Under the name ParacelsusAsia writer, journalist and long-time Asia hand, Adrian Batten, takes a characteristically wry, humorous but always staunchly consumerist, if not iconoclastic, look at life in general in his column “Alternative Voice”. About half the subject matter gives hard-hitting no-nonsense advise about integrative medicine, various chronic conditions and personal well being, a subject he has researched and written about for well over a decade.

Australian architect Kerry Hill dies

Seminal figure in what became known as ‘Bali Style’ Prominent Australian architect Kerry Hill died of cancer last month 26 August at his home in Singapore, where he had set up a practice in 1979. He was 75 and sadly predeceased by his wife Ruth, also of cancer some eight months earlier. Over four decades […]

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Indo & Malaysia to keep Democracy alive in SE Asia? Age 92 – all ambition spent… can Mahathir be trusted?

In an extraordinary political upset earlier this month Malaysian voters succeeded in throwing out an entrenched and unpopular government from a party that has ruled uninterrupted for over 60 years, causing shock and joy in equal measure throughout the region. Democracy, never very well established in the first place, is currently on the rails throughout […]

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A Virgin without Provenance is Hard Cheese

This column has always maintained a healthy interest in and appetite for real food. Two of the most cherished of such victuals for me are extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and parmesan cheese, which I consider vital to nutritional well being, whose cost should not be excessive, nor whose quality debased. Since last covering the […]

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