July 08, 2015

In the 17th Century The Netherlands are being torn apart by political turmoil. The Republicans are battling the Monarchists, and the country is at the point of civil war. By taking advantage of the situation, the English and the French are both planning to invade and seize enormous amounts of Dutch territory. A Hero is required, to reorganize the Navy, and, repel the foreign invaders. An unassuming sailor reluctantly accepts the appointment of the Admiral of the Fleet. He does this knowing that the path he is about to embark on leads to many political dangers. This remarkable movie is based on the life and career of Dutch nationalist Michiel de Ruyter (1607-1676). It is a movie made on an extraordinary epical scale, and, it is the kind of movie in which you get totally enthralled by the grandeur of its vision and the intensity of its plot. However, the movie is also shot and edited in a very smooth and stylish manner, which makes it completely contemporary and extremely accessible. Roel Reine has created an astonishing movie, which should not be missed.

5 to 7
Through a chance encounter on the streets of Manhattan, a struggling young writer meets a beautiful but older French woman. They commence on a love affair, but, there is a hitch! The woman is married, and she can only see the writer during the hours of 5 and 7pm. However, as their romance heats up, the woman carefully explains to the writer how husbands, wives, lovers and mistresses can all co-exist harmoniously together, if they follow particular rules of French etiquette. Unfortunately, the writer is reluctant to follow the rules, and, complications develop. Victor Levin makes a charming and very sophisticated romantic movie, which gently tugs at the heartstrings. Keep a box of tissues handy. Anton Yelchin gives a great sensitive performance as the Jewish writer, while, French actress Berenice Marlohe is just enchanting.

Wild Horses
An aging wealthy Texas rancher is in the processes of writing his will. He summons all of his family to a lawyer’s office, so that they can learn what he has in mind. During the meeting, some amazing facts are revealed, which is sure to bring disharmony into the family. Simultaneously, a Texas Ranger has reopened an old cold case about a missing person. Fifteen years ago, a young Mexican man, who had a relationship with one of the rancher’s sons, mysteriously disappeared. The rancher is implicated in the disappearance. More amazing facts are then gradually revealed. Robert Duvall is a long established character actor. As writer, director, and star of this movie, he brings his many years of film making experiences to the project. Robert Duvall makes a well conceived and well crafted successful ‘gay’ western.

Unfinished Business*
The American owner of a small business, and his two partners, must go to Germany to finalize a business deal. Of course, nothing goes to plan, and the businessmen have many misadventures while abroad. Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco, all have lots of fun in this mad-capped comedy.

Insidious 3*
This is a prequel to the two previous ‘Insidious’ movies. However, the movie could stand apart. Basically, it has no real connection to the other movies, except that it features the same psychic who can contact the dead. This time, the very gifted psychic comes to the aid of a teenage girl who is being demonically possessed. Leigh Whannell creates a good horror story.

The Face of an Angel
A few years ago, there was a controversial murder case involving English and American students studying in Italy. The murder case has never been satisfactorily resolved, and, it still remains a mystery as to what happened. This movie is esoteric English director Michael Winterbottom’s ‘take’ on the murder. Winterbottom frames his film under the umbrella of an English director going to Italy to make a movie about the case, but, the director has to face the problem of lacking creative inspiration. Winterbottom also takes the opportunity to explore the ethics of the journalists who are covering the trial. A lot of the movie is very confusing, but, that is Winterbottom’s style.
Age of Kill
After his daughter is kidnapped, a British Military Intelligence Officer is forced to kill what appear to be six innocent unconnected targets. However, as things progress, these victims are shown to be connected. This relatively good little English movie looks at the emergence of hard-line Neo-Fascist and Anti-Islamic parties, now making their presence felt in British politics.

Avengers 2, Age of Ultron
I don’t know. I don’t understand these movies at all. But, they keep making them, and, they keep making millions and millions of dollars. A group of Marvel Comic Super Heroes must thwart the plans of an Evil Genius, who has World Domination in mind. There is lots of action, as the Super Heroes create lots of destruction. Their juvenile antics will be enjoyed by juveniles.

Chasing Ghosts
A boy with a morbid curiosity about cemeteries videos a burial. Later, he then finds something rather weird on his footage, and posts it on the internet. Overnight it gets millions of ‘hits’, and he becomes a social media superstar.

Malthelie 18
A student is living in a haunted house, and she becomes a victim of Voodoo.

Get Hard
Will Ferrell’s comedy is awful. I don’t know how movies like this get made.

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# Also available in 3D.

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