December 24 2014


December 24, 2014

Saturn enters Sagittarius on the first day of this fortnight and will remain there until the end of 2017, apart from a 3 month return to Scorpio mid next year. The orbit of Saturn takes approximately 29 years and our last transit was between 1986 and 1988. On the day of Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius we have 5 planets in the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) including Pluto with its square to Uranus. Remember our New Moon/Sun conjunction has just occurred and the tone is sobering and the New Year Celebrations have not yet begun. Sagittarius is the sign that advocates truth, justice and freedom above all else and with Saturn there for this next cycle, we may see a push towards political and religious restructuring. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened during the last transit of Saturn in Sagittarius and we are currently in our clean-up of the Fukushima tragedy. Benazir Bhutto was elected as the first Islamic Woman Politician and became Prime Minister of Pakistan. The strong thread that weaves through religion and political agendas is very apparent, along with issues of higher education, marriage laws and foreign agendas. Perhaps all that has been uncovered exposed and revealed during this powerful Pluto/Uranus transformation period while Saturn has been in Scorpio, can lead us to a new vision of our future. Knowing ever more what doesn’t work and where our shadows lie, brings us to the truth of existence and how we move forward. Venus and Mercury join Mars in Aquarius uniting our humanity further.

FULL MOON 14 Cancer 31 January 5, 2015 12:54 p.m.

ARIES Saturn is in your 9th house of travel and foreign concerns over these next 3 years and brings a commitment to learning in one form or another. The theme will be, however, the expansion of your mind or even taking on the role as a teacher yourself sharing your own brand of wisdom through experience. As Mercury and Venus join Mars in the house of friendships and community you find a renewed sense of love and communication in these areas. Your networks open up and with the Full Moon in the area of home and family you may feel more supported and nurtured yourself. A dark night of the soul is finally over.

TAURUS There are 8th house concerns for you during the next Saturn transit of Sagittarius. Your own brand of truth seeking goes into the deepest part of your chart to where you share intimately and financially. You may face experiences that will mature you during this period and bring a series of endings and new beginnings. Venus joins Mars now in your career sector and brings some unexpected support and particularly from within your primary relationships. Mercury also allowing you to be a bit of a Jack or Jill of all trades this month and the very sensitive Full Moon falls in your house of siblings and communication and a time to share your heart.

GEMINI Relationship will be the Saturn highlight for you over the next 3 years. Some of you ready to make that big commitment and bringing you more freedom than you had anticipated. Mercury Venus and Mars all in the 9th house are aligning with a goal or shared vision which will play out through key relationships. This is the perfect time to talk about your future plans and with the Full Moon set to ignite your values through emotional exchange you will feel your way into the next chapter of your life. You are another who is ready for the hard work ahead.

CANCER This Full Moon is in your sign and house of self. A lot of your attention and dare I say hard work has been around others and now it’s time for a little self-nurture in whichever way you choose. Saturn brings work commitments to the fore over the next 3 years, along with attention to your health. If you have felt restricted in your self-expression and want to build on or expand your presentation this is the time to work on that. As your values and perception of the world change so too will the work that you do. Mercury and Venus join Mars in the deepest part of your chart bringing old relationships for healing.

LEO Saturn enters the Leo house of romance children and play. These concepts may seem a little more serious to you now and over the next 3 years. With the current harmony to Venus Mercury and Mars in your relationship house, you may find yourself a partner who is willing to look at things from a different angle with you. The topics of romance and commitment are on the table and ready for discussion, most probably with a review later in the month. You present a more mature identity at this time. The Cancer Full Moon is in your reclusive house and possibly brings a time of solitude and reflection.

VIRGO Matters of home and family are highlighted during the next Saturn round. This will be a time of speaking your truth and discussing issues of health and how you can be of service to each other. With a Full Moon in your 11th house of friends, groups and community activities you may find yourself spending family time combined with the above. You are building a new foundation for yourself and generally we look ahead for seven years when it comes to Saturn cycles. What you do now will lay the groundwork for what is to come. Make it solid and lasting by being real and honest with yourself and those you love.

LIBRA Venus your ruler is about to join Mars in your house of romance and promises to bring some attractions of the bizarre and unusual kind. Love and intimacy are high on the list of fun things to do. Saturn moving from the money making house to the sibling and short distance travel sector. You may consider learning some new skills or teaching those that you already have over the coming 3 years. This Full Moon has you in work mode and with your vocational interests emotionally stirred. Perhaps it is an appropriate time to share your plans with those close to you or family members and speak your truth.

SCORPIO As Saturn enters your house of personal values and the Full Moon highlights the area of higher minded activities, you are ready to bring change to the very core of your existence. Expanded thinking leads you on new pathways of self-discovery and experimentation. There is a deep caring in you for family matters and your understanding from a vaster viewpoint brings solace to both yourself and those in your familial line. You could experience deep emotionality around some foreign concerns in your life and this brings out your nurturing side as well. These next 3 years may see some of you involved in legal matters that are going to benefit you financially.

SAGITTARIUS This is Saturn in your sign Sagittarius and that means it’s all about you, your brand, name, image and physical appearance. You may wish to remodel and recreate yourself over the next 3 years bringing a more appropriate expression to your higher ideals. Many will take on more responsibility and a higher profile. Venus joins Mars in the 3rd house of short distance travel and brings more communication with siblings or simply more talk in general. Your energy is high and you may experience some nervous tension if you spread yourself too thin. This is a deep and powerful Full Moon portal for you with emotions running particularly deep.

CAPRICORN Full Moon falls in your relationship house and brings closeness to family members. With Saturn entering the house of solitude and connection to the divine, these next 3 years bring a depth to your soul’s experience and takes you to the truth beyond worldly concerns. With Venus in the house which it rules, the 2nd, you find yourself concerned with matters that are dear to your heart. As your humanitarian streak is provoked through media you may find yourself taking action in one form or another to assist and you are asked to become more flexible with how you perceive the world and a deeper emotional connection to others results.

AQUARIUS Venus and Mercury join Mars in your 1st house and thoughts turn to your own image or physical appearance. You may be a little touchier than usual and quicker to rise to the challenge. As you speak your mind you align with Saturn’s desire to find the truth in community issues or those that affect the plans for future development. This next full moon falls in your health and service sector and brings emotional issues to the surface. Healing your emotional body brings healing to the physical and this is what you are doing at the moment; exhibiting self-love and nurture. This is a great time to examine your thoughts.

PISCES As the full moon rises in your house of romance, children and fun you are ready to experience some more emotional time with family members or new loves. Intimacy is raw with the vulnerable self emerging effortlessly. Saturn brings vocational goals to the fore and there may be work required to achieve those goals over the next 3 years. Venus, Mercury and Mars in the 12th house are doing the undercover work that is required at this time as you prepare yourself to move forward. This is the moment to harness the power of the mind to vision and create the future trends that will benefit not only yourself, but all of humanity.

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