Disconnect to Connect with You

Have you been feeling really tired and you don’t know why? Are you doing all the right things like exercising, eating right and getting at least eight hours of sleep most nights? Maybe you have a busy life, but you’ve always been busy in the past, but never felt so worn out like you do now. So what’s going on? Why can’t you seem to get your Mojo back?

Me, like most of you who are reading this column have something in common – we are all ‘plugged in’ nearly 24 hours a day to technology. Our phones haveinternet packets (I stopped this awhile ago) with many apps like Messenger, Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp. These apps make life easier in many ways, as we can quickly connect with our friends, colleagues, etc. within seconds. I’m all about having greater ease in my life. WhatsApp even has this handy feature that allows you to record your messages so that you don’t even have to type them. How cool is that? At first this all seemed wonderful. I had the world at my fingertips, easily messaging my clients and sending them a pin to my location. I could even send a client their hypnosis recording or important information within seconds from my phone. I was sure this would make my life easier and I could actually save time. No more emails. Yeah!

All of these wonderful benefits I’ve just described are certainly true, but what I didn’t know then was how slowly my energy would be drained by constantly being ‘online’. This addiction is very subtle as it creeps into our lives like a thief sneaking into your home in the dark. You can’t see him, but you know he’s there. My husband who was never connected to technology is now glued to his phone as soon as he gets home. He is checking his Facebook looking for the latest news and updates from friends. This man who I love dearly has caught this illness which is so contagious – the need to be connected to the worldwide web is just too intoxicating to resist. I know because I have been seduced too. I am not immune to this illness; I could easily totally surrender to it if I let myself, but today something inside of me said, “No more! Enough is enough, Michele. You’ve got to end this madness.”

What was it exactly that pushed me to take action today? Why not yesterday or the day before? I think it’s been a long time coming. I kept getting so many WhatsApp messages from clients and friends every day at all hours of the day and night. I started having difficulty sleeping. Yes, I do turn off my WiFi at night, but I still felt connected somehow. All the people out there who I know on Facebook, contacts in my WhatsApp, Skype contacts, etc, were energetically connected to me as I to them. It is no one’s fault; often we are unconscious of how we can create cords with other people which tap into that person’s energy. This is a consequence of the work that I do. I have so many people who I see on a regular basis, that it’s not surprising that I have cords with some of these people. When I become aware of this, I usually just cut the cord which helps a great deal. What I hadn’t realized is that technology is like a giant spider web of the collective consciousness that is continuously weaving together everyone’s consciousness. We are so tapped into each other, that we no longer have enough time and space to connect with ourselves. Many people have even forgotten how to do this. This problem has exponentially increased to such a magnitude that millions of people are experiencing symptoms such as depression, extreme tiredness, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and many other ailments.

The irony here is that I often facilitate healing for other people who are exhausted and in overwhelm. I didn’t fully realize until today how much technology was taking its toll on me. I started getting WhatsApp messages at all hours of the night from clients who needed my help. It was hard for me to ignore these messages,because once you read them they remain in your consciousness. I also tried turning off the notifications in my settings, but then when I turned them on again there were many messages waiting for me. I could feel my energy draining away as I was now giving my time to clients in private sessions and on whatsApp whichmeant I was on call 24/7. This was not the reality I wanted for my life. I had unknowingly fed this monster by enthusiastically using WhatsApp as a time saver. Now it had become an energy drain as each morning I struggled to get out of bed and every night I struggled again to fall asleep. I was trapped in a vicious cycle which I saw no way out of until today.

I finally made a choice to disconnect, partially at least. I didn’t know that you could send a video on WhatsApp about your status, but today I discovered this feature and sent all my contacts a video telling them that I’m getting off WhatsApp. I was honest and shared that it was draining me and that I needed to disconnect. I know it won’t be so convenient for people to contact me the old fashioned way and vice versa. Perhaps a few of my friends or clients will be disappointed or even annoyed by my choice to get off WhatsApp and that’s totally fine. All I can say is that I feel a deep sense of ease and relief to know that people can’t just jump on to WhatsApp and send me a message whenever they feel like it. I can already feel my energy increasing and a lightness of being that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Everyone reading this I’d like to know what’s draining you in your life? If you could disconnect from one thing to create a difference in your energy and wellbeing, what would that be? I dare you to do it and then email me after one week to let me know how you’re feeling as a result of your action.


Michele is a Shaman, hypnotherapist, Consciousness Facilitator, and retreat leader in the international arena. Her highly empathic nature and inherent gifts as a healer, together with her extensive training in a wide variety of healing methods enables her to assist people with numerous issues spanning from anxiety, low self esteem, emotional traumas and much more. She offers private sessions, workshops & retreats on and off Bali. Michele loves facilitating a different possibility for everyone she encounters. www.spiritweaverjourneys.com.


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