January 7 2015


January 7, 2015

This appears to be a bit of an integrative fortnight after the excitement of the festive season and the Cancer Full Moon. Our next New Moon is on the 20th and begins just after the Sun enters Aquarius and as with our last New Moon, is at 0 degrees. The nodes of the Moon or the karmic destiny points on this New Moon are highly activating our Uranus square Pluto with the South Node (past point) conjoined Uranus in Aries and the North Node (future point) in Libra and square to Pluto. There will be sudden events and surprises in the area affected within your own personal chart, as well as within the collective. These have the feel of fated or destiny related occurrences that could well reshape your life. Mars in Pisces is close to Neptune on the New Moon and action will be prompted by compassion or retaliation through victimization. With the Planets in Aquarius the humanitarian flavour is still strong and people for the most part will be thinking about each other and the Planet as a whole. Jupiter in Leo is our only planet in retrograde and will be joined by Mercury in Aquarius at the end of this fortnight, for its review on all those mental considerations taking place now. Decisions that you make at this time have far reaching effects and so it will be important to revise them well. Aquarian planets are concerned with the future and in allowing visions to enter our awareness that can support it.

NEW MOON 0 Aquarius 09 January 20, 2015 9:15 p.m.

ARIES Mars your ruler enters Pisces and your 12th house of connection with the Divine. The lower octave is to do with addiction and institutions. Your energy could be low over the coming weeks and you find yourself in a more meditative flow or seeking solitude. The Sun enters your house of friends, groups and community and this is the new beginning point at the end of the fortnight. Perhaps there are people or places that support this phase of your life better, than where you currently find yourself and with the south node and Uranus in your first house you may impulsively relocate to a more harmonious environment.

TAURUS The Sun and New Moon enter your career sector at the end of this fortnight and by then it will be time to focus your attention on the important next phase of your life and the North Node in Libra supports this as well with its placement in your work and service house. Uranus is bringing unconscious memories to the surface and these may be in the form of past life skills and talents that you can now use in the everyday work that you do. There’s an emphasis on sharing and working alongside others in a close way where a common vision is your goal and you can reshape your collective future.

GEMINI The coming New Moon will be in your travel and foreign interest arena and you may be preparing yourself for an upcoming journey. It can also portend a time of higher learning or legal matters. Mars has just entered your career and status house and brings some synchronic meetings with others who will support your financial standing in the World. There could be some upsets with friends or community disputes that suddenly arise and this will lead you perhaps to a more one on one personal involvement. Whichever way it plays out, there will endings within your romantic or personal relationships with a need for deeper intimacy.

CANCER You are about to enter a deeper phase of life where death and sexual intimacy become the theme. Mars enters Pisces and the 9th house of travel, religion and higher learning and so your deeper thoughts and introspection may compel you to reach out in understanding the situations playing out in your life. Pluto in your relationship house is being challenged by the nodes on the home front and within your career sector. Family matters may pull you away from your career focus and have you make those sudden important decisions about your future and some will face direct challenges within the workplace.

LEO A New Moon and Sun in your relationship house brings all manner of personal and business partnerships into strong focus and Mars enters your house of sexual intimacy and sharing. You may meet someone who is finally on your wavelength and can appreciate the depth of heart which you possess. Uranus and South Node in the foreign sector could bring overseas friends back into your life and no doubt there will be a lot to talk about with stories to share and adventures to be yet had. There could be the sudden impulse to end another job and to keep moving on your soul’s evolutionary journey.

VIRGO With a second house North Node being activated this New Moon your thoughts may well turn to making money and you will be compelled to let go of some of those situations no longer working for you. This may come as a sudden and insightful inspiration and will affect the way you present yourself and your thoughts around romance and children. The Sun and New Moon will fall in your service and work sector and start the next important series of events by the end of this fortnight. Mars fresh in your relationship house, allows you the advantage of being able to feel emphatically the other persons perspective.

LIBRA As Mars and Neptune join forces in your service sector you are ready to lend a helping hand where needed and as the New Moon comes around this could well be with the children in your life or with the romantic partner or even in your creative endeavours. The North Node falls in your 1st house of self-interest and expression and will bring some endings to key relationships. Your home or that place you feel nurtured in is also being reviewed and is going through its own transformation. As the new you is exposed and the changes embraced what was comfortable seems to be no more. A deeper time of sharing.

SCORPIO The Sun and New Moon will bring the next cycle into focus around your home and it seems that it will be a place for friends to gather. Children are also well cared for now in your world and there may even be a new addition to the tribe. As changes occur in the workplace you are compelled to reach inside for the direction of your next steps, but with the current emphasis on relationship it may be difficult to focus on your career. Pay attention to your health and any issues in this area may be supported by someone who has helped you in the past to uncover subconscious patterning.

SAGITTARIUS Mars enters the area of your chart related to home and joins Neptune on the New Moon. There could be many interesting discussions in your home over the coming weeks and the possibility of visiting other family members as well. If you have situations concerning children these will arise over the next fortnight and this may compel you to reach out into the larger community for support. Your finances are in the ongoing transformative process and this is reflected back to you by family members. Remember it is Jupiter your planetary ruler that is in retrograde, so take it easy on yourself during these intense times.

CAPRICORN You may well be feeling unsettled within yourself as the soul urges you to make the necessary adjustments concerning your home and your future orientation. It could be time to team up with another and to stop going it alone or being quite so self-sufficient. This next cycle is about your friendships and your community and what comes through these people in a tangible and material way. With Mars and Neptune in the 3rd house of communication, short distance travel and marketing/media you will be connecting more deeply with the emotional side of others over the coming weeks and dropping some of your own facades.

AQUARIUS The Sun enters your sign at the end of the fortnight and is followed by the New Moon to begin a strong cycle for Aquarius. Uranus your ruler is joined by the South Node in your communication and sibling sector. Some past memories may rise to the surface in order for you to break free of your past and move into more supportive partnerships which hold higher values. Your very soul is urging you to grow and expand now and to do it through and with others. As Mars moves into your 2nd house of personal values you are inspired to hold with compassion, all the many and varied belief structures.

PISCES Mars enters your house of personal expression and you feel more in alignment now with your own purposeful choices. The Sun and New Moon will start the next cycle in your house of Divine connectedness and friends will help to support you back to yourself. It is easier for you to draw the boundaries between your own personal needs now and those of others. Uranus is changing the way you think about things and what truly matters to you and you are ready to share more of yourself as we reach the next juncture with the Moon’s Nodes. You may have eliminated enough of the old now that it is time for the new to be made manifest.

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