Finding Remote Work, Part Two

Studies estimate that within ten to fifteen years, a third to a half of office workers will be working from home or remotely. In addition, Stanford University research shows that remote workers are almost 15% more productive than their office-based counterparts, and businesses are taking note of this fact.

Add to this the facts that a remote job allows workers to be, well, remote and either work as they travel or base themselves anywhere in the world. posted a blog post last year predicting that both freelance agents and remote work niches would continue to grow in number and specialized companies, including remote job boards, would proliferate to serve these niches.

Last year, I wrote a column featuring sites that list remote jobs. This column has received the most feedback of any column I’ve written in almost four years. So with the start of 2018, I want to revisit the topic of remote work sites. Although many remote jobs look for tech or IT people, I’ve tried to focus on sites that offer a mix of job types. This list differs from last year’s one. You can access the Social Media Byte archives on the Bali Advertiser website to read the first list.


Here are eleven more remote job sites:


AngelList (

This site lists only jobs with start-ups and currently has 72, 751 positions listed. AngelList has jobs for Data Scientists, Designers, Developers, Hardware Engineers, Human Resources professionals, Marketers, Mobile Developers, Product Managers and Sales Professionals. Creating a profile and browsing and applying for jobs on the site are free for jobseekers.


Coworks (

This site is free to join as a freelancer, and has the added benefit of allowing you to upload a portfolio and You Tube videos, showcasing past work. Coworks offers a full range of business tools, including invoicing and payment processing. Services appear to be free for freelancers, available by subscription for businesses hiring freelancers and the site takes a small processing fee for handling payments. I couldn’t access job listings without setting up a profile, so I’m unsure of the full range of positions available.


Europeremotely (

I’m including this site for European remote workers. The site states that it lists jobs ‘that are available to people living in Europe’ and who work on European time zones, but it says nothing about Europeans who are living elsewhere. Check individual job listings for exclusions or eligibility.


Guru (

Guru is a huge site that claims to have 1.5 million members worldwide, with over 1 million contract jobs completed through the site and over $200 million paid out to freelancers. The job categories on the site include: Web, Software & IT; Design, Art & MultiMedia; Writing & Translation; Sales & Marketing; Engineering & Architecture; Admin Support; Management & Finance; and Legal. While Guru does offer a free basic account, jobseekers are limited to only bidding on 120 jobs per year and must pay a 8.95% fee if they are hired and successfully complete a job. Guru also has a range of paid monthly plans, ranging from $8.95 to $39.95, which includes up to 600 bids per year and lower service fees.


Hubstaff Talent (

Hubstaff is a free online resource that matches company job offerings with remote freelance talent. The company makes money by selling a time-tracking service for companies using remote teams and offer the job-matching website as a free service. This is a good job board for writers as a quick search showed postings for blog, article, copy and content writers. A wide range of job types on the site included Sales and Customer Service, Administrative jobs, Consultants, Marketing and Finance jobs, Social Media, Tech and many others.


Indeed (

Although Indeed is seen as one of the big conventional job boards for geo-physically based jobs, increasingly the site offers more and more remote work. A quick search on the site turned up 1,724 listings that were remote, although many of these will still be US or Western-hemisphere-based remote jobs, not globally based, or need workers to be available during US business hours. The site is free to use for job seekers.


Jobspresso (

This site offers remote job listings in Content Writing & Editing, Customer Service & Support, Designer & User Experience, Marking & Product Management, Project Management, Sales & Business Development, Site Reliability & DevOps and Software Development. Freelancers can register and search for free on the site, while employers posting jobs pay through a subscription model.


Outsourcely (

This site offers jobs in start-up companies, in the areas of Writing & Content, Business Services, Sales & Marketing, Business Services, Mobile Applications, Web Development, Customer Service, Administrative Support and Design & Multimedia. The site is free to use for job seekers; companies must pay to post jobs.


Remote OK (

Another site with a good listing of mixed remote jobs, Remote OK offers listings in Design & UX, Marketing, Customer Support, Software Development, Finance, Teaching and other fields. On the day I checked, the site had 1,709 non-tech remote jobs listed. Check the dates on the listings, as the site doesn’t remove older postings; I found listings posted six and eight months before, which are likely to be filled. As the jobs are curated from other sites, freelancers will need to click through to the site where the job is posted to apply. (

This site carefully curates remote jobs in a wide range of job types, from developers and tech jobs, to customer service and admin roles, to designer, sales, finance roles and others. The site has a good blog packed with solid information for remote workers, as well as a Q & A area where you can post questions and ask established remote workers technical, legal or lifestyle questions about being or becoming a remote worker. As the jobs on are curated from other sites, freelancers will need to click through to the site where the job is posted to apply.


TopTal Business (

TopTal is a site for developers, designers and finance experts. While TopTal lists jobs for freelancer developers – Python, Ruby, C++, Java and many others – they also list remote work for designers, including web designers, creative directors, graphic designers and product designers. TopTal has a separate category for finance experts, including niches such as Venture Capital Consultants, Market Research Analysts, Real Estate Experts, Blockchain Consultants, Financial Analysts, Part-Time CFOs and Pricing Consultants. The site charges businesses to recruit from their screened stable for freelancers – for job seekers, this means you will need to undergo a screening process to be registered on the site.

And just a reminder, you can also check out freelance, contract and project recruiting sites, such as iFreelance (, Project4hire (, Behance (, Freelance Writing Gigs (, Upwork – this site formed from the merger of oDesk and Elance (, Freelancer (




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