How Does RCBUS Raise Funds During A Pandemic?

“. . . ,you know it ain’t easy,” to quote The Beatles, but Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset [RCBUS] continues to raise funds to support its projects which, in turn, support the people of Bali. All Rotary Clubs are fundraising organizations, and RCBUS is no exception. Last year, due to Covid restrictions, we hosted no fundraisers. We used money previously raised to support our projects. Those funds have been depleted, so we have creatively created fundraisers that are compliant with restrictions due to Covid.

Fundraising is hard work, made more difficult by the pandemic. So why do the RCBUS members refuse to call it quits with fundraising efforts? Our mission is to help people. Fundraising allows us to realize our mission and work as a team, enjoying a sense of gratitude for a fulfilled sense of purpose. Working as a team builds strong friendships among team members. Fundraising also focuses the general public on the greatest needs of the community.

Our largest fundraiser of 2021 is Bogies for Bali, a charity golf tournament that will be held on Saturday, 25 September 2021 at the world renown Handara Golf and Resort Bali located in the cool mountains of Bedugul. It is the perfect fundraiser to hold during a pandemic because it can occur outside, participants can remain masked when they are inside, and everyone can remain properly socially distanced at all times. Please see our poster which is included in this issue of Bali Advertiser.

RCBUS is expecting over 50 golfers to join the competition and excitement. The tee off is at 8 AM on Saturday, 25 September, but some of the festivities will begin the on evening before at 5 PM, Friday, 24 September. Those golfers and their friends who wish to avoid driving to Bogies for Bali early on Saturday morning can book a room at the golf resort for the night of 24 September. Handara Golf and Resort is graciously offering Bogies for Bali participants discounted rates on their finely appointed rooms with proof of registration in the golf tournament.

RCBUS will host a BBQ that evening which is included in the price of the room and registration in the golf tournament. The BBQ will include a chipping contest and the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for the raffle to be held at the 19th Hole awards event the following day.

Breakfast will be served to all participants and their guests directly preceding the tee off on Saturday, September 25. After completing the challenging course at Handara Golf & Resort Bali, participants will gather for a light lunch, presentation of awards, a live auction and choosing of the raffle prize winners.

The event will also include a market where sponsors, along with various other vendors, will be able to sell their products.

All funds raised will be donated to three charities: Klinik Bali Sehat to provide basic health care in Karangasem Regency, to the WEHEA Project to help prevent the devastation of Wehea National Forest, and to the Sewing for Living project which empowers Balinese women to be able to work from their homes to help support their families.

To register, to reserve a room or to receive further information about Bogies for Bali, please contact Handara Golf & Resort at +62 87 8888 36 888 or +62 361 288 944 or at

A second fundraiser is the placement of a donation box at the popular warung, Warung Babi Guling Pande Egi. Patrons there enjoy traditional Balinese roast pork served with chili in an open-air setting overlooking rice terraces and paddies. They also can contribute to the donation box whose contents go entirely to Bali Sehat and its clinic in Karangasem.

RCBUS also forms alliances with other Rotary clubs worldwide to jointly raise funds for projects here in Bali. We have collaborated with Rotary eClub in Cologne, Germany to raise funds via a musical presentation called Bali to Batman presented on a Zoom platform. Rotary Club of Tucson Sunrise in Tucson, Arizona, USA, is collecting yarn and sewing findings to supply our Sewing for Living project. They have also made a cash donation to that project. Rotary Clubs in Australia have been very generous when supporting Yayasan Bali Sehat and the water projects we have completed in Karangasem.

Part of RCBUS members’ dues also is restricted to supporting projects in which the club is involved. We also hold small raffles for our club members. The proceeds from these raffles go directly to the support of projects.

More information about RCBUS’ projects can be found at

If you would like to join this dynamic group of people who love Bali and work to help the people who live here, information to do so can be found at


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