Endymed at The Bodylab

Kim Kardashian’s favourite non-invasive facelift treatment is now available in Bali at the Body Lab with the latest equipment using RF (radio-frequency) for the strongest effects for skin tightening calledEndyMed, which can now treat you without pain and requires less treatments.

I went to the Body Lab and was a bit surprised that a staff member approached me with a thermal gun and pointed it at my forehead to make sure I didn’t have a fever. Negative! No Coronavirus. I could enter.  After checking in at reception Iwaited a few minutes in their chic waiting lounge looking at the posters for various treatments available. Then a therapist named Desy approached me and escorted me upstairs to a white room with a bright pink blanket on the treatment bed. Looking around, everything was clean and sterile.

She asked me to lie down and said that the treatment would last about one hour. She wrapped my head in a mesh hat and began cleansing my face. I stretched out and relaxed. She applied some aloe vera gel under my right eye, asking me to keep my eyes open.Then she gently glided the EndyMeddevice over the skin, which made beeping noises. There was no pain or discomfort. After several minutes she removed the gel and applied some gel above the eye.  Then she used the devise on the forehead, cheeks, jawline and finally the neck. After she had finished one side of my face she asked me to sit up and look in the mirror to compare the two sides of my face. There was a little difference, the treated side was firmer and smoother looking skin. I could now lie back down and have the other half of my face worked on.

I had had radiofrequency treatments in the past, which were sometimes very hot and bordering on painful. But with the EndyMed, there was no discomfort and I drifted off to a light sleep.  It takes a few days for the full effect to take place and because it’s accumulative a few treatments are recommended for long lasting results for a year. Usually five treatments are suggested 5 to 7 days apart. I couldn’t wait to see my face after a month.

Desy advised me not to put cold water on my face for the remainder of the day and the following day to wear sunscreen and avoid sunbathing.

EndyMed is the most advanced radio frequency technology on the market for rejuvenating the skin on areas of your face, neck, chest, and body. Ituses focused radio frequency to improve the texture of your skin. The procedure works by emitting heat into the dermis, which triggers the skin’s natural healing process of collagen renewal. The result is skin that looks visibly revitalized and renewed, with improved elasticity. The results are instant with long lasting effects.

Different from traditional laser treatments, EndyMed’s radiofrequency technology is not affected by skin color, making the procedure safe for everyone. Using the 3DEEP ™ Skin Science, the EndyMed system offers real-time measurements that ensure the exact energy level is delivered during treatment, based on the patient’s skin type, thickness, and desired results. EndyMed’s phase-controlled radio frequencies are safe and effective for tightening and toning lax skin on the face, neck, and body, as well as eliminating isolated areas of cellulite. The unique system also provides excellent skin resurfacing capabilities for acne scars, quickly restoring a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

EndyMed is approved by the FDA as a safe and trusted method for improving lax, crepey skin and contouring areas of the face, neck, and body. The treatment does not require any incisions, so there is no downtime necessary and minimal risk for complications to occur. Patients are back to their usual routine the same afternoon after aEndyMed treatment with some residual redness, which fades by the following day.

Immediately after treatment, the target area may look tighter and more lifted. However, the full results from EndyMed will take several weeks to appear, as the body’s production of collagen is slowly restored. Multiple EndyMed treatments will be required for optimal results. Most patients will see maximum skin tightening and smoothing results, clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines after five treatments, spaced approximately one to two weeks apart.

Benefits of EndyMed:

-Reduce wrinkles and lines in the face, around the eyes and mouth
-Improve contour of the face, neck, and body
-Tighten and lift loose, lax tissue
-Improve cellulite
-Refresh and resurface tissue

If you’re not pleased looking at the face in your mirror, then it’s time to change the way you look by going to Body Lab and coming home feeling happy. Wonderful services with highly trained staff. The newly renovated clinic is more spacious in a clean chic style.

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