Under the name ParacelsusAsia writer, journalist and long-time Asia hand, Adrian Batten, takes a characteristically wry, humorous but always staunchly consumerist, if not iconoclastic, look at life in general in his column “Alternative Voice”. About half the subject matter gives hard-hitting no-nonsense advise about integrative medicine, various chronic conditions and personal well being, a subject he has researched and written about for well over a decade.

This August All our Paths led to Hong Kong

In the strange combination of circumstances that at times conspire to rule, enliven or bedevil us, my wife and I found ourselves drawn back to Hong Kong, a city undergoing a long hot Summer and a protest movement turned violent that threatens to destroy it. Both my wife, who is French, and myself, a Brit, […]

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More Bang for your Buck

  S.E. Asian Art market pays off for mid-range Players  In 1891 French painter Paul Gauguin aged 42 scandalised large sections of French society abandoning his country, his wife and a respectable profession as a stockbroker to live and paint in Tahiti and the Marquesas, where he died in 1903. His colourful and symbolic style […]

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As goes Bali – so does a Polluted World

2018 seems to be the tipping point – the year when the world finally woke up to the reality that climate change and environmental pollution have to be addressed and it’s up to us. There’s nothing really special about 2018, except perhaps that the sense of powerlessness felt by many of us seems to have […]

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