This is an auspicious time to begin again this astrology column. Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius on the 22nd and is a sign which includes the study of astrology, astronomy, space travel, cosmic events, technology and the global community to mention just a few. On the 24th, we have our first New Moon with this Saturn in its new home (at least until early July, when it dips back into Capricorn during its retrograde and returns for a 2 year stint in December) and this will begin a process of healing for the collective. A healing centered around the fight for freedom, independence and individual rights and this is highlighted as we have our first conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (happens every 13 years) on the 5th April. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and as it joins with Pluto this means power and force exponentially increased. Jupiter and Pluto align twice more this year, at the end of June and for the last time in November. Jupiter then moves into Aquarius and joins Saturn to start their next 20 year cycle in December. So we have many powerful cycles ending and beginning in 2020; the first being Saturn and Pluto back in January to mark another 33-38 year cycle. (historically you can look at the previous conjunctions in 1914 -15, 1947 and 1982) Old models, from the personal to the collective are being transformed to make way for the radically new. Technology for sure is about to do an evolutionary leap, so too is humanity.


NEW MOON 04 Aries 12’ March 24, 2020 05:29 pm               

FULL MOON 18 Libra 44’ April 08, 2020 10:36 am


ARIES. This is the time of year when your attention turns naturally to your own needs, which is always easier for you than most. Your thoughts though are in the higher realms and you may be more introspective during this time period. Probably a good practice as you reflect on your career choices and vocation. Perhaps you’ve left a job or are in the process of creating something new for yourself and this could mean a movement away from more conventional roles and a movement towards communally based projects or start-ups. Of course finances are a concern and these can predictably fluctuate.


TAURUS. Being of a fixed sign, you are not always comfortable with change. It always comes however, often at the time when we least expect it. The more stable traditions which have been handed down to you through the generations are being questioned as you feel the need to branch out in your work and this creates a ripple effect in your career, friendships and spiritual understandings. Your energy turns inwards as you prepare to launch into the next phase of your life; reflecting on the past and checking your perceptions to see if they are in alignment with this creative process.


GEMINI. As you ponder your previous choices with regard to your ambitions and goals you find it is time to dig deeply into the more shadowy aspects of self and find anything holding you back from fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. It’s time for a fresh start and to gather together like minded soul’s to create a hub of your very own. You may be well ahead of the field when it comes to tapping into future trends. Remember to leave the past where it belongs, even though you may have strong attachments and sentimental feelings associated with some old situations.


CANCER. Relationships are the key area of transformation for you Cancerians. Even though traditional set-ups, marriages or configurations have been your usual mode of sharing, this is the time to experiment with new ways of relating and sharing intimacy, time and resources. This is across all areas of your life, whether personal, private or business associations and you find yourself in a bit of leadership role during this time period. https://remotepilot101.com The deeper reflection has come through opening to a higher sense of connectivity with the cosmos. Perhaps aligning with your Higher Self, bringing rich rewards and surprising revelations and a call to action.


LEO. Your adventurous nature is being stimulated and you would like to travel to foreign lands or at the very least open your life to include a larger vista of possibilities. The mundane is about to take a quantum leap into the next level of operation. It will first become apparent within your primary relationships and as you gradually loosen the grip on your old model of daily existence, your work. The stirrings have been felt for some time and this is the moment to have those deeply emotional conversations that will pave the way for even more transformation, followed by metamorphosis.


VIRGO. Is it a romantic life you’re aspiring to live? No doubt you are spending some time thinking over the topic of relationship and your more romantic side is being stimulated, although there is a tendency towards idolisation and sacrifice at this time. Nothing to fear as your instincts will take over, particularly in the bedroom and you will know exactly what it is that you want. Work at the other end of the spectrum, is about to undergo some modification and potentially radical changes. You may even create a little antagonism within your daily cycle at the workplace and catalyse these changes.


LIBRA. As the significant others in your life take some time to do their own thing you get some space to yourself to reflect upon your work or your daily job. There’s been a lot of focus on the family and home and although this continues for quite some time to come, you feel the gears shift and more movement in the direction of your creative processes. It’s appropriate for you to experiment a little, to try new ideas and move in a different direction to that which you’ve travelled before. New beginnings take time and are a process of unfolding.


SCORPIO. These are revolutionary years for you as you rebirth yourself through your thoughts and actions. Transformation can be one step forward and two steps back to rework it again and again. Once you realise, that as much as you would like it to be one straight line forward, it isn’t and to think that you are free of familial patterning before you are is folly for the wise. Healing means accessing your inner sense of freedom, no matter what happens externally. To feel your spirit connected to all of existence in every heartbeat and within each breath.


SAGITTARIUS. Jupiter is the ruler of your sign and this year promises to bring a great deal of change and letting go, at the deepest of levels. Your core values are being shaken and you feel the compelling urge to share what you’ve seen and learnt along the way. Family concerns maybe stirring your feelings and the main focus for now is on your children or creative projects. What is home to me and where do I belong? Nothing really lightweight at all. For now, do the work in front of you and when the time is right, the rest will be revealed.


CAPRICORN. Saturn your planetary ruler has been in your sign for the past two years and will soon depart. As a normally grounded and practical person you may soon find yourself doing things slightly left of center. You may take unusual financial risks or start a business that is quite different from that which you’ve been involved in, in the past. There may be a sudden humanitarian or philanthropic streak revealed in you. At surface level family matters are asking for your attention and there may be arguments, although your mind is more preoccupied with sentiment and spiritual matters.


AQUARIUS. Saturn was the ruler of Aquarius before the discovery of Uranus and as it moves into your sign and over the next couple of years, you will be able to use its influence to benefit your work projects and generally in getting your life organized. You’ll be feeling empowered over these next weeks, meanwhile the deep work continues internally unbeknownst to those around you. Dreams can be strong and so too your psychic and intuitive abilities. You are a sentimentalist at heart and value caring for others and the planet and you’re busy ushering in the new model of existence.


PISCES. You are no stranger to deep feelings and your heart is easily worn on your sleeve for all to see and you’ve felt the ebb and flow of the emotional tides within your community and that of the global family over recent months, years and lifetime and now you are ready to go even deeper. Who would have thought that this was even possible. The time has come to take a stand as you tap into a higher power within. You are a channel for Divine healing energy and yet know not how it will express itself. To live your life in this way takes courage and faith.


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