February 04 2015


February 04, 2015

This fortnight is flavoured by the Full Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter and trined to Uranus and the South Node of the Moon in Aries. This makes our Aquarian Sun trined to the North Node in Libra and if you remember, this cycle is all about those karmic nodes and events that feel somewhat destined or fated. Take special note of these events taking place in your life now as they are of paramount importance when it comes to creating your future. Uranus stays in close proximity to Pluto in its square until May, when they finally move out of close orb; at least for awhile and although this is the final of our seven exact squares they move to within a degree of each again over the next year. These are trying times for many people with the life themes seemingly large. It can feel overwhelming and even hopeless at times for many people. Even those who are somewhat awake or aware consciously can feel the pressure as world events intensify. With the Uranian highlights during this very Aquarius time we can unite forces and support the children of the World and those less able to speak up for themselves. It’s a challenging time to discern the facts from the fiction and drama and yet by employing our intuitive forces we are able to find the Truth amidst the distortion. Mercury moves direct again on the 11th and will return to its retrograde degree by early March and the next Full Moon.

FULL MOON 14 Leo 48 February 4, 2015 7:10 a.m.

ARIES The Full Moon joins Jupiter in your romance sector and the South Node and Uranus in your sign and first house. Although there is a strong focus on your personal identity and self-expression this may give way a little to the needs of others during this Full Moon. It’s a balancing act and the good news is that Mercury moves out of its retrograde phase and allows your friendships to open up once more through communication. You may still be wondering where your place is and are open to input from others as to which environment may suit you best or is most ideally suited to this next chapter of your life.

TAURUS Mercury moving forward in your career sector with the Sun nearby brings a more creative slant to your future plans and aspirations. The home area is highlighted during this Full Moon and you are feeling lucky when it comes to a move or renovation plans. With Uranus and the Node in the 12th house of retreat harmoniously working with this Full Moon, you may find the home you’ve been looking for or enter into a creative process of manifesting it. Some of you may get news of a pregnancy or an addition to the family. Work partnerships benefit you this fortnight and support this next level of life’s unfolding.

GEMINI Mercury your ruler goes direct this fortnight and movement from neutral takes place. When the pause button goes on you are challenged to stay with the current agenda rather than race off into somewhere other than here. There’s a lot to integrate during this very auspicious time on planet earth and you need these little breaks to digest everything. The Sun and Mercury in your 9th house of travel bring decisions by the end of the fortnight with regard to any plans you’ve had in the works. There is so much networking to be done through local and global connections as well as creating a new marketing identity for you.

CANCER This wonderfully illuminating Full Moon together with Jupiter brightens up your house of material acquisitions and personal values. Meanwhile the Sun and Mercury are opposite in the house of endings and shared resources and you have probably used this review period to think about your transformation and possibly grieving some of your past losses. There is a strong connection between these themes and those of your career and your home base. Some of you will be creating a new home with new relationship partners and many will have work related changes bringing subsequent endings and finalisation. It feels like much sorting to be done but working in your favour.

LEO With the Full Moon in your sign and 1st house and the Sun in your relationship arena you are weighing-up the advantages of being alone verses being partnered. The Mercury review for you has also been around this topic of marriage and togetherness. No doubt you will have come to some decisions by the time Mercury goes direct this fortnight. You are also looking at the possibly of higher education/ travel and also working at the mundane level of communication. There could be some interesting inspiration developing as you continue to expand upon your identity and this new image of yourself. These changes take time to develop and manifest.

VIRGO As you complete the revision on any work and health issues this fortnight you find that you are ready to claim some of the new ideals as your own and release past mistakes and old relationships. With Jupiter and the Full Moon starting the fortnight in your house of retreat and connection to the Divine you are inspired to bring into manifestation more of your unfulfilled dreams. There’s no point getting bogged down in your work to the point that you lose yourself and your precious dreams. You find that there are people only too willing to help and support you now in a monetary way, if you allow them.

LIBRA This Nodal placement is in your sign and polar opposite sign of Aries and so you are particularly targeted when it comes to prior lifetime associations and present partnerships. These connections bring possible romance or children into your life along with a heightened sense of friendship and community this fortnight. Venus your ruler is exalted in the sign of Pisces and currently sits in the area of health and service in your chart. It could well be, that through what you do for a living, new opportunities and meetings of the romantic kind take place. You are also in a phase where you feel more attractive and poetically inclined.

SCORPIO Mercury is about to go direct in the area of home and so much discussion has been around the concept of home and where you feel nurtured. There is more yet to come although by now you’ve got the gist of what new ideas you can implement to make it more in alignment with who you are and what your life represents to the outside world. In a contrary way they do go together, for the deeper you allow yourself to be nurtured the more you will be able to give to the World through your vocation. There are spiritual connections to be made through the destiny points and your work is thoroughly inspired at this time.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter your ruler joins the Full Moon in your very own 9th house. That has to be some kind of good oracle for you this fortnight. As fortune shines down upon you, the desire to travel, to grow, to expand your life and wisdom is paramount. With the Sun and Mercury prompting your humanitarian leanings in the communication realms you are able to piece together past memories through the children in your life and open new doorways to current community projects. Friendships that develop now will be long lasting and will prove to bring irrevocable changes to your life. You could well be a part of the plan to bring peace.

CAPRICORN There is no doubt that there are some challenging relationships and individuals in your life. With the communication review in your house of values you may find yourself leaning towards a more understanding approach when it comes to differences of opinion. As for other things of a more emotional nature, you may wish to hold your ground and claim your viewpoint as specifically your own. Changes in the home reflect your status and so do partnerships. So much is going on in your World at the moment that it may be better to take some time this fortnight to delve deeply within yourself for transformational purposes.

AQUARIUS With the Sun in your 1st house this is a fine time to do a remodel of your physical presentation and as Mercury goes direct here as well you about ready to proclaim your new manifesto. The fortnight started with the Full Moon joined to Jupiter in your relationship house and this bodes well for all of your partnerships and will include those of a foreign nature and any connections to education you may have. Inspirational new ideas are possible at any moment, along with a radical shift in perception. There may not be warning signs that this is about to take place and you will only know after it has occurred.

PISCES The Full Moon and Jupiter are at play in your work sector and bring good news on any health issues. Meanwhile, the Mercury review has been in your 12th house of hidden matters and you’re about to have clarity on those parts of the puzzle that have been alluding to a change of plans, this in turn will bring more endings and a new set of values. Old friends and lovers are inadvertently helping you to unravel sexual tensions or inhibitions or more directly what it is that you want in your life now, with regard to relationship. You are on the verge of a new beginning and there is no reason to doubt this.

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