What Can Pain Teach Us?

I woke up this morning not knowing what I would write about, but then the pain in my stomach returned. I had been pain free for seven months, so it didn’t make sense that this pain I have lived without had returned again. I kept saying in my mind, “No, no, no. Why are you back again?” I went through my mind what I had eaten last night – nothing too spicy or greasy, just sayur hijau, lontong & chicken sate which were grilled. I knew that this pain wasn’t food poisoning, because I have experienced that too many times before to know the difference. It is interesting to watch your mind when you are in the midst of pain; it tends to go a bit wild as it searches for reasons why this pain has arisen out of the blue.

Let’s go back to five days ago when I was in Singapore for work. I was meeting my friend for dinner and we were walking around looking for an Indian restaurant that a friend had recommended, when I suddenly tripped on a random piece of cement that was sticking out of a patch of grass. I went flying and in an instant I was flat on my front lying on the sidewalk. I couldn’t move. I lay there totally confused and in shock at what had just happened. Several kind people came and tried to help me up, but I didn’t want to move. It was like I was glued to the cement all splayed out as though I had an accident. My body felt like I had been hit by a car. It seemed strange to me that a fall could have such a huge impact, but it did. Finally an Indian man encouraged me to get up as he gently grabbed my arm and helped me to stand up. There were so many people around. I was surprised at how much concern and kindness everyone was showing me. Normally in a big city you wouldn’t expect this. Fortunately I was with my friend Adrienne who is an Energy Healer like me. She put her arm around me and asked me if I wanted to go to the doctor. It was then that I assessed myself and found several injuries: my left middle finger was very swollen and red, my ring fingernail had been bent completely backwards and my left knee was aching. I also had a bad scrape on the palm of my right hand and right elbow.

“What the heck? How could I have injured myself so badly from just tripping on a piece of cement?” I decided not to go to the doctor but instead went to the pharmacy where another kind woman actually administered first aid on me. She said several times, “I never do this. I don’t know why, but I feel I need to do this for you.” This is when I realized that my guardian angels were looking out for me. All the kindness and caring that people showed me brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t stop crying. I heard Adrienne’s voice in the distance as she said, “You’re in shock. Your whole body is shaking.” I had no awareness of my body. It was a very strange feeling. “Gather yourself. You’ve left pieces of you where you fell.” Ahhh this is why I didn’t feel like I was in my body. Immediately I began calling back my soul fragments to return to me. As I did this I became more conscious of my body, the pharmacist who was administering my first aid and Adrienne’s hand on the middle of my back. She gently guided me to a bench where I sat down. “I’m going to pay the bill. Just sit here.” I offered to pay but Adrienne said, “Don’t be silly. I’ll take care of it.” I could see her talking for awhile to the lovely pharmacist, and Indian woman who might have been in her 40’s. No money was exchanged. “What happened?” I asked. “She refused to take any money and said that she just felt this was something she had to do.” Now I was really amazed. A thought flashed through my mind, “What did I do to deserve all this kindness?” It was like my mind couldn’t reconcile that so much kindness in humanity could be possible. I felt such deep gratitude and was humbled by all the acts of kindness that had been shown to me. My friend and I eventually found the Indian restaurant we had been looking for and I sat with relief. My friend asked for some ice for my hand, and the waiter brought a bucket of ice for me right away. The food was delicious and my friend, who is Irish, got me laughing with her witty banter.

As I reflect on all that occurred that night in Little India, and how I awoke with pains in my stomach today, I realize that my body is still healing from the trauma of that severe fall. Last night I had an acupuncture treatment, and the Chinese medicine doctor told me that he could still feel the energy of trauma in my body. Sometimes it can take longer to heal than we’d like, but it’s important to honor our healing process.

Pain is a sign that something is out of alignment and requires our attention. The body in many ways is a barometer for the soul; it can show us whatever we’ve been unaware of that is wounded, so that we have the opportunity to heal or mend it. While I know that pain can just be a physical issue, only a small percentage of pain is just that. The fall in Singapore was just an accident, but the experiences that followed were truly a blessing, as I was shown once again to keep my faith in humanity.



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