Cultivating Peace & Calm

As I sit here listening to the cocks crowing and the birds whistling just outside my window, I have a glimpse of the peace and calm that is always available, but is also elusive at times. Why is this? So many of my clients come to me and say that all they want is to have peace, but they don’t know how to have it or receive it. Life has become overwhelming with stresses about money, health, challenges with friends or partners, and the list goes on. That’s just it – most people keep thinking about all the things that are wrong in their lives and can’t get out of the stress loop. So that’s when some folks start to ‘self medicate’. Just a glass of wine or two or maybe a nice joint and everything will be just fine – unfortunately it won’t. Drinking or smoking will only disguise the issues that are still bubbling beneath the surface. When the high wears off then one still must face their issues which may even be more magnified as a result of all the years we’ve chosen to numb ourselves with substances or denial.

The only way we can truly have peace and calm in our lives is to heal our core issues and wounds that have been festering for many years inside of us. It takes a great deal of courage to go deep into our being and uncover these wounds that have been blocking us and creating a great deal of pain and suffering in our lives. I know this because I too take time out every few months to take a deep dive into my soul and heal my own core wounds. It’s really hard to do this and honestly I don’t always like it, but afterwards the end result is that I feel the peace and calm that I’ve been yearning for – that I’ve always known is possible but has been just out of my reach.

When we address the root causes contributing to our stress, unhappiness, anxiety, etc., we uncover the peace and calm that has always been within us but we never knew how to access before. This is not a quick fix. We may need to spend many years exploring different tools or methods for self healing and empowerment. Sometimes we will take two steps forward and one step back, but we don’t give up. We keep moving forward because we know that this is the only option. We can never go back to the way things were or who we once were, because the past isn’t going to repair the rips in our heart and soul.

And yet, there’s still so much fear to uncover our wounds. There’s a part of us deep deep inside that is afraid that if our wounds are exposed and we begin to heal them, that we’ll have a total break down. The façade that we’ve portrayed all these years will fall away and we must accept the raw truth of who we are. This can be totally terrifying for most people, because we are socialized to think that vulnerable = weak. This is especially the case with most men, which is quite unfortunate. Being a mother of two sons I have tried to bring them up with different beliefs. I’ve always told them that it’s okay to cry and express their feelings, yet I can still see that sometimes this is very difficult for them. As much as I have supported my sons to be open and vulnerable, our society has not. They too have been conditioned by their peers and other men to be tough, often hearing other men say: “Men don’t cry. You’ve got to be strong.”

When we are conditioned to not show our feelings and suck it up, how can we have peace and calm in our lives? I believe that true peace and calm can only be cultivated through our willingness to be authentic and own our feelings instead of suppressing them. As we open up our hearts and heal our blocks our energy shifts into a higher vibration which then attracts higher vibrational people and experiences to us. Only then can we open up to the peace within and around us. As we continue to uncover and heal ourselves even more, peeling back the onion layers of our lives, our vibration shifts even higher, allowing peace and calm to expand within us more and more.


So how do we begin this process of uncovering our wounds and healing them? Here are a list of some of the methods and tools that I’ve personally utilized for myself and my clients that will help you get started:

  1. Reiki is a great healing system that you can learn to empower and heal yourself as well as others.
  2. Shamanism is one of my favorites, because you can get direct access to ascended masters and other spirit guides for healing, wisdom and empowerment.
  3. Core Energetics is a power body-psycho-spiritual practice which can assist you to uncover and heal your core wounds and find peace.
  4. Access Consciousness offers a system of tools for empowerment utilizing potent questions, clearings and hands on the body processes such as the BARS.
  5. Meditation is a great tool for quieting the mind and cultivating greater inner peace. recommend learning with an instructor for a few times so you can understand how to effectively meditate.
  6. Chi gong is a mind-body-spirit practice which is considered to be ‘meditation in motion’. This is a great practice especially for those who are hyper and can’t do sitting meditation as you are utilizing movements synchronized with your breath which is very calming.
  7. Spend time grounding yourself innature.Walk barefoot on the beach or through a When we connect with nature our bodies and minds easily relax and release all stress from our bodies. This is the simplest and one of the most effective ways to experience total peace and calm.


Well those are my top 7 ways to attain peace and calm. If you have any other ideas please email: mcempaka@gmail.comm and let me know and I’ll be sure to mention them in one of my upcoming columns.

To all of you who have been following my column for a long time and for those who are new, thank you for your readership and for your willingness to open up to new and old ideas that have been presented in my past articles. I look forward to sharing more wonderful tools, interviews and insights with all of you in 2018 and beyond!


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