January 7 2015

January 7, 2015

Happy New Year – 2015

Thought it a good time of year to list some  ‘must see & must buy’ shops that have taken my fancy over the past year and are likely to be around for more years to come…… Shops that offer quality product, good prices who do a great job with their merchandising of store interiors, which all go to make a fabulous shopping experience for you! Keep this list handy to consult when you go shopping in Sanur. Please remember this is only a smattering of retail shops, there are more and no doubt there will be many more before the year is over!

SANUR a stylish village by the sea!

SANUR still provides a village atmosphere but fast growing up, there are still numerous old Bali style shops to pick up inexpensive bits & pieces, plus a number of little leather places. Jl Tamblingan is the main road that runs parallel to the beach which also has a very good walking/cycling path. There are now plenty of eating options in Sanur, many down at the lower end of Danu Poso. However, one of the best restaurants with consistantly good food is Kayumanis located in a small street that runs from the ByPass to Jl Tamblingan, just up from Sindhu Market.


Jl Danu Poso (at the By Pass end) The ultimate in slick contemporary furniture & home accessories, crafted from natural materials from Indonesia. This is their only retail showroom and a must-see if you appreciate good quality craftsmanship by true artisans in Bali. Parking onsite, amongst splendid surrounds.


european style fashion with a Japanese flavor, however perfect for Western figures. opp. popular Smorgas Café. IO/CO has a main showroom on Sunset Road plus Jl Raya Seminyak and Ubud.


almost next door to INTI, well priced stylish up to date silver jewelry, it’s ‘essential jewelry’ for everyone! there are now many Kapal Laut stores located around the major retail areas of Bali, there’s even another KL store further up near Sanur’s Sindhu Market.


they have a workshop & showroom located just outside Sanur, on the ByPass at Padang Galak.
These candles are hand-crafted with natural beeswax & blended with fine French fragrances. Orders for a large quantity for an event or buy for a dinner party or gift, The workshop is open Mon-Frid 9am to 5pm closed Sundays.


another long standing feature on Jl Tamblingan, their offer is great giftware, batik tableware, cushions, baskets, bags and accessories. You can always find a piece at a very affordable price here.


a sample collection of stylish ceramic tableware & accessories next door to A-krea. Their massive showroom in Jimbaran, a must visit! Jengg


super stylish fashion for women and men, fine linens and cottons and for this season they have featured standout hot color mixes. Set back from Jl Tamblingan, in front of the Gazebo hotel. There’s a Biasa in Ubud across from the UMA resort, Biasa on Jl Raya Seminyak along with Biasa + a great space for menswear, new bed & bath linens & accessories & a clever space for art.
ala also have a discount store on Sunset Road, on the left, as you drive through the major interesection Imam Bonjol.


a long standing feature on Jl Tamblingan opp. HARDY’s supermarket. A great collection of stylish kaftans for day/night plus lots of swimwear and a good range of accessories.


contemporary and innovative not only ready to wear for men and women but accessories plus exclusive items for lighting, books, electronics & furniture. They are on Jl Tamblingan No 77, opp. Grocer & Grind. Parking at front. SKS have just opened a cute new kids store called, la rosa e il leonie for a delightful selection of product from overseas and Bali. No 22 on Jl Toba (which is the name of the road that runs into Sanur from McDonalds).


As you are driving on the By Pass into Sanur, take the first sharp turn left and follow the signs to the KEVALA CERAMICS retail showroom and workshop.
Here you can view a wonderful selection of tabletop ware and buy direct.

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