Extracurricular Activities at Dyatmika

At Dyatmika we aim to offer students a broad education, both inside and outside of the classroom. We are committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities, allowing our students to broaden their horizons, find their passion and extend their capabilities. The Extracurricular Programme at the school has been designed to complement and enhance the curriculum and is an important part of school life at Dyatmika. The school has continued to expand the range of activities offered during the last few years and more students than ever across the Primary and High School are now taking advantage of the fantastic opportunities available to them outside of their regular classes.

At Dyatmika we categorise the Extracurricular Activities into three areas:

Community – These activities focus on bringing Dyatmika together and developing the sense of family that the school is renowned for, as well as looking outward to our local community and beyond. They are excellent opportunities for students to discover and develop interests beyond their academic learning and classroom environment.

Academic – These activities support and extend the learning that takes place in lessons. Students have a chance to focus on specific areas in smaller groups that allow them to really target the topic. Some students attend academic activities as part of the continuous support we offer at Dyatmika. This is to ensure that every student achieves their potential and can take full advantage of opportunities in the future.

Sporting – Sport is an important part of life at Dyatmika. Whether students are interested in representing the school in the Bali School Sports Association (BSSA), joining the Dyatmika Basketball tour to Surabaya or just having fun with their friends playing badminton, students appreciate the need to stay active to maintain healthy bodies and minds. Apart from these sports, the students can also participate in other sports like swimming, touch football, karate and football.

To encourage students to take part in a range of experiences across the three categories, we offer a reward system for Extracurricular participation at Dyatmika. Students receive the award at the end of the school year, based on their commitment to clubs in each category. This year, more students than ever before have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold C.A.S. Award.

Next year the opportunities for students continue to expand, with the addition of exciting new activities across all age ranges. In Semester 1, students will be working towards the first ever school performance of the critically acclaimed musical ‘We Will Rock You’, to be performed in December. This production will involve around 70 students from Class 6 to Class 12 as performers, set designers, costume designers and make-up artists. The musical production is anticipated to be one of the highlights of the school calendar for 2019-2020.

Opportunities for budding thespians are not limited to High School next year. In Semester 2 the Primary students are planning an original production. Our younger students are very excited for their time to shine on the stage.

As already mentioned, the Dyatmika school community thrives on its relationship with the outside community and friendship, within a Balinese context. Next year our students will also have opportunities to learn Balinese language, Balinese calligraphy, dance and arts and crafts that characterise Balinese culture.

Another new experience for students next year is the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (commonly known as ‘DofE’) is the world’s leading youth achievement award. Research undertaken by the United Learning Trust credits it as the most important thing on a CV or university application after academic qualifications. DofE is widely recognised by schools, universities and employers. It nurtures independence, teamwork, commitment, community service and helps students to develop a range of life skills.

An exciting part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the adventurous journey (expedition) section. For this, students will complete two short expeditions, in Bali and Malaysia, involving an overnight camp and trekking. This unique experience will help to develop the students’ independence, teamwork and resilience. To prepare, students will complete regular training throughout the year, learning vital skills such as map-reading, basic first aid, cooking and fieldcraft. As many of our students have never experienced this type of activity they are eagerly anticipating the challenge.

With a broad and interesting Extracurricular Programme that supports the excellent results achieved by our students at Dyatmika, we feel that they are in the best position possible to apply for, and gain acceptance to, top universities all over the world.

More than this, Dyatmika enables young people to experience positive personal growth. They are empowered to live their lives fully and well.

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