Under the name ParacelsusAsia writer, journalist and long-time Asia hand, Adrian Batten, takes a characteristically wry, humorous but always staunchly consumerist, if not iconoclastic, look at life in general in his column “Alternative Voice”. About half the subject matter gives hard-hitting no-nonsense advise about integrative medicine, various chronic conditions and personal well being, a subject he has researched and written about for well over a decade.

Vitamin B12 – the Hidden Deficiency  

Vegetarians & Vegans even greater risk than supposed, reports show As a vegetarian or vegan you are probably aware of the dangers of nutrient deficiency in the nutrients B12 and also ( but less well known), choline. Despite this knowledge, what you may not be aware of is the research showing vegetarians, and more particularly […]

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This August All our Paths led to Hong Kong

In the strange combination of circumstances that at times conspire to rule, enliven or bedevil us, my wife and I found ourselves drawn back to Hong Kong, a city undergoing a long hot Summer and a protest movement turned violent that threatens to destroy it. Both my wife, who is French, and myself, a Brit, […]

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More Bang for your Buck

  S.E. Asian Art market pays off for mid-range Players  In 1891 French painter Paul Gauguin aged 42 scandalised large sections of French society abandoning his country, his wife and a respectable profession as a stockbroker to live and paint in Tahiti and the Marquesas, where he died in 1903. His colourful and symbolic style […]

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