January 21 2015


January 21, 2015

The Riot Club
Every year at Oxford University, members of a secret society choose from the new students the most aristocratic, and, they ask them to join their club. The Riot Club is a long established elite drinking club, dedicated to over-indulgence and the belief that money allows for any form of excessive behavior. At their annual dinner, they hire a function room at a local pub, and, proceed to act abominably. In this excellent movie, English director Lone Scherfig takes a scathing look at young members of the British upper-classes, who think that their rank and money allows them privileges over everybody else. A cast of new English actors give terrific performances.

A Most Wanted Man
A half-Chechen and half-Russian refugee turns up in Hamburg. However, the Hamburg head of an intelligence team suspects that the man has Islamic terrorist connections. The Intel officer is prepared to give the refugee a free reign, while keeping a close surveillance on him. He thinks that the refugee could lead him to much bigger fish to fry. At the same time, the Intel officer is getting a lot of pressure from higher-up, and, the Americans, to close the case quickly. Based on a novel by John Le Carre, Anton Corbijn makes a stylish espionage thriller, which maintains its interest throughout its lengthy running time. Using a thick German accent, Philip Seymour Hoffman gives a very good performance, which was to be one of his last before his suicide.

In an Australian low-security prison farm, a prisoner is asked to build an aviary, and, to take on the task of healing injured Australian native birds. However, not only is the prisoner healing birds, but, he is also healing himself. Having been incarcerated for nearly twenty years, the man has become institutionalized and is not prepared for his up-coming parole, and release back into society. Director Crai Monahan makes a heart-warming movie, which looks at the emotional problems long-term imprisonment can create. As a side note, the aerial photography of Australian birds is splendid.

After The Fall*
When an insurance company undergoes down-sizing a claims officer finds himself out of a job. He doesn’t tell his wife this and everyday he leaves his home as if to go to work. Finding a new job proves to be extremely difficult. Meanwhile, the mortgage on his house is due, and, the bank is taking steps towards foreclosure. The man has also pawned anything of any value. The next logical step for him, which he falls into accidently, is to start robbing out-of-the-way convenience stores. Director Saar Klein takes a rather cold and calculating look at the American Dream gone sour. Wes Bentley stars.

Lap Dance
Ok, an aspiring actress and her aspiring screen-writer boyfriend are making their way to Los Angeles, when they get waylaid in Houston. To make some much needed quick cash, the actress takes on a job as a pole-dancer in a Gentlemen’s Nightclub. It is not too long before she is completely involved in the more sleazy side of this form of show business. Based on the real life experiences of director Greg Carter and his girlfriend, Greg does a pretty good job of bringing their story to the screen. However, let’s be honest, the main attraction of the movie is the extremely sexy dance scenes it contains.

The Interview
Seth Rogen and James Franco are back with another one of their satirical comedies. This time they play the producer and host of a light-weight TV chat show, who score an interview with the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. However, when the boys are about to head off to Korea, the CIA steps in, and, they come up with a crazy scheme for the pair to kill the dictator. Seth Rogen writes and directs the movie. It starts off strongly, but, somewhere along the line it loses its momentum, and, becomes just stupid.

Billy Elliot Live
This is a documentation of a stage production of the ‘Billy Elliot’ movie (2000), turned into a musical. Basically, the story about an English working-class boy who wants to become a ballet dancer remains the same, but, there is more emphasis in this stage version on the miners’ strike which was only in the background in the film version. If you can’t get to London to see this West End show, then, this DVD will give you an idea of what it is all about.

Reach Me*
A motivational book, written by a reclusive author, has a profound effect on a selection of Los Angeles residents. All are keen to know who the author is.

Son Of A Gun
A long-term prisoner saves a new prisoner from a nasty homosexual rape. In exchange, when paroled, the new prisoner must help the old prisoner escape.

Hello Ladies
An Englishman, working in Hollywood, wants to impress some old friends visiting from England, so, he hires a lovely actress to pose as his girlfriend.

Take Care
While recovering after a car accident, a woman is confined to her apartment. She coerces her ex-boyfriend to take care of her. Their romance is rekindled.

The Drop*
A bartender, working in his cousin’s bar, finds himself linked with mobsters.

Always Woodstock
After losing her job, a woman returns to Woodstock to become a songwriter.

Day of The Mummy
While exploring a tomb, some archaeologists become victims of a Mummy.

* Also available on Blu Ray.
# Also available in 3D.

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