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It is the start of a New Year for Rotary International and, therefore, for Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset [RCBUS}] also. President for 2022-2023, Jennifer Jones, Rotary’s first female present in the history of the organization, has chosen the theme, Imagine, for Rotary’s upcoming year. She challenges Rotarians worldwide to “Imagine a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.” Part of her strategy is to ensure that all clubs engage all of their members. Engaging members is crucial to retaining members, she said, adding that we need to ask members what they want to get from Rotary and give them meaningful responsibilities. Rotary’s offer of hands-on service, personal growth, leadership development, and lifelong friendships that creates purpose and passion among its members.

RCBUS members met at Bali Banana Cacao Park on Sunday, 10 July to plan the club’s strategies for the new Rotary year. The following topics were discussed: 1. New members and membership retention 2. Projects and project teams 3. Fundraising 4. Partnering within District 3420 5. International Partnerships 6. Satellite Club in Kalimantan 7. Social media platform management.

Plans include recruiting a minimum of 5 new, active members from the Ubud and expat community. Rotarian Tania is the new membership chair. Sustainable projects, more frequent interaction with RCBUS’ Rotaract club, opportunities to travel to the project site in Kalimantan, and new fellowship options will become member retention strategies. Projects include the expansion of the Seraya Village water tank plan with the possible inclusion of Kayu Wit Village.

Sewing for Living will also expand to include the RCBUS Rotaract Club and the women of Merasa Village in Kalimantan along with other Rotary clubs who request training enabling them to establish similar programs.

Evaluation of the Long Sam Program will take place, including documentation of the needs of the area provided to RCBUS by a survey provided by the University of Samarinda. RCBUS will then search for possible funding sources to support the club’s efforts to sustain this program. Applications to those sources will then be made. RCBUS is in the process of establishing a satellite Rotary Club in Merasa Village, East Kalimantan.

Fundraising efforts for the new Rotary year will include Bogies for Bali 2022, a restaurant voucher program, and the introduction of a new program which will include movies, good food, good fellowship, and laughter.

RCBUS will partner more closely with other Rotary Clubs within District 3420 while expanding the number of international partnerships that the club currently enjoys. This may include managing a grant with Rotary Singapore for Ubud based Yayasan Udana Sari.

RCBUS’ social media outlets will be expanded and will be managed by members of the Rotaract Club under the direction of Rotarian Tania.

RCBUS plans to work more closely with its Rotaract Club to secure children’s books for its mobile library project or funding for them to purchase the books and to offer a training class for other Rotaract clubs to learn how to sew using sewing machines, how to crochet and how to knit. RCBUS will continue to support Rotaract members’ involvement in District conferences and activities designed to hone their leadership skills.

Please mark 10 September 2022 on your calendars. That’s the date of the 2nd annual RCBUS Bogies for Bali charity golf tournament held at one of the top golf courses in the world, Handara Golf & Resort Bali in Bedugul. RCBUS is very excited to announce that the title sponsor for this year’s charity golf tournament is Sababay Wineries. Proceeds from this year’s charity golf tournament will support three RCBUS program: water projects in Bali and Lombok, Sewing for Living, and the Long Sam Environmental Program. It includes a BBQ, chipping contest, and an awards ceremony. Sponsors and players have already started to sign up. Don’t wait to reserve your place! Phone +62 361 288 944 to secure your reservation.

Members of RCBUS are friendly people of action. If you are considering joining RCBUS and would like to attend a meeting to see what we are all about, please contact Marion Hook at for more information. If you are interested in Rotaract, please include the word Rotaract in your subject line. We meet every 2nd Monday and every last Monday of the month at Wedja Restaurant in Mas. If you would like to join this dynamic group of people from four different continents who love Bali and work to help the people who live here, information to do so can be found at

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