July 4, 2018

BC Steakhouse. Jln. Raya Petitenget, evolved from the Butchers Club that had been operating on these premises for the previous year and it is a high temple for the beef-lover! By now everyone knows about their dry-aged beef, used for their steaks and in their incredible hamburgers. They also offer organic grain fed beef from Australia. It is NASAA certified organic and USDA organic and as well the cattle have been slaughtered according to Halal rules. On the menu are two cuts; Grass Fed Rib-Eye [300gm] and a Grass Fed Tenderloin [200gm]. The high quality imported Angus beef is dry aged on the premises, the prime cuts are used for the steaks, the others for their amazing burgers which are still available. During the aging process a hard and crusty mould forms on the outer surface which both protects the meat on the inside from harmful bacteria, and at the same time helps to develop the wonderful flavour of the beef, a truly unique product. The steaks can be Rump [300 gms., dry aged for 21 days], Rib Eye [350 gms., 35 days] or a Rib Chop [pictured], which is big enough for two persons @ 800 grams, it has also been dry aged for 35 days. All are served with fries, salad and your choice of sauce [peppercorn jus, horseradish cream, beer mustard or chimichurri]. The burger range includes the famous dry aged beef [single or double], pork belly, fish or vegetarian.


Sake no Hana is a high class Japanese restaurant. A part of the Hakkasan Group it was first established in Mayfar, London then subsequently exported to Saudi Arabia. Now it is also in Bali at Uluwatu. Headed by Michelin guide-starred chef Hideki Hiwatashi, the restaurant offers the refined Toban and Kamameshi cuisines. The sakes, Japanese whiskeys, wines, spirits and liqueurs that are offered complement the elegant dishes. At the Sushi Bar you can watch as your order is prepared, which is the way that it should always be done. The restaurant joins the OMNIA Day Club at the Uluwatu Alila Resort. This is very fine dining, Japanese style.


Cosmic Diners are styled on the American diner, somewhere you can drop in, anytime, for a good quality snack or meal, at budget prices. There are three of them in Bali, the original on Sunset Riad, Lippo Mall in Tuban and on The ByPass at southern Sanur. I like the touch of Asian which has been added to the base American diner menu, Rice Bowls. Black Pepper Beef is shredded meat stir-fried in black pepper sauce topped with shavings of crisp onion. Pork Belly, double cooked in soy is another, sharing the bowl with a fried egg and sautéed corn kernels. Both are excellent but the Chicken version is perfect! Chicken, as fish, so often overcooked in Bali, was tender and moist. The use of chicken thighs instead of the more common breast provided more taste, a light infusion with teriyaki sauce just right, with broccoli and carrots sprinkled with garlic chips. A great simple dish!


Como Beach Club has hit the road running! The project, that was once to be a Sentosa, has taken an eternity to reach fruition and is now the Como Uma Canggu. The Beach Club is its all purpose restaurant. Way different to the budget restaurants that made Echo Beach what it is today, and obviously much more expensive but no one seems to complain due to the food, service and location. Magic beach and sea scenes are relaxing and the sunset is amazing! Their Kiwi Chef offers a menu that is full of seafood specials. Many Bali restaurants offer so called large prawns that are only little finger size, here large is large. That is often a good barometer to restaurant quality. The Beach Club is a place to linger and enjoy; eating and sipping, quality dining! What we have come to expect from this incredible group.


Soul on the Beach, at