Canggu’s New Healthy Eats

by Ines Wynn

It is no secret that Bali is a paradise for the health conscious. From yoga retreats and fitness centers to establishments serving up nutritious gastronomic gems, each year the island sees an array of fresh hot spots for health enthusiasts, and 2018 has been no exception. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or on a gluten-free or paleo diet, here is a list of some of the latest cafe offerings in Canggu.



Who says that you cannot make a positive difference and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time. Masterminded by the guys behind Kynd Community in Seminyak, GIVE Cafe supports numerous local charities through its 100 percent plant-based menu of delicious dishes, drinks and coffee. This is because 100 percent of the cafe’s profit is donated to charity (you read that right, this cafe is run completely on a not-for-profit basis). Each month, the cafe’s profit is divided between three charities chosen for doing some of the most meaningful work on the island. Following their feast, each customer is given a coin to place in one of the donation boxes marked with people, planet and animals-each delineating one of the charities selected as a beneficiary for the month.

Made with both love and integrity, the food at GIVE aims to nourish and nurture. The cafe’s philosophy is built on the belief that the community can gain a greater clarity of mind, strength of body and joy of spirit through wholesome, plant-based food. Opening its doors bright and early at 7 am, GIVE welcomes the day with a choice of delicious and hearty breakfast options including smoothie bowls and pancakes. For lunch and dinner, the a-la-carte menu includes vegan takes on Indonesian favorites such as chicken satay, Balinese curry or crispy tempe salad. There is also the option of ordering nasi campur (mixed rice) with white, yellow or red rice, and a number of pre-prepared dishes from the cafe’s display cabinet.


Motion Cafe

The ideal stop for those on a health kick, Motion Cafe specializes in dishes made with ingredient combinations to maximize the absorption of nutrients. Set up by a fitness guru behind Motion Fitness in Seminyak, the unassuming cafe dishes up vegetarian, vegan, paleo and gluten-free options-all sans refined sugar. Better still, all the dishes are made from produce (organic whenever possible) grown by local suppliers and delivered to the cafe each morning. Some of the stand out dishes on the extensive menu include sweet potato waffles with a choice of mouth-watering toppings and a Moroccan vegetable stew with a side of lemon couscous. The all-day breakfast menu includes gems such as chia seed coconut pudding, blueberry and banana bowl, and a range of granolas. For those with a sweet tooth, the cafe offers guilt-free dessert such as beetroot brownies, zucchini chocolate-chip muffins and warm apple blueberry pies.

For those who take their health and fitness seriously, Motion Cafe offers Motion Food, or weekly meal plans, with all food and drinks delivered to your door on a daily basis. Select from Gainer to increase muscle mass, Paleo to eat like ancient hunters and gatherers, Alkaline for a healthy Ph level, or Ketogenic or Shredding for weight loss. Motion Cafe also offers consultations with a nutritionist to help individuals make better food choices without giving up the flavors they love. Any culinary advice provided can be transformed into a personalized meal plan, which can be prepared daily at the Motion Food kitchen. Those who care about the environment will be please to know that Motion Cafe only uses glass straws, reusable napkins, and recycled drinking bottles and glasses-all need to be returned to the driver when fresh meals are delivered.



Living Food Lab

With two locations at Green School, Living Food Lab has also recently opened its doors to food lovers in Canggu. The three pillars that sum up Living Food Lab’s philosophy are embodied in its name. “Living” denotes food that is alive with nutrients and enzymes, as well as awareness about how we live our lives. “Food” refers to flavors and conscious food consumption. And “Lab” embodies the spirit of culinary innovation. To fulfill its mission, the vegan cafe serves dishes that contain fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds-all foods that are rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

And to ensure that all the produce in its dishes remains raw, Living Food Lab does not heat any of its offerings above 45 degrees Celsius – a temperature that destroys enzymes and alters the molecular structure of food. Plus, produce such as nuts and seeds is activated by sprouting before being incorporated into dishes. Take your pick from imaginative dishes such as carrot spaghetti with tomato pesto and neat balls, mango wrap with homemade sesame garlic, or spicy cashew butter lime noodles.

Living Food Lab also serves as a co-working space, which is on the cafe’s second floor. The space, which doubles as an art gallery, features spacious tables, comfy chairs, ultra-fast Wi-Fi and lots of natural light.