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One of the founders of Sekolah Dyatmika, mother of three children and Naturopath, Frederique Nault is truly a remarkable woman dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health. She graduated with a degree in Naturopathy from Queensland, Australia and has become adept in many modalities including PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence), NAET, Craniosacral therapy and Reiki just to name a few.

In 2001, she opened the Holistic Healing Center in Kuta which is located just behind Dijon. Her vision was to have a center where she could practice Naturopathy, as well as create a team that would compliment each other by offering a range of healing modalities.

“I decided to become a Naturopath, because when I was a child I wanted to be a doctor. Growing up my mother always gave us allopathic medicine, because she was a pharmacist.  By the time I was ready to enroll in medical school, I had an experience healing my own serious illness with herbs which blew me away. This made me realize that we have everything we need in nature. Naturopathy really resonates with me.”

In teaching clients how to live a healthy, holistic lifestyle, naturopaths follow these principles:

Do no harm Primum non Nocere is part of the Hippocratic Oath. Naturopaths do not use harmful substances nor do they use invasive and dangerous procedures.
Recognize the healing power of nature Vis  Medicatrix Naturae; naturopaths understand the body’s innate capacity for self-healing. They educate clients in creating external and internal environments conductive to healing.
Find and eliminate the cause of poor health Tolle     Causam; naturopaths help clients evaluate lifestyle choices to identify both the cause of a problem and how to correct it.
Teach health Docere; the word “doctor” is derived from the Latin word Docere, which means “teacher”. Naturopaths believe therefore, that the most   important aspect of their job is to educate their clients about    the natural laws governing health and how they can  obtain and maintain a state of optimal wellness. They teach  their clients how and what to eat for their particular condition and they may also instruct them in various forms of therapies so that they can take control of their health care by taking a pro-active role in it. Naturopaths    empower their clients, enabling them to participate in the process of staying well.
Honor the total person; naturopaths treat each patient by taking into account individual, physical, mental, genetic, environmental and social factors. Encouraging patients to pursue their own spiritual development is another facet of total health. Therefore they address  each of these aspects from the first day a client walks through their doors and incorporate different therapies to address these areas as the client progresses towards greater health and wellbeing.
Prevention; naturopaths recognize the importance of disease prevention through exploring heredity, risk factors and susceptibility to disease. Patients are taught the principles with which to live a healthy life and, by following these principles, they can prevent illnesses.

A variety of practitioners have worked at the Holistic Healing Center from massage therapists, to Reiki masters to craniosacral practitioners. Currently Shunyata retreats is operating out of the center offering a variety of detox programs which people can either do in their own home or at their hotel.

Frederique specializes in treating people with allergies utilizing a system called NAET (Nambudripas Allergy Elimination Technique) which is a technique that effectively removes all types of allergies. N.A.E.T. is totally safe and non-invasive. Frederique begins her consultations by investigating what kind of allergy needs to be removed with a technique called ‘kinesiology’ otherwise known as muscle testing. Next, a massage of pressure points along the spine is given along with breathing techniques, followed by stimulation of certain acupressure points. The muscle is then re-tested to confirm that the allergy is gone. Since only one allergen can be treated during each session, the patient may need a series of treatments until all allergies are cleared permanently.

“I feel that allergies are often the deep root cause of many ailments. When you remove allergies, you restore the body’s natural ability to fight illness – you restore health.”

Frederique is continuously updating her skills, and recently returned from the USA where she attended a NAET conference to get the latest updates on this technique. In addition to treating allergies, Frederique also does nutritional counseling for Shunyata Retreats. She consults with their clients to determine the dietary changes needed in order for the client to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle which will support their overall wellbeing.

Frederique utilizes many tools in her practice. Some of these include Iridology, which is the science of reading the iris to assess the condition of the organs and body system. The iris is like a map of the body which reveals a person’s imperfections which appear in the form of lesions and color changes of the iris. She also works with a wide range of herbs, Bach flower remedies and Kinesiology to clarify information about the source of the ailment, and to determine the appropriate healing modality and most effective remedies to use when treating someone’s illness. All of the remedies are prepared on site.

Additionally, Frederique has a thriving practice in Jakarta. One weekend every month she does consultations at Darma Wangsa Square.

For more information about services available at the Holistic Healing Center in Bali, please contact: (0361) 766 259 or email: healing@indosat.net.id

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