February 04 2015

February 04, 2015


That Bali icon, the infamous end of season footy tour to Bali, is now the subject of legal stoush in Victoria,Australia.In one corner the assistant coach of AFL club Essendon,and good friend of the Bali Geckos, Matthew Egan who has launched legal action for damages and costs from medical staff of the AFL club, he previously played for, Geelong in the other corner. In reply the medical staff defend themselves by declaring that the Egan did not follow doctors orders and rest his leg, and instead was involved in various activities in Bali including dancing that aggravated the injury.

Egan sustained a navicular fracture in, 2007, and was delisted in 2009 after six further surgeries failed to get him fit to play again. As reported by the Geelong Advertiser, in defence documents lodged with the court, Geelong medical staff Dr Bradshaw and Mr Blackney deny the allegations and argue “if there was any negligence or breach of agreement … the plaintiff [Egan] was contributorily negligent”. “On or about 18 or 19 September 2007 [Dr Bradshaw] advised the plaintiff to cease rehabilitation aimed at participating in the 2007 Australia Football League Grand Final and advised him to immobilise the right foot,” defence documents for Dr Bradshaw state. “He failed to heed advice to remain non-weight bearing or alternatively in a CAM (Controlled Ankle Movement) walker during an end-of-season player’s holiday to Bali,” defence documents for Mr Blackney state. “He performed activities which resulted him in weight-bearing on his right foot or taking off his CAM walker, including dancing, while on the Bali holiday contrary to medical advice.” Lawyers for Dr Bradshaw stated Egan’s September 26, 2007, X-ray show the foot had not been adversely affected by the accelerated rehabilitation program with no screws bent or “obviously loosened” ahead of the October team trip to Bali.

Both medical professionals will also argue Egan was told the injury may be career-ending in May 2008 and it is now too late to legally take action. “Playing with Geelong, he [Egan] would have played finals football and more than likely been a premiership player,” Egan’s lawyer Nick Mann said in August. “He would have established a significant career as an AFL footballer. “That has been lost to him because of the treatment he received.” Supreme Court Associate Justice Daly has ordered the parties mediate the dispute before June 30, though a trial is listed to start on September 16 if the matter cannot be resolved.


Beach Cricket which has been a part of the Bali Beach Games for a number of years, introduced by Wayan Samuel involving Balinese high schools, is now going worldwide with Beach Cricket World (BCW). The idea to promote this form of the sport is to push cricket to a larger global audience. Much like beach volleyball raised the profile of the sport of volleyball; now here in Bali as part of the 2nd Bali Beach Games on March 14-15,at Sanur.

Beach Cricket would be able to globalize the game of cricket to new boundaries thereby aligning itself with the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) vision of the development of the game. Beach Cricket would also encourage youths to engage in outdoor sporting activities thereby further exposing a new target audience. With a wider base of social classes readily available at coastal locations, Beach Cricket would therefore engage people from a variety of backgrounds. Hence Beach Cricket Worldwide (BCW) was started. And joins with Bali Sports Foundation for the 2nd Bali Beach Games.Open to all teams, please contact info#balisports.com.So far teams from Thailand, Singapore and Jakarta have entered. The vision of BCW is to encourage beach goers to take up the sport of Beach Cricket and to motivate and enable our beach cricket lovers and players to achieve excellence in the sport and also to provide a better and healthy lifestyle for the general public. BCW works with various cricket boards, such as Chile Cricket Association, Singapore Cricket Association & Cricket Association of Thailand and Bali Sports Foundation to name a few. Currently we are focusing to promote the new format to various countries.

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