Cleansing & Healing On Bali By Michele Cempaka

Some people know their destiny from childhood, while others like Andrea discover their destinies through a series of events. Andrea, one of the partners of Body & Mind Retreats went through several health crises which were the catalyst for the formation of Body & Mind healing programs and retreats. The first crisis happened a few years ago when she visited Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand for a medical check up. Andrea was told that if she didn’t clean up her act that she would have to get an operation. Andrea returned to Bali and asked the doctors to give her a year to see what she could do for herself. She then met Liat, a Naturopathic doctor based in Bali, and started a month cleanse which informed her about the dietary changes she needed to make to get healthier. Andrea also began taking a variety of healing herbs and within a month’s time experienced great results.

Three months later, Andrea met up with a girlfriend during their travels through Ecuador. She thought Andrea was very complicated, because she could only eat certain foods which were part of the detox she was then doing. Andrea decided to return to Bali, leaving behind several nutritional magazines with her then skeptical friend. One month later her friend contacted her saying that the doctors had found a tumor in her womb. She wanted to come to Bali and see the same facilitators that had helped Andrea heal and transform her lifestyle to a healthier way of being. Her friend came and consulted with Liat, as well as several other practitioners.

“I thought to myself that if someone with a tumor can heal herself than I can do it too, so let’s see what happens with her,” said Andrea.

Her friend stayed in Bali for one month and learned how to change her lifestyle by eating a healthier diet which was mainly based on macrobiotics and exercising. Within three months after she returned home, her tumor was already shrinking. This inspired Andrea to continue her own detox for a full year.

“During that time I also inspired a lot of people who asked me for the numbers of all the people I’d seen, so that they could start a cleansing and healing program for themselves and learn how to create a healthier lifestyle. What I witnessed over and over again was that people would walk out very excited, but would give it all up after a week or so, because they didn’t have the discipline or just didn’t know where to get the herbs and healing teas and food that they needed in order to continue. That’s when I thought to myself, ‘Hmmm…I’m an Event’s Coordinator, and so it would be really good to coordinate a program so that people can come to Bali and get all the elements they need to have a successful detox.”

Then Andrea had her second health crisis when just five days before her planned departure from Bali, she had a serious motorbike accident. Her recovery spanned one and a half years of intensive healing which taught her how to go further into her healing, because she was able to make some of her own choices in the hospital about the medicines and the kinds of food she required to facilitate her healing and full recovery. These experiences were the catalyst for creating Body & Mind retreat programs.

“I learned to accept what is, whereas before I just wanted to leave Bali. After my accident I learned how to settle into a peaceful space. I actually think that it all happened for a reason. Alternative healing is really booming here in Bali; I think I was meant to be here,” said Andrea.

Then later on, she met her colleague, Veronica, who wanted to get into the travel industry, so they teamed up. Veronica’s background is in Hotels & MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions). Together they formed the two divisions of Body & Mind Retreats which are: 1) to assist retreat leaders such as life coaches, yoga teachers, etc., who don’t have the time to come to Bali and find a location for their retreat or accommodation for their participants. As part of their services, Body & Mind Retreats will visit several venues throughout Bali to check out the facilities and gather information to determine whether the facilities are suitable for certain types of retreats. They will survey the kitchen, group spaces, yoga mats, etc. 2) Collaboration with a variety of healers and teachers to create personalized programs for individuals or groups who are seeking a unique healing experience on Bali. This will often include cleansing, energetic healing and some cultural elements such as visits to temples or historical sites.

Body & Mind Retreats specialize in cleansing programs which involve a facilitator who does a questionnaire with the client in order to determine the appropriate program for that individual. The 10 – 14 day programs incorporate specific herbs, diet and exercise and are created based on the information that’s given on the client’s questionnaire along with a private consultation with the facilitator.

“For example, if a person has anger issues or fears, we may recommend him to see another facilitator who can help him with his problem. We also think it’s good to include some kind of physical activity like yoga, Chi Gong or Tai Chi. Certain massages and scrubs are also incorporated to assist with releasing toxins or to get the lymphatic system moving. We want to create an experience of wellness so that people can actually practice these tools and incorporate them into their own lives when they return home,” said Andrea.

Both Andrea & Veronica are very committed to sharing their vision with all people who are seeking to make positive changes in their lives so that they can be healthier and happier.

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