Claiming Our Sovereignty

For many years I’ve heard people talk about sovereignty and its meaning. My logical brain understood it, but only recently did my heart understand what this really means. Through a series of events which began with my trip to Canada in May, travels through Ecuador and then concluded in Toronto when I flew back home for my birthday, situations in my life began to unfold which showed me what sovereignty is.

I began to see how certain people in my life relied too much on me — they seemed to be pulling at my energy, but as I looked more closely, I realized that I was allowing this. There was no one to blame; not even myself. As a naturally giver this has been a never ending story, although all that’s changing now. I have finally created a new contract with myself — a Sovereignty agreement which grants me full rights to lovingly stand up for me. This will likely look different for everyone, as sovereignty has a different meaning for each individual. It’s kind of like ice cream. The base ingredients are always the same but there are a multitude of flavors to choose from. Why did it take me 54 years to finally realize that I’m already sovereign and all I needed to do was claim this? Who knows? I guess we all have to go through our life experiences — spectacular failures and successes and everything else in between, before we can come to this understanding.

I’d like to share with all of you my own sovereignty agreement. This is the first time I’ve actually written it down, but it has been swirling around in my consciousness for the past few weeks waiting to be fully formed before it was written. I share it with the intention that you too will fully acknowledge and honor your sovereignty, for this is the pathway to unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves and others.


My 10 Keys to Sovereignty

I am the divine light of God. I don’t require another religion or person to tell or teach me how to be fully connected to Spirit because I already AM.

I have all the knowledge within me to guide me through my life. I may stumble along the way, but I know that this is the natural course of life and I will always find my way back to me.

I have the power to say NO and I choose to exercise this right whenever I feel it is necessary. By saying no, this can open the door to something greater for myself.

I am not responsible for saving this planet. Responsibility becomes a burden, which then creates a disconnection with my divine light. Instead, I choose to contribute to the planet through my humanitarian work and by being kind to others.

I am responsible for my own feelings, thoughts, considerations, expectations, doubts, insecurities and judgments. This is certainly enough to keep me busy. I can’t possibly take responsibility for anyone else’s stuff!

Co dependent relationships = no sovereignty. Therefore I choose to have friendships that are uplifting, mutually supportive, honest, filled with gratitude and heart intelligence, fun and thoughtful. It is okay for me to walk away from any relationship that is pulling me down or no longer serves my highest good. By choosing to walk away, I’m saying yes to me.

My partner is not responsible for my happiness. As a sovereign being only I can make ME happy. Through our mutual respect and honor of each other as sovereign beings, happiness can expand even more because we have already embraced this within ourselves.

I love my dog and feel deep gratitude for him being in my life, but I don’t expect him to be my constant companion, to do what I want to make me happy, to take away my sadness or pain. He is also sovereign and together we can enjoy each other through play and mutual understanding that we are both free to be who we are.

Instead of getting angry and blaming all the thoughtless people who are littering the beach, as a sovereign being I can choose to take action and pick up the litter I see there. My choices create my reality.

Every person I meet or situation that I encounter in life is not a mirror for me. Sometimes people are just experiencing their own heartache, anger, fear, etc, and it has nothing to do with me.

I invite you to contemplate your own keys to sovereignty if you feel to do so. Imagine what the world would be like if all of us recognized our sovereignty and chose to live from this place? These past few months have been such a gift for me as I stand in my newly found sovereignty. There is such a freedom and peace to know that I have everything I need within me. I would love for all those reading this column and beyond to recognize your sovereignty and step into your place of power. It’s all just a choice. What will you choose?



Michele Cempaka has lived on Bali since 2002. She is an Intuitive Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Shamanic Practitioner who offers private sessions, workshops & retreats both on and off Bali. Michele is passionate about assisting people to step into their power and transform their lives. She is a co author of ‘Journey to Riches: the Benefit of Challenge’ and co hosts ‘Heal Yourself Now’ TV online. For questions or comments please email: or visit:

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