January 7 2015

January 7, 2015

With the new year upon us ,it is time to have a look at what is in store sports wise for 2015, so This Sporting Life takes a look at the events coming up.

In January, traditionally quiet due to the rainy season limiting the outdoor events, so we have the Bali Indoor Cricket League played in a futsal stadium now in its second season,with increased teams and a women’s competition (for more information email wayansam#gmail.com), in February will see Bali International School’s 7th edition of Invitational School Basketball tournament for high schools in Bali and nearby. March sees the Bali Beach games at Sanur, with Beach Soccer, Beach Cricket, Beach Rugby and Bali’s Toughest on March 15. (more info www.balibeachgames.com).

After the Nyepi break, things start to hot up over the Easter weekend with the Bali International Cricket Sixes in the bukit, and the Ultimate Frisbee Nusantara Cup, now in its 16th year. (see www.ultimateindonesia.com). May brings more cricket with the Bali International Twenty20 on in Sanur in the third week of May.

Finally with June and the dry season, the sports season really kicks off with the Bali Geckos AFL 9 Masters, an event which has grown into becoming Asia’s leading AFL masters tournament on June 5-6, (www.baligeckos.com). The very next weekend see the return of the Bali Triathlon, which was not held in 2014. The Bali Triathlon now in its 8th edition (see www.balitriathlon.com). The Bali Marathon is scheduled to return to its traditional dates in June, in this non-election year but no date confirmed as we went to press.Endurance races continue in July with the 6th Bali Ocean Swim, a 10km swim in front of Kuta Beach (see www.balioceanswim.com). HOTAIR Bali kitesurf competition celebrates its 10 year on July 24-26 at Sanur. It is a busy weekend with the 3rd Bali ParaGames and the inaugural Bali4’s, international wheelchair rugby tournament on 22-26 July.

August is quiet again, and picks up in September with the Yak Tennis tournament at Canggu Club, and the Bali International Stickfighting Challenge in Karangasem (see www.balistickfighting.com) on September 24-27. October 4-5 sees the AFL Bali 9’s followed by the 21st edition of the Bali 10’s rugby union tournaments, one of the biggest and oldest non government sports events in Bali on October 10-11 (for more information contact balirugbyclub#gmail.com). The Komune in Keramas will host the Komune Bali Pro surf comp between Oct 7-11, it is good to see a high level surf event return to a break that has seen world championship competitions in the past. Last weekend in October has traditionally been the Bali Flames Invitational Netball in Paradise international tournament which saw 16 teams in 2014, and hopefully same or more in 2015 (for more information www.facebook.com/baliflamesnetball).

Which brings us back to the next rainy season, and the tapering off of the Bali sports season. This is what we can look forward to in 2015. It should be noted that during the year there will a number of regular local surf events, cricket league, school sports, equestrian, sailing and more exciting events are still to be confirmed, and you can rest assured as soon as This Sporting Life has confirmation, we will inform our readers, all these events once again confirming the popularity of Bali as a sports destination.

Due to the holiday season,regular weekly activities are suspended. This Sporting Life will update for the next edition.

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