Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew ahead of time of any potential time bombs lurking in our bodies threatening our health?  Probably the biggest fear of most people these days is developing cancer.  Most scientists say that everyone has cancer cells in their bodies.  So why does one person never get diagnosed with cancer and another person is? There are many reasons for cancer developing – it’s a complex disease with many root causes which need holistic solutions to resolve – hence the great value of thermo mapping.

Now you can look into the future of your health with thermo mapping equipment such as Alfa Thermo diagnostics, which can diagnose potential imbalances and threats to the body.  It can screen for pre-cancer conditions and for those with cancer can determine some of the root causes. This Point-Infrared disease signature device is CE cleared (Europe, Worldwide and FDA cleared). Radiologists have found the Alfa system as useful as an MRI in creating an instantaneous report of organ and breast health. This system can identify over 45 disorders by mathematical comparison to over 100,000 known clinical cases. It’s also a great tool to check on breast health for early detection without being invasive or painful.

The truth is breast cancer rates are rising worldwide. If the cancer is detected early usually the chances are good of eliminating it.  Until recently the only two methods of screening are mammogram and ultra-sound. Mammograms are able to identify tumors but can’t determine if malignant or benign. You can only have a screening every six months because of radiation. Retakes can create tumor-terrains.  Ultra sound is unable to distinguish between a cyst and malignancy.

Now the latest technology thermography uses the Spinal-Reflex Arc and the nervous system’s connections between the internal tissues and organs. There’s no radiation and     tests can be done frequently to monitor any changes in a tumor. It identifies suspicious factors that can help to change the whole body terrain and chemistry to disable tumor vulnerability.

Earlier this year I had a mammogram in Bali, which surprised me with two calcifications showing up on my right breast.  Having overcome cancer in my left breast many years ago, this new screening threw me into a Deja-vu tail-spin. The doctor at the hospital wanted me to go see the oncologist and have a biopsy right away. I wasn’t going to fall into the fear factor this time.  Instead I called friends to start some energy healing, believing this would eliminate this threat. For two months I went to my friends for healing. I knew I was under a lot of stress since the beginning of the year, finding out that my father was diagnosed with cancer and given 3-6 months to live. However almost six months later I had another mammogram done in Sri Lanka, fully expecting it to be clear.  Disappointed, it was the same. The doctor thought it was benign but wanted me to have a biopsy to make sure. Still I held off, believing there was an alternative.

At the end of August while having a colonics treatment in Ubud, Nigel McFarland (head of the wellness center) asked about my dad and breast concerns.  After explaining what was going on, he told me that they were getting this new equipment that may possibly give me a clearer picture of what was going on with my breast and perhaps avoid a biopsy. This sounded great and perhaps the answer I was seeking.

On October 3, I drove to Ubud to be one of the first persons in Bali to try out this new equipment called Alfa Thermography.  This is the first one in Bali. Sitting in the lounge of the wellness center, the doctor explained how the equipment works.  Two tests would be conducted, the first one with my body in an active state.  The small wand would touch 120 points on my body to detect the skin temperature.  After this, I would wait for ten minutes in the cool room in a resting state.  Then the test would be repeated.

The doctor and nurse accompanied me into an air-conditioned room and had me stand on a mat so my bare feet wouldn’t be touching the tile floor. There was a small computer on the table with an image of a body on the screen with numerous points, mostly on the face, breasts and abdomen. Only four points were on the back. The nurse took the wand and lightly touched each point on my face.  This was pain-less. A beep indicated that each point had been measured. I noticed that many of the points ran along the jawline. After the face I removed my shirt and she pressed twelve points on each breast. Next, there were numerous points on the abdomen then the final four points on the back.

Now I was asked to stand on the matt wearing only my underwear and remain still for ten minutes. This would allow my body to cool down in a resting state. Alone in the room I studied the 120 points on the body on the screen, wondering what they all meant.The doctor and nurse returned and asked if I was alright, and then proceeded to repeat the process with the wand. When finished they left the room while I got dressed. In this short space of time they had printed out the results of my test. Seven pages of pictures, graphs and printed information. Wow that was fast!

Then Dr. Veni informed me that she would be calling Dr. Daniel Beilin in California by Skype, who would give me his analysis. Dr. Beilin is the founder of Alfa Sight and is recognized worldwide as the foremost authority on whole-body thermometry and is supported by leaders in the fields of radiology, neurobiology and regulation medicine. This was a pleasant surprise being able to talk to the master. After some friendly banter with Dr. Veni and Nigel, Dr. Daniel greeted me saying he had my test results before him and began asking questions.  Early on his list he asked about my relationship with my father.

