Indonesian Values and International Education at Taman Rama Intercultural School – Bali

Independence Day

By: Adhelia & Angel, Year 12

Seventy-four years ago today, after waving the Indonesian flag for the first time, Ir. Soekarno declared the proclamation: stating our freedom in independence. On 17th of August, our school celebrated that day once again, like every school in our country, remembering the heroes who believed in and fought for the vision that Indonesia could be what we are today: an Independent nation.

Students, teachers, and staff gathered together early, on our soccer field, on the morning of the 17th. Many wore neat school uniform and some traditional Balinese costume, as to represent our province, but in all beat the hearts of young patriots. Before the ceremony began, we lined up regimentally, Primary students to High School students, teachers, and staff. To our right, the flag-hoisting troop stood to attention, dressed immaculately, and in the front of us was our school choir dressed in white. The ceremony started precisely at 7.30am. And the sun began to rise over the building, casting sun rays as we stood to attention.

The Indonesian flag, Merah Putih, was hoisted as we sang, with pride, Indonesia Raya, the Indonesian national anthem, until it reached its place at the top of the flag pole. The ceremony continued with more singing, commemorating fallen patriots, and meaningful speeches from our national school’s principal. We preceded with the recitation of Pancasila, the five principles that represent our beliefs as a nation from years past and years ahead. The prime sounding of our history;

  1. Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa / Belief in the one and only God
  2. Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab / Just and civilized humanity
  3. Persatuan Indonesia / The Unity of Indonesia
  4. Kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat kebijaksanaan dalam permusyawaratan perwakilan / Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives.
  5. Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia / Social justice for all of the people of Indonesia.

The true message of Independence Day was described by our Civics and Citizenship teacher, Ms. Maya Maharia:

“On the 17th of August, we gather to pay to tribute and salute our strong heroes of the past. Heroes that led Indonesia to Independence. Heroes that made the dream of a sovereign state that stands on equality with other nations in the world come true. But today, new challenges emerge.

That’s why we must never forget to relive the very same spirits in our hearts. You must never lose your faith and beliefs, never, in a place where everything is dynamic and modernised. Because we are entering an era of intense competition, where you can be swept off your feet at any time. Precisely because of that, we must continue to create and innovate. Cherish your Pancasila, for that is the true speaker of diversity in religion, ethnicity, race, and group. It is the place for everyone to receive work opportunities, freedom of voice, and constructive challenges to find their dreams and aspirations. In unity, we can find the energy to activate our strength and spirit to learn. In unity, we can find solidarity, tolerance, and enthusiasm to share. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA! Long live the land of Pancasila!”

Pancasila is one of the underlying philosophies, together with Mahatma Gandhi’s example of non-violence, at Taman Rama Intercultural School – Bali, where all religions are represented and respected within our tolerant school community. We celebrate all religious occasions through calendar events and special morning assemblies.

On Thursdays, Purnama and Tilem (full moon and new moon) local students and staff wear traditional Balinese costumes to show respect to Bali province. And on Fridays, congressional prayers are provided for Muslim students and teachers. Saraswati, Easter, and Waisak are also important school events. As is Chinese New Year and Buka Puasa Bersama (breaking of the fast together during Ramadhan).

On Kartini Day, 21st of April, our school organises a festival of Indonesian culture which includes Indonesian history displays, Indonesian culinary delights through a student-led bake sale, and all members of the school community dress in traditional costumes from different provinces from the archipelago. There are Indonesian arts demonstrations and performances of Indonesian music and dance.

Our Taman Rama Intercultural School students are also encouraged to include and reflect upon Indonesian cultural aspects and social issues, in particular, Bali province, within their international examination coursework projects. For example, Balinese mask makers from Mas, Ubud in Art and Design, the value of the mangrove plantations in Environmental Management, and the importance of Bali as a premier tourist destination in Travel and Tourism.

Our school is a proud Indonesian school offering a balance of Indonesian and international values.


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