Community at Dyatmika School

As you enter the grounds of Dyatmika School, one of the first things that catches your eyes, apart from the natural beauty of the campus are the smiling, friendly faces of its community. It is not just the students and teachers who smile, but the parents who are present at the many school events, the housekeeping staff, the security team and the gardening and maintenance team. Dyatmika prides itself on the positive relationships it has with the many people who are part of the community. For a school to be as successful as ours, everyone plays a part.

Dyatmika’s Charter is unchanged from the school’s opening when civic responsibility was emphasized 24 years ago. This civic responsibility stays true today. One of Dyatmika’s four Learner Profile attributes is ‘Social and Civic Learning’. Education at Dyatmika is not only about preparing students to achieve academic success, but also to become active members of their immediate school community and broader communities within and outside of Bali. Parents also play a pivotal and positive role within this framework.

Whole school initiatives always keep community and civic responsibility high on Dyatmika’s agenda. Each class from Playgroup right through to Class 12 have parent representatives who meet regularly to discuss, inform and share information. The same parent group strongly support and rally the community to maintain our strong Budaya Bali programme. All these events reinforcing the notion that the students belong to a wider community, one rich in tradition and based on sound civic values. Parents also share their careers and interests with the students.

From as early as Playgroup, the Parent Partner Programme allows the parents to become involved with our younger students. Workshops are held each year to inform and update the parents about educational topics and areas of interest. We recently held a workshop based on the ‘Support a Reader’ programme and have held workshops in the past based on our Learner Profile and authentic Bilingual Education.

As students approach Class 12, the school puts in place programmes and events that will help support them as they enter life beyond High School. University Expos and the teaching of life skills allow our senior students to meet future challenges with confidence and they feel supported in the decisions they make about the courses they will study and universities they choose, within Indonesia and abroad.

Students are more likely to achieve academic success when they feel community support and strength. Our students at Dyatmika certainly do and the outstanding success of the Class 12 students in the Cambridge International Examinations is really the culmination of not only excellent teaching and learning but also the framework of community strength, support and sense of responsibility which stays with our students throughout their time at Dyatmika and beyond. 

Peter Syme

International Head of EYP & Primary at Dyatmika School

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