. The toxins were leaving my body.

As I lay in my pit six Aussies showed up in their brown jammies excited and nervous to be buried. The woman lying next to me told me that she had been here before and brought her friends back.

After 25 minutes the attendant asked if I was ready to get out. I felt pretty well done and baked by that time, so said yes. Taking his shovel he removed much of the sawdust from my body. I struggled to sit up but managed to do so. The man indicated that I unzip the hood to open my head. That felt cooler. He held out his hands to help me climb out and brushed the dirt from my suit before stepping out of the pit.

Wearing a sweat damp suit I took a seat on a bench next to the man who had lain next to me. He told me that I should sit here for up to 20 minutes to cool down before taking a shower. I asked him if he had been here before and he told me that he comes for treatment every month because it makes him feel healthy.

After I showered and dressed I felt refreshed and cool and snagged a small bottle of water before heading up stairs where I was meeting Pak Komang the manager. He informed me that 600 regular clients come every month for Bokashi treatment. Impressive! It’s very popular with Japanese people who throng to the clinic. Check it out its worth the experience.

Healing properties:

  • Detoxification
  • Rheumatic
  • Sprains
  • Insomnia
  • Backache
  • Pain
  • Relaxation
  • Improves immune system
  • Stimulates blood circulation

A word of caution: those with high blood pressure, varicose veins and heart conditions are advised NOT to have this treatment.

Klinik Pijat Dan Penyembuhan Traditional Bali, Usada Pak Oles. Jln. Bypass Ngurah Rai Ruko Moleque Complex Block L 7. Near Lotte Mart.

T:0361-727821/ 727822

HP 087777194227.


By Shari

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