January 21 2015


January 21, 2015

We are in the window between New and Full Moon this fortnight, with the Aquarian New Moon theme leading up to a Leo Full Moon on the 4th. Just to remind you then of the highlights of this fortnight as the Moon is waxing towards full. The South Node of the Moon was exact conjunct Uranus and trine to Jupiter as the fortnight began and the moon will join this Jupiter at its peak. There is a strong relationship theme with Mercury conjunct Venus and opposite Jupiter, with the Mercury turning retrograde directly after the New Moon. So what we have then are old partnerships returning to our lives for some much needed discussion and review. With Jupiter also in retrograde motion and in the sign of Leo, a fixed sign as is Aquarius (Sun, Mercury and Venus) it could be a little slow going, with neither party wanting to budge their viewpoint. Mars is in Pisces conjunct Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) and opposite Lilith and so the water is murky at its best and unfathomable at its worst. By the Full Moon Mars joins Chiron (the wounded healer also in Pisces) and hopefully brings some healing resolve and the Full Moon brings support to the over-important and stubborn Jupiter. Illumination will come but not until after we have seen the folly of our ways and choose to change or to focus on Love rather than the self-righteousness of our words and actions. These are tricky transits to navigate with self-delusion possible.

FULL MOON 14 Leo 48 February 4, 2014 7:10 a.m.

ARIES The Node and Uranus are together in the first house and these are particularly strong relationship themes for the Aries Native. Jupiter is in the house of romance and children and so these topics are paramount to the discussions going on in the 11th house of community, groups and friends. Perhaps your lover wants to be more of a friend and to maintain their independence or maybe it’s you wanting more of a sense of freedom and individuality. How does this all play out where there are children concerned? There are no easy solutions to old problems and particularly with Mars in Pisces hanging out in Neptune’s watery territory of the 12th house.

TAURUS As we head towards the Full Moon this fortnight your aim may be to find your resolve in the home arena. That’s the area of growth and the Leo Moon polarity balancing out your strong ambitions and relationship plans and challenges. With the Uranus in the 12th house bringing hidden agendas to the table you could be in for some surprises and awakenings around work colleagues and a link with family members. It feels a little complex and yet your compassion and understanding lay with friends and your community concerns. When romantic involvement reveals its limitations you can always rely on those who’ve known you for a very long time.

GEMINI Mercury your ruler in the 9th house joined to Venus and about to go retrograde brings 3rd house issues of communication, siblings, travel, legal and marketing to the fore. Any foreign partnerships concerning community or humanitarian matters are supported through the internet or online communication. Distance is not a barrier at this time although more patience may be required with people scattered globally. Pisces themes play out in your career sector and there could be some evasiveness apparent, at least until the Full Moon when more of the story will be revealed and shared emotionally. You are another with childhood topics as a concern or an innovator towards change.

CANCER This next Full Moon is in your house of values and emotional and financial security. The polarity point is in the 8th house of shared resources, endings and beginnings and is currently being activated by relationship themes of communication and community involvement. You are currently balancing out, what is mine to keep and what shared property is, as viewed through the lens of the emotional self. There is no doubt that career issues and old partnerships are involved in your decision making along with foreign concerns, which may bring a little disillusionment for the time being. Remember everyone is holding their ground and sticking to their viewpoint while higher matters get sorted.

LEO With Jupiter in the 1st house and soon to be joined by the Full Moon you are another who is experiencing old foreign connections and they are prompting you to continue with the personal growth work that you are doing. It could be that the more local relationships are giving you a spot of bother and requiring your communicative attention. This will be an ongoing theme for the next few weeks and so plenty of time then to review your standpoint. The hidden agendas are around sexuality and where you share intimately and financially. As the end of the fortnight approaches you will find healing here along with a deeper understanding.

VIRGO Mercury is about to go retrograde in your house of work and service and sits opposite Jupiter in Leo in the 12th house of Divine connection and solitude. You may be at a crossroads which require significant endings and letting go of a part of your life. Old partnerships may depart once and for all and you could now apply your focus to a whole new area of life. There are aspects of yourself being revealed which will take some time to integrate and digest and this will reflect back through your health. This is no walk in the park, as your belief structure and values you hold around relationship evolve.

LIBRA The nodal axis is playing out between your house of self and the house of other. Be mindful of not projecting your personal drama onto another person. Your relationship requirements may not be those of the person you’re in partnership with. You may also be taking more time for yourself now and finding new friendships and group activities and/or participating in community based gatherings. If there is a new love interest in your life there could be some communication glitches as the Mercury turns retrograde this fortnight. Any concerns you may have around children and schooling could experience some delays. Stay attuned to any health concerns or issues.

SCORPIO The unexpected aspect could play out through your work/service orientation this fortnight and bring a new career focus or at least the need to evolve what you are doing for a living. There is challenge from the area of home and family with the Mercury retrograde and Venus highlighting the need for communication within your familial relationships. If there are issues around children you could be a little blind to their nature. For those romantically inclined at the present you are also prone to a little deception or viewing the other through rose coloured glasses. Remember though that the healing will come at the end of the fortnight and Full Moon.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter is joined by the Moon in the higher education and travel area of your chart, with the Aquarian opposition coming from the the 3rd house of siblings and short distance travel. This could be a time of promoting yourself in a new way which will entail a deeper look into how you’ve been marketing yourself and what your evolving values have brought to the table. There could be meetings from the past helping you to shed a light on your gifts and talents and deepening your community based involvement. Mars in Pisces joined to Neptune is in the area of home and family and this is where you may self-sacrifice.

CAPRICORN Your personal values are up for review with the polarity point in the house of endings. Within relationship the individual’s perspective is honoured and yet is all personal need met within this honouring? Questions for yourself at this time are deep and you may find those areas where you hold firmly and this reflects back on family background and childhood. There is nothing wrong to holding onto what you truly believe is right and just for you. If you ruffle feathers along the way, it is probably inevitable. The Pisces theme however is love and understanding and this may give way to being right, particularly when it comes to siblings.

AQUARIUS With the Aquarius planets in your first house and Mercury set to go retrograde there, your review will be around your own personal identity and expression. Meanwhile the Full Moon joins Jupiter in the house of the significant other and you are facing the polarity of alone verses together. Conversations will go back and forth over the coming weeks and it could well be a slow revealing with these fixed signs involved. The harmonising factor comes from the insights you receive at this time and are willing to share or rather feel compelled to vocalise and these will include your foreign connections. As the rough edges are smoothed love enters.

PISCES This coming Full Moon joins Jupiter in your work and health arena and brings harmony to those former partnerships that are helping you to evolve your beliefs. With this deepening set of values around relationship and intimacy you may find a new type of love attraction entering your life. Mercury retrograde is happening in your 12th house of divine connection and will bring a new vibration or frequency to your relationship manifestation. A great month for meditation or retreat for the Pisces and with Mars now in your sign joining your ruler and soon to connect with Chiron, a very deep level of healing is available to you.

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