It’s the beginning of the year and many people make a New Year’s Resolution to be healthier for the coming year. A good way is to have a health check-up and see if there are any potential problems lurking in your body.

This way if you know about them early you can take action and hopefully avert any threat to your health. One great way is by using modern scientific technology to detect health concerns with the AlfaSight Thermodiagnostics.

The AlfaSight Thermography is a diagnostic tool that uses infrared measurements of skin temperatures from 90 – 120 body points and comparing the temperatures before and after exposure to a cool room temperature. The skin temperatures determined by influences of the nervous systems’ innervations to the capillary beds constrict or dilate in response to the  cool air.

As the nervous system reacts to the cool air, analogous to the “fight or flight” reaction, signals travel from the spinal cord through the regional nerve ganglia that innervate the organs of that region. They continue to the skin’s capillary beds, where temperatures providing organ and tissue health information can be measured.

The AlfaSight measures the differences between the two temperatures taken before and after the cool air exposure. This data is compared by AlfaSight to a database of healthy patients and reveals deviations that identify patterns that is reflected in easy to understand charts and reports.

The AlfaSight scan is painless and noninvasive. It’s conducted in a cool room using a wand that is held over the points on the body. These points are shown on a computer-like screen to conduct the testing. A quiet beep signifies that the equipment has registered the measurement. The whole process only takes about 30 minutes including a 10 minute cool down wait between the two scans. Right after the scan the nurse prints out the seven page results, which the practitioner will then sit down with you to discuss.

The discussion can take up to an hour to discuss the prognosis and what is recommended to treat the symptoms. He may suggest diet changes or supplements to rebalance your body. At the beginning of last October I was concerned about a calcification on my breast. Doctors advised having a biopsy. Yet I was hesitant to do so. Instead Nigel, head of Ayusha Wellness suggested having a Thermogram scan instead. Anything non-invasive sounded preferable.

The scan I had last October revealed that the calcification was benign and I was advised by the doctor not to have a biopsy as this could provoke the cells and possibly turn it into cancer. That was a great relief. However, the scan did show some other health concerns that could be dealt with by taking supplements and a change in my diet. The doctor said that all could be reversed within two months by making these changes. That sounded very promising.

I made the changes to my diet like eliminating soy products because they raised my bad estrogen levels, reduce carbs and purchased a multitude of supplements to improve my health. I had a quite a bit of inflammation in my throat and upper chest. I was feeling good and positive about these changes. The scan results suggested which supplements I should take to balance my body.

The diagnostic results are displayed for every part of the body:Head, neck, chest, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, kidney/ back, cubital fossae, dental and breast. For each area indications of any disorder is shown on the test results. There’s also scans of the body in vivid colors, dental screen for each of the teeth which relates to body parts. Also coloured bar charts of the various body parts. The results are able to detect early signs of possible cancer indicators. This is a great alternative to mammogram for breast cancer detection.

Indications for Use

  1. Abnormalities of the female breast
  2. Peripheral vascular disease
  3. Musculoskeletal disorders
  4. Extra-cranial cerebral and facial vascular disease
  5. Abnormalities of the thyroid gland
  6. Various neoplastic and inflammatory conditions

Evaluate Whole-Body Physiology

  • A functional test based in thermoregulation
  • Assesses regulation capacity of all organs, glands and lymph
  • Over 40 signature patterns of diseases processes are rated and prioritized
  • Integrative analyses of:
  • Breast Health (12 criteria)
  • Prostate Health (9 criteria)
  • Dental Health


In mid- December I returned for a follow-up scan. The results showed that there was improvement to my breast concern and most of the inflammation in my throat and upper chest had cleared up. There were also some other positive improvements. However, because I had undergone surgery the previous month and had to stop taking the supplements my body was dealing with removing the excess toxins from the anesthetic, antibiotics and pain killers.

In other words, my immune system was compromised by the toxins stored in my body from the medication. I needed to continue with the supplements and add a lymphatic enhancer tonic to detoxify. Nigel suggested having lymphatic drainage massage also to flush out my system. He also suggested having an endocrine level test taken to find out what was going on with my thymus and why I still had a bit of inflammation in my throat.

The important point is that the AlfaSight clearly showed changes and I could see that the equipment really does work. Nigel told me that the machine has become very popular in Jakarta at his retreats with many women coming for early breast cancer detection rather than having a mammogram. I fully agree and would prefer having this scan than an uncomfortable mammogram that exposes my body to radiation.


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