Dr. Chandra Irawan: Health Practitioner

Dr. Chandra was born in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi. He attended high school in Surabaya, but returned to Makassar in 1990 to study medicine at Hasanuddin University. In 1998 he became a General Practitioner and regularly joins health seminars and work shops to keep current with his profession. Dr. Chandra visited Bali for the first time when he was 8 years old while on vacation with his parents. He moved to Bali permanently in 2001 to further his career in health. Currently, Dr. Chandra works at Dr. Welly’s Clinic in Kuta, opened in 2009, which specializes in advanced ozone therapy.

What are your hobbies?

I like to read, watch films, swim and play badminton. The last book I read was “Survivors Club”, a story about how the people can survive in emergency situations just like air crash. The last movie I saw is “Battleship,” which I really liked because the story is simple and the movie has great visual effects.

What gave you the idea of becoming a health therapist?

I like helping people stay healthy and to heal them when they are sick. I’m also able to meet many kinds of people with different backgrounds. I feel great when patients talk to me not only about their health problems, but also about other problems in their lives.

What are the most common health problems you encounter at your clinic?

Hypertension, hyper-cholesterol, vaginal discharges, post-stroke conditions and herpes. People with these sicknesses often come back after their first visit because they can feel the benefits of the various therapies we offer.

What is the most popular therapy?

Blood ozone therapy which means that extra-corporeal blood is circulated throughout the patient’s whole body to promote healing. The therapy increases the level of the ATP molecules which is responsible for a wide range of things within a cell, the main energy providers to facilitate all of the normal process of human metabolism. The treatment can shorten the recovery time for illnesses, prevent diseases and strengthen the body’s immune system.

What other treatments are offered?

Vaginal ozone therapy is very effective against specific female problems such as thrush, herpes and pelvic inflammatory disease. It is also very effective in improving the circulation of blood in the vaginal tissue, slow down cell degeneration and aging. Colonic irrigation improves colon movement, cleans the colon of fecal matter which sticks on the colon’s wall for a long time, increases the level of oxygen in the liver which improves liver function. Ears Insufflation increases the amount of oxygen in the brain as well as the body’s vestibular system.
What is the most unusual malady that you’ve taken on?

Usher Syndrome, which is characterized by deafness and a gradual vision loss. The hearing loss is associated with a defective inner ear and the vision loss is associated with retinitis pigmentose (RP), a degeneration of the retinal cells. Usually, the rod cells of the retina are affected first, leading to early night blindness and the gradual loss of peripheral vision.

What was the result of your treatment?

One partially blind patient who had Usher Syndrome claims that now colors are brighter for him since he had three ozone treatments. He also found that communication in sign language is easier. Before the ozone treatment he would often not understand what his caretakers would sign and needed them to repeat their signing in better light or he needed to touch the hands of the caretaker while the caretaker signed. Communication is now faster, smoother and less frustrating. Hopefully, continuing ozone therapy will help preserve the rest of his vision and even improve it.

Are there therapies that can slow the aging process?

The blood ozone therapy slows aging because the body cells are infused with a lot of oxygen which helps the cells get rid of bad energy and impurities so that they can regenerate. Ozone anti aging is not just for the face but for the whole body. This is the big difference between anti-aging treatments in beauty clinics and us.

Have there ever been any serious side effects after any of your treatments?

No, we have never come across serious side effects. Neither do patients become addicted to any of the substances we use in our treatments. For example, ozone therapy will not bring about addiction because we only use pure oxygen to make ozone and saline to prevent the blood from freezing during therapy.

Do most conditions take just one treatment?

It depends on the severity of the patient’s condition but we always suggest that our patients do follow up treatments to achieve optimal results.

Do you also treat children?

Ozone treatments can be given to children but for the blood ozone treatments we have to insert a needle into a vein in the arm. Children generally don’t like this and it’s also more difficult to put a needle in because a child’s veins are smaller.

In your opinion, what are the most serious health problems facing Bali residents?

Rabies and dengue fever. Every year people die from these diseases on Bali. Both can be dramatically reduced and even eradicated by public health programs, for example if we regularly cleaned up the environment to reduce populations of dengue mosquito. Other serious health problems are various metabolic degenerative disorders such as hypertension and high levels of cholesterol caused by increasingly dangerous levels of pollution and the widespread habit of eating unhealthy fast food and too much meat.

What do you recommend are the best ways to maintain optimal health?

Eat and drink healthy food, do exercise and breathe fresh air.

Where can people learn more about your clinic?

Go to www. Drwelly.com.Ashram meditation center on Sunset Road in Kuta.

Do you meditate yourself?

Yes, I meditate on a daily basis because the practice leads to holistic health. I apply meditation as the foundation of my life to help me go through my day-to-day activities. Meditation is an individual experience and should be done alone. I believe that meditation should be a part of every step we take and every breath we breathe – the basis of our daily lives just like eating, sleeping, drinking and taking a bath.

How does meditation help people?

It offers complete health for body, mind and soul, no matter what our occupations are. Meditation expands one’s way of thinking. When you’re faced with certain problems, they can be solved in various ways based on a clear mind. This way of thinking can change a person’s life. Anand Krishna recovered from acute leukemia and I know many colleagues who survived strokes and other health problems. Meditation is also a means of increasing wealth. After beginning to practice meditation regularly, some of us have experienced great success. We also believe that the practice of meditation and yoga can lead to the realization of an enlightened society.

Please tell us about the upcoming International Bali Meditator’s Festival later this year.

The purpose of IBMF is to develop public awareness and holistic health by promoting meditation as a way of life by sharing experiences, knowledge and meditation/yoga techniques. The event aims to introduce not only international meditation and yoga techniques but also those that have been developed in Bali and Indonesia with the intention of supporting spiritual tourism in this country. Previous events were presented in 2009, 2010, and 2011. The theme of this year’s festival, “One Earth, One Sky, One Humankind: Towards Global Peace and Interfaith Harmony through Meditation,” is also related to International World Peace Day to be held on September 21st, 2012.

Why was Bali chosen as the venue for the festival?

Bali, and especially Ubud, has the spiritual atmosphere and culture that is suitable for this kind of event. Bali, because of its fame, is where people from different countries, religions, races and cultures from all over the world meet and gather.

When will the festival be held?

From September 20-23, 2012. The main venue where most of activities will take place is the Puri Lukisan Museum in the center of town. Transportation will not be needed because all of the events and workshops will take place at the same area.

Where will festival participants stay and eat?

In local Ubud accommodations. Full three-day and weekend packages will be provided. Accommodation is available in standard and superior type rooms with either single or twin/double beds. Participants may eat in local restaurants or many kinds of foods, snacks and drinks can be bought at a bazaar in the grounds of the Puri Lukisan Museum that will open on all three days of the festival.

What kind of events will be presented?

Inspiring talks and workshops, in both English and Indonesian, on meditation and yoga, holistic health, healing/therapy, increasing happiness, abundance and inner peace and beauty; Ayurveda, global peace and harmony. Speakers and workshop facilitators – a highly selective talent pool of priests, professors, zen masters, scholars, authors, yoga masters, philosophers and humanists – have been invited from Indonesia and abroad. Most are spiritual leaders whose disciples can be found all over the world. There will also be some yoga workshops for kids and young people as well as special family events.

Will there also be entertainment?

Celebrations in the evenings will be filled with music, songs, dances, devotional chants, Indian bhajan and sankirtan devotional songs, as well as art and drama performances put on by local, national and international artists.

Where can my readers learn more about the festival?

Visit our website: www.balimeditates.org.

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