February 4 2015

February 4, 2015

Sorry Sanur folks, it’s over. No more will you keep all the Sanur secrets to yourselves. It’s time for readers in other parts of Bali to find out what’s happening in your deceptively quiet little patch. The more we investigate, the more we want to learn about what’s cooking in Sanur, so please contact Sanur Scoop with information about any new businesses, cafes, exciting events or interesting projects. Email: spacetobreathebali#gmail.com.

Congratulations to Eco-Sanur – not an official organisation but more a “movement” of long-term Sanur expats, working together to better Sanur’s environment – for the first of three planned official bicycle lanes through the Sanur area!

The lane begins at the Eco-Sanur office at Werdhapura Hotel on Jl Danau Tamblingan, goes down to Jl Pantai Karang and along the beach path to Jl Pantai Sindu. Tourists can make a stop there at Pasar Sindu before continuing by way of Jl Pungutan to Jl Bumi Ayu, and back to Tamblingan again.

This little lane is less than four kilometers long, but two more (the longest almost 2 kms) will be put in place during the coming months, with a bicycle map also planned, which will include where to rent bikes along the way. For more information, contact Antonio, phone 0811 395140.

There’ll be dancing at the beach this Friday, at the 2015 Reggae Star Festival, when Bali’s most popular reggae band, Joni Agung 2T, hits the stage with Jakarta’s Rastafaradoc on Pantai Padang Galak, Kesiman.

They say that although reggae music hails from Jamaica and is thick with tradition, the music is now synonymous with cooperative communities all over the world, and symbolizes togetherness and a more relaxed and friendly perspective on life. Just like Sanur!

Two non-profits – the environmental Manik Bumi Foundation and Yayasan Sampahdi, helping Bali children with disabilities – will share the takings from the eight-hour event. Tickets: Art Point Pregina on Jl By Pass (0361 284158) or Antida Music Productions on Jl Waribang No. 32, Kesiman (0361 285196). Friday, February 6, Pantai Padang Galak, Kesiman, just off Jl By Pass Sanur. Gates open at 2.45pm.

A couple of generations ago, my family had a disabled uncle who was considered a great embarrassment to the family, and tucked away in a little cottage in his hometown in Cornwall. Even now, people with disabilities are between two and four times more likely to be unemployed.

Here, according to Suri, co-ordinator of DNetwork, some traditional Hindu families still believe that a disability is a punishment from God for something that person or a member of their family has done. Again, those with disabilities can sometimes be hidden away by their families. The story of two children found by the organisation’s field team in a remote Balinese village, is heartbreaking. www.puspadibali.org/impact/client-stories/

DNetwork focuses on finding great employers in Bali who are willing to open their existing job vacancies up to people with disabilities. There are more than 300 job seekers with disabilities registered, from around Indonesia. The DNetwork website also lists available jobs and includes services offered to the public by some of the more entrepreneurial disabled people in their network.
DNetwork is based at Jl. Bakung No. 19 Tohpati, Kesiman Kerthalangu. Phone 0821-47274948/ 0361-464537. www.dnetwork.net.

Did you know that Sanur is host to one of the most respected spa training schools in the region? Founders of Bali BISA (Bali International Spa Academy) opened their school more than a decade ago, with the original intention of providing international standard spa training for the Indonesian market. Ironically, over time the school has become a premier destination for international students – both those entering the profession and any spa therapists lacking or wanting to extend their accreditation.

Graduates of the latest three-month CIBTAC accredited program – assessed by a judge specially flown out from England – came from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia and France. Students can stay on site at homestays next to the spa school in Jl Sekuta Sanur. For enquiries and enrolment, phone 0361 281 289. Balibisa.com.

If you and your darling love the Rolling Stones, don’t miss Surabaya tribute band, The Ripper, at Casablanca on Jl Danau Tamblingan on Valentine’s Day.

The Ripper’s exclusive Bali performance is part of Casablanca’s “Stage One Live” line-up this month. Show starts at 7.30pm on February 14.

Last month Casablanca hosted THE FACEBEAT, a group that capture the spirit of one of the world’s most famous bands, The Beatles. I missed it, sigh, but I’m hearing rumours and I hope it’s true that The FACEBEAT will return to Casablanca in March! Find Casablanca Sanur on Facebook.

Only four years old, and already deserving the reputation as the best place in Indonesia to study bahasa Indonesia, Cinta Bahasa has offices in Sanur, Kuta, Canggu and Ubud.

In Sanur, Cinta Bahasa provides group and private classes in The Sanur Space, a workspace with professional staff and a cosy atmosphere. Cinta has provided classes not only for Bali expats, but also for diplomatic missions including the German ambassador and Australian consul to Bali. Students of Indonesian language from Australian high schools and universities are also finding Cinta Bahasa’s curriculum helpful – both when they visit for intensive courses, and via online coaching prior to examinations in Australia.

For more information: info#cintabahasa.com or phone 08123 916 5005.

No space in this edition for a serious look at the great restaurants around the Sanur area. But I can tell you – sorry, as I said, the secret’s out – that I have it on very good authority that the Fire Station has some of the best steaks in town, Man FryDay is THE place to go for authentic battered fish and chips, and Whitesands Café not only serve a totally swoon-remember-Mum’s-home-cooking mouth-watering beef and gravy (or chicken and gravy) roll, but owners Carolyn and Butch have to be two of the most welcoming and hospitable hosts on the island.

We are very keen to try new cafes and restaurants – and old favorites with great new additions to their menus – so keep us posted, please. Email to: spacetobreathebali#gmail.com.

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