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Finns Has the Perfect Fit For Your Exercise Goals

Not all gym classes are the ideal fit for every body. Finns Fitness offers a comprehensive variety of small group training opportunities to arouse the interest of even the most reticent exerciser! Pumping weights, pedalling or punching bags not your preference? Try out a few of Finns latest additions to their fitness class line up.

Burn more calories than ever by taking to the trampoline and getting some air time while learning fun, safe, step-by-step trick progressions under the guidance of the Bounce centre’s trained aerialists! These adrenalin charged trampoline classes tone all muscles, especially the core, and increase confidence and coordination. All levels are welcome, even novice jumpers!

Sign up for boxing classes with ‘The Bali Boy’ and enjoy increased cardio fitness, strength, skill and agility with each fast paced, one hour class. New to Finns Fitness Schedule, these sessions offer the opportunity to train with former Welterweight champion, Daudy Bahari! A PABA Junior Welterweight champ for four years running with a WBO Asia Pacific win also under his championship belt, Daudy brings professionalism, skill and a passion for boxing to Finns, inviting members and non members alike to join him in the gym for a few rounds!

If bouncing around and boxing aren’t your bag, group fitness in the lap pool is a cool alternative. Finns Aqua Aerobics classes are a great way to mix up a traditional gym workout with the incredible benefits of water. Classes focus on aerobic endurance, resistance training and creating an enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere through music, fitness and fun.

For those more serious about their stroke, I-SwimFit is an adult swim class of 45 minutes. Coached by Olympian, Luisa Striani, I-SwimFit is ideal for all those who want to improve their swimming technique, tone the body and keep their cardio fitness at its best while making the most out of their time in the water.

Fitness doesn’t have to include the tedium of the treadmill or weights room. For convenient class times and a friendly atmosphere, choose an option that suits your style and join the fun of Finns Fitness classes today. Check out the Group Fitness Timetable for class schedules and an outline of all the group training classes on offer by heading to today.

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A Conduit Between Construction & Culture 

Beneath the hotbed of development that Berawa has become, there also lies a sense of loss – loss for a village culture that has been overshadowed by the area’s inevitable growth, for traditional practices that have been interchanged with modern ways and even for the simple enjoyment of this area’s laid back, beachside lifestyle.

In an effort to build a more positive connection between the Berawa community and the freight train of growth in the area, local developer Fitri Supardi recently commissioned mixed media artist, Yokii to help bring her vision of a Berawa Art Wall to reality.

Aware of the growing discord between Berawa’s hive of construction and local culture, and buoyed by her passion for art and Balinese tradition, Fitri set about to build a fence. In stark contrast to the garish plastic banners and metal monstrosities that tend to border Bali construction sites, Fitri’s fence is more than just a front for her small Berawa project; it’s a canvas from which to showcase a series of images depicting the beauty and magic of Berawa life.

With Yokii and Nyaman Gallery’s Melvine on board along with the blessing of the village, the trio approached senior art students of Canggu Community School to invite them to be a part of the process. After a session at CCS whereby Yokii detailed the fascinating process behind his mixed media creations, the students made their way down to the wall to create some art of their own. Freedom of expression was the brief as each student added their artistic impressions to the blank canvas. Though their work aired only briefly before the wall was repainted in preparation for Yokii’s artwork, the students will be involved once again to assist the artist with the final touches once all twenty of the picture panels have been installed.

Meanwhile, in the studio, Yokii has been hard at work creating each piece of the art wall. A meticulous and detailed process, each portrait is composed from a high resolution photograph. This is carefully enlarged then printed onto a canvas, after which it is ‘taken back’ to almost a faded outline of the original photo. Yokii then engineers his magic as he brings the image back to life using minimalist tones and layer upon layer of textures to add depth and detail. The final masterpieces form a breathtaking display of images that seem to capture the essence of local life from the weatherworn fisherman to the Balinese beauty in traditional dress.

Once the canvases are complete, they are transported to Fitri’s Berawa feature wall where Yokii and his team prepare the panels for installation! The first series of seven images was installed on February 10, much to the delight of a crowd of curious onlookers, neighbours and Sunday afternoon strollers, with the second and final stage of the collage appearing on February 24.

As a gift for the whole community to enjoy, the Art Wall offers a window into Berawa life beyond the bustling building sites and development. Like a conduit between construction and culture, Fitri hopes that her feature fence will assume the role as a mediator of sorts between developers, property owners and local residents.

See this creative community art wall for yourself at its new home on Jalan Pemelisan Agung in Berawa, Bali.