July 19, 2017


Seems to be the time of year for leisurely lunches with great music. Once again, Bridges Restaurant is in the centre of things, with a great lunchtime event this month.

On Sunday, July 23, their Friendly Charity Lunch supports Solemen Indonesia, a foundation that works to alleviate suffering of the disadvantaged in Bali by providing immediate and uncomplicated help through medical care, therapy, food, clothing aid, sustainable living and school sponsorships.

A piano performance by young Indonesian-Canadian artist Ananda Proulx will be the highlight, with part proceeds from sale of Michael Johnsey photographs also going to Soleman. Corner of Jalan Raya Ubud, beside Campuhan Bridge.



Meet the new, passionate, in-house chef at Hubud, Mara Dowling! Mara is the brain (and heart) behind the coworking space’s new cafe: Kantin. She has more than 20 years of experience internationally as a food designer and consultant, and she’s a big believer of living healthy and eating well. She often spends months on research and experimentation so she can watch the smile on our faces as we enjoy ‘that one perfect dish’.

Kantin is open for delicious, healthy breakfast, lunch and early dinners every day, with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Hubud has been voted one of the world’s top 10 co-working spaces; day membership is available, and they are always up for a tour, if you want to check the place out. Hubud is located at the foot of Jalan Monkey Forest, 80 metres from the sacred Monkey Forest itself, in the heart of Ubud.



Another great way to get a step closer to Bali is to learn to make traditional Balinese food from scratch, step-by-step, in the home of a local family.

Ubud Village Plate offers a number of options, from lessons for just one or two people, to joining a larger class. And you can have the meal only, or the lesson and the meal or –best choice if you can spare 4-5 hours – visit the Ubud market first to learn about Bali’s delicious traditional fruit and vegetables, and experience the bustle with a local’s guidance. The day is a fascinating insight into the Balinese way of life, including a personal tour of the different parts of your host’s family compound. Even long time ex-pats are often surprised by how much they learn.

Prices start at 430,00rp for the market/ group lesson/ lunch option, and if you bring this edition of the Bali Advertiser with you, you’ll get 10% discount (offer ends August 16). For more information and booking, visit Ubud Village Plate on Facebook.



The Yoga Barn’s much loved 7-day Detox Retreats are back! If you haven’t done one before, and are in Ubud to pause, think about your health and make some changes in your life, this is a very good place to start.

Yoga Barn brings in international guest facilitators and experts in holistic nutrition and natural fasting, with a range of detox retreats to choose from, including 3-day quick individual cleanses, 7-day detox retreats and a 9-day women’s only detox retreat.

Book quickly for: Fasting as A Path of Dharma Retreat, hosted by Hillary Hitt, July 24-31; or Reboot to a Brand New You, hosted by Petra EatJuicy, either August 6-26 or September 3-10. For all retreats, search “cleanse & detox” at www.theyogabarn.com.



In August, as part of the fifth annual Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Bridges’ beautiful Riverside dining room becomes the stage for an intimate jazz concert with amazing French tenor saxophonist and flautist Samy Thiébault.

Samy will perform on Sunday, August 13, with fellow French musicians Sylvain Romano on upright bass and Philippe Soirat on drums. For booking and pricing info, search the bridgesbali.com website for friendly-charity-lunch and sunday-jazz-at-bridges. The Ubud Village Jazz festival itself will be held August 11-12 at Arma Museum on Jalan Raya Pengosekan. Www.ubudvillagejazzfestival.com.


BAHASA + 29!

I want to be a polyglot – that’s someone who speaks a lot of languages. How about you? One of the world’s most friendly and interesting polyglots, British Richard Simcott, is in Bali at the moment and picking up some Bahasa Indonesia at Cinta Bahasa. You can check out his Day 4 progress in a video of his initial language assessment with guru Daniel on Cinta Bahasa’s Facebook page. Richard has studied 50 languages – yep, you read that correctly – and says he’s fairly fluent in 30 of them. He sees the main value of learning a language is that people trust you more and believe that you really are interested in them and their culture, even if you can just speak a few words; he says he picks up about 100 new words a day!

Like many international visitors, Richard is staying in Ubud for a month and studying intensively with Cinta’s local teachers. There are classes to suit every level from the professional on a new Indonesian posting (an ambassador, CEO or UN director, for example), a language teacher who wants a top-up, a beginner with time for a three-hour crash course, plus children’s classes.

Cinta Bahasa is based on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, opposite from Indus Restaurant.



Will the “green roof” trend lead to healthier cities, or is it just a costly trend? Find out more at Kaltimber’s next environmental information night, at Sukawati just south of Ubud.

If they “greened” the Bali airport roof, for example, there would be big potential savings and environmental benefits. It would: reduce runoff during heavy rain; make the airport more energy efficient (less heat enters, so reduced need for aircon); improve the air quality, (less heat and less ozone means less pollution); and protect the buildings from UV and temperature fluctuations, so they last longer.

For householders, the questions are many: What is a green roof? What does one look like? How much does it cost? How do we construct one? Can I put a green roof on my existing building, even on a sloped roof?

Join other interested locals and ex-pats for a drink and discussion from 5.30pm on Thursday July 20. The talk goes from 6.30-8pm, with free entry. Kaltimber showrooms: Jalan Raya Sakah 22x, Batuan, Sukawati, (going south past the baby statue, it’s on the left). E: info@kaltimber.com, or Facebook: GreenBuildingCollaboration.


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