“My father just died. His funeral was three days ago.”

“The right breast relates to the father or a son” he explained. “This is where you have calcifications, right?”

I was floored.

“When did you find out your father had cancer?” he asked.

“Right about the same time I had my first mammogram in early March.”

“Did you have difficulties in your relationship with your father?” he asked.

“Oh yes. He’s been a difficult man for the last 20 years.  In fact, he sent me back here after two months when I went to visit my family.  He didn’t want me there when he died. That’s why I didn’t attend his funeral.”

“It’s no surprise that you have this problem with your right breast.” He stated. “But don’t worry, these calcifications are benign and will go away.”

My big question of the day, “Do I need to have a biopsy?”

“No. Don’t do that. A biopsy will only provoke the cells and could turn them into cancer. Don’t have a biopsy,” he repeated.

Relief swept through my body.  “However, you do have some other issues with your body, which if you address with diet change and taking supplements, you can reverse in two months.”


Dr. Daniel then went on to explain what changes I needed to make to regain great health.

“Do you have a problem with your lower right teeth?” he asked.

Dr. Veni turned to me and asked to look at my teeth and said I need to have them scaled and do oil pulling.  Swishing virgin coconut oil in my mouth every morning when I first wake up for ten to twenty minutes will pull out heavy metals and toxins from my body.  It would also improve my gums and teeth. All of our teeth relate to various parts of our bodies.

Dr. Daniel surprised me again by asking, “Have you been bitten by a tick?”

“Probably.” I laughed.  “My dog is a magnet for ticks. But we don’t have Lyme disease in Bali.”

“Think again.” He replied. “There is.”

I asked if I have Lyme disease and the doctor explained that probably not, but there is inflammation on my cerebral cortex which could cause Alzheimer’s.  Therefore, I need to take anti-inflammatory supplements and eat spinach and kiwis.

Dr. Daniel explained the significance of all the coloured areas on the print outs of my body and graphs.  I was over whelmed by all this knowledge.  I thought I was pretty healthy, apart from my right breast. He said if I followed the changes and come back and have another test I could reverse all of these potential threats to my health.  If I chose not to follow his advice there was potential risks to my health whichcould turn into cancer later. There was hope, after all of being totally healthy.


How does this amazing equipment work?

Infrared measurements of skin temperature from 90 to 120 points are taken before and after exposure to a cool-ambient room temperature. The skin temperatures are determined by influences of the nervoussystem’s inner variations to the capillary beds constrict or dilate in response to the cool air. “fight or flight” reaction, signals travel from the spinal cord through the regional nerve ganglia that innervate the organs of that area. They continue to the skin’s capillary beds, where temperatures providing organ and tissue health information can be measured.

The AlfaSight measures the differences between the two temperatures taken before and after the cool air exposure.  This data is compared by AlfaSight to a database of healthy patients and reveals deviations that identify patterns that are reflected in easy to understand charts and reports. Over 100,000 patient assessments have been used as a database and compared with MRI s and CT scans.


Indications for Use

  1. abnormalitiesof the female breast
  2. peripheralvascular disease
  3. musculoskeletaldisorders
  4. extra-cranial cerebral and facial vascular disease
  5. abnormalitiesof the thyroid gland
  6. variousneoplastic and inflammatory conditions


Evaluate Whole-Body Physiology … in Minutes

  • Afunctional test based in thermoregulation
  • Assesses regulation capacity of all organs, glands and lymph
  • Over 40 signature patterns of diseases processes are ratedand prioritized
  • Integrative analyses of:

–  Breast Health (12 criteria)

–  Prostate Health (9 criteria)

–  Dental Health

  • Ideal adjunct diagnostic tool for these healthcare disciplines:

–  Functional & Progressive MDs

–  Naturopaths

–  Holistic Chiropractic

–  Acupuncture / TCM

–  Biological Dentistry


The AlfaSight™ is not intended to serve as a sole diagnostic screening procedure. It is intended as an adjunct diagnostic device only. Thermometry is not a replacement for mammography or any other imaging method, rather it is to be used in conjunction with conventional testing to provide a physiological perspective.


Anyone can be screened for early detection of potential health threats.  Nigel McFarland is the first qualified head naturopathic practitioner operating the AlfaSight now in Indonesia!  For more information and reservations contact: Ayusha Wellness at Svarga Loka Resort. Jalan Raya Penestanan, Kelod, Ubud. Phone: +62 361 975454 www.svargalokaresort.com


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