Freezing Fat

By Shari

There’s a relatively new clinic in Seminyak that is a little different from the others. This one specializes in body treatments such as fat freezing, 3D slimming, thermolift, vacuum roller massage, muscle stimulation, prestotherapy detox hot body wraps, super cellulite reduction, intensive body wrapping, Brazilian butt and lifted arm.

They also provide the usual services of facial treatments, Botox and fillers, platelet rich plasma, threads lift and wellness packages of Vit C injection, Vit B injection, Kenacort injection, Glutathion injection and Mesotherapy fat burner and laser hair removal.

Preparing for the upcoming holiday season, desiring to look my best and slim what should I do? Rather than go for liposuction, which is invasive and expensive, I opted for the fat freezing treatment. This is a non-invasive body contouring treatment used to reduce fat cells through freezing. It involves a controlled application of cooling within the temperature range of +5 to -11degrees Celsius.

However, it’s not instant like liposuction but it gradually breaks down the fat cells which are eliminated naturally from the body. And it’s permanent. The process continues working for three months but visible results are usually evident after 45 days. This is perfect for areas that you have stubborn fat that’s been nearly impossible to shift. Doing a hundred sit-ups a day and still have that bulge of belly fat? This is the solution.

Two areas can be treated at the same time in only an hour. I was escorted upstairs into an all-white room with a treatment bed and a large strange looking machine with four hoses sticking out of it. After donning a smock the therapist measured the areas of my body that were going to be treated. This would be compared with the same measurements a few weeks later to see the results. Then she asked me to lie down.

I was going to have my abdomen and thighs treated. After pulling up the smock to uncover my belly she opened a sealed package and unfolded a large wet cloth and began laying it over my belly. I asked what it was and she told me that it was anti-freeze.

Raising my eyebrows in surprise, thinking that you used anti-freeze in cars in cold countries. She smiled and explained that it would prevent the skin from freezing and damaging it. That sounded like a good thing. After this she asked what part of my thighs I wanted treated and pointed to the outer thighs. She then took two more anti-freeze cloths and smoothed them over my thighs.

Now it was time to kick-start the big machine. She adjusted the settings and took one of the large rectangular cups attached to the hose and placed it over my abdomen. Pressing it into place she pushed a button on the machine and immediately I felt the tissue sucked into the cup quite strongly. She adjusted the tissue at the sides and pushed it into the cup. It wasn’t really painful but the pressure was strong.

Then she repeated this process on each of my thighs. The discomfort was tolerable. Within a couple of minutes I could feel heat in the cups and wondered about this. I was expecting it to be cold right away. She told me that the treatment would last for 50 minutes. I wondered if I could handle the discomfort for 50 minutes.

Gradually the warmth turned cold. Looking at the clock I realized I had 45 minutes to wait. Distraction. That’s what I needed. I asked for my phone and opened the Scrabble program. Good old Scrabble could keep me distracted. As I played I noticed the discomfort in my body less and less. I could feel a deep cold in the tissues now. I could handle this. After all, I wasn’t really in pain. I had endured far more uncomfortable treatments that were quite painful. On a scale of 1 to 10, this was maybe a 2.

At the end of fifty minutes she checked my skin and turned off the machine. Carefully removing the cups one by one, the tissue below felt strange, cold and sort of numb. Then she removed the anti-freeze cloths and wiped off the skin. Then she began massaging each area. This actually felt more painful than anything else up to this point.

“Drink 3 liters of water to flush out the toxins and fat.” she instructed me.

“Only today? Or every day?” I asked to be sure.

“Every day is better.” She advised.

“Can I have massage?”

“Oh yes. Massage is good.”

I was now allowed to get up and dress. My inner tissues felt cold and a little numb with an achiness. But everything was fine. The skin was a little red but it faded very quickly.

After I walked home I began drinking glasses and glasses of water until I felt quite full.

It’s recommended to have two or three treatments to achieve your best silhouette with permanent fat loss. The second and third treatments should be performed 45 days apart. Although the fat loss will continue for up to four months, visible results will be shown after 45 days.

I returned for a second treatment 45 days later. The same therapist accompanied me upstairs to another treatment room. After undressing she began taking my measurements on the same locations as the previous time. I was very pleased to see that I had lost 12 centimeters on my abdomen and thighs. I guess that’s why my shorts were feeling looser. The only place that there was no change was on the upper abdomen. I now knew that this treatment really does work.

This session she attached a fourth suction cup over my upper abdomen. She hadn’t placed one there the previous visit. Now I had two cups on my abdomen and one each on an outer thigh.

I also liked the fact that this room had a large mirror facing the bed so I could see what was happening. It looked strange to watch the tissue being sucked up into the cups and  held there. This session was more comfortable than the previous one.

For permanent fat loss go to The Body Lab.

Jl. Raya Basangkasa 10, Seminyak.

T: 0361-737052



FB: @bodylab.bali


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