Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Traditionally men and women give their lover a gift for Valentine’s Day, usually a card, red roses, chocolate or perhaps jewellery. This year, do something special together by going to Taksu Spa in Ubud to indulge in some pampering while improving your health.

My partner and I recently went and surrendered our bodies for four hours of bliss. After checking in at reception and selecting massage oil and having the treatments we would be indulging in explained to us, we were escorted to the tastefully decorated new couple’s room on the hill. We also got our workout for the day descending and climbing the multitude of stairs winding through the enormous spa constructed on both sides of a stunning ravine with a river running through it. I think this may be the largest spa in central Ubud with spectacular views throughout.

Our day of felicity began with an hour long Balinese massage, expertly delivered by two charming Balinese ladies, taking care of our shoulder injuries and easing all of the tension from our muscles. I was delighted that this massage includes an excellent neck massage. Fully relaxed, we slipped into the hot bubbling water of the Jacuzzi in the adjoining cascading waterfall room and settled in enjoying the comfort for two persons. Shortly afterwards, one of our practitioners delivered a small tray holding two glasses of sparkling wine and a plate of beautifully decorated dark and white chocolate covered strawberries. She announced that we could spend up to 40 minutes enjoying ourselves then discretely disappeared from the room. Clinking our glasses we toasted our love, looking into one another’s eyes in gratitude of this precious time we were spending together. It was impossible to resist the tempting chocolates on the edge of the tub, divine decadence is the only way to describe them. After luxuriating in the bubbling warm water for awhile, we climbed out and prepared for our next treatment.

We descended from our love-nest and were escorted to the spacious facial pavilion, large enough to accommodate three persons. I was looking forward to the hour long Aloe Vera Botanical Ozone facial I was about to recieve because I had never tried this before. My practitioner executed a professional facial, including extraction to remove any white or black heads imbedded in the skin. The ozone infused steam loosened the dirt clogged in the pores to eliminate excessive sebum and clear up acne or blemishes. The ozone facial is moisturizing and purifying, accelerating the skin metabolism and increases blood circulation. Looking in the mirror our faces looked younger and revitalized.

With glowing faces we descended and crossed over to the other side of the ravine where the reception, restaurant and three rooms used for special treatments. I was going to have the ozone steam bath while my partner enjoyed some good old-fashioned reflexology.

I watched as my partner settled onto a reclined bed to enjoy a good foot massage as my blood pressure was taken with a nifty little gadget. Then I was helped into an old-fashioned wooden steam sauna with my head sticking out the top. I removed my robe and handed it over to my practitioner.

Then she wrapped a thick towel around my neck and the opening to prevent any steam loss. Next, she activated the equipment as ozone and steam flowed into the box. Without anything to do except stare at the bamboo wallpaper on the opposite wall, she sat in front of me and read all of the benefits of this treatment: detoxifying, oxygenation of all the tissues, organs and cells of the body to stimulate the release of anti-cancer substances from the white blood cells of the immune system and enhance blood and oxygen delivery throughout the body. By adding ozone to the steam, the ozone is easily absorbed into the skin and lymphatic system which detoxify, destroy infections and stimulate circulation through the open pores. The toxins are released from sweating and are immediately neutralized by the ozone.

Later she held up a ceramic coconut filled with coconut water for me to sip through a bamboo straw to rehydrate me, informing me that this is the best drink for rehydration as its properties are closest to our own blood plasma. I asked if this is a popular treatment and she told me that many people come just for this, especially healers who know the healing benefits of ozone. I was advised not to take a shower for the next 8 hours, so simply dried off the sweat with a fluffy towel and got dressed. The ozone had destroyed the bacteria on my skin so I smelled fresh and clean.

After four hours of blissful pampering we felt quite hungry and went outdoors to the garden cafe to indulge in some of Taksu Restaurant’s yummy healthy food and drinks. With a large selection of raw, vegan, vegetarian, seafood, duck and chicken appetisers, main courses and desserts, it was difficult to choose. I love the hot chocolate cake, so made sure I left enough room for dessert.

What a romantic day of bliss in spending this precious time with my loved one. We both felt fantastic with glowing faces completely relaxed yet rejuvenated. How does it get any better than this?

Taksu Spa is a haven for relaxation, specialist healers for private consultations, yoga, Access Consciousness classes and treatments and yummy food.

Taksu Spa, Jl. Goutama Selatan, in the heart of Ubud.
T: 361-4792525 or Reservations@taksuspa.com.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Celebrate the day with your loved one.

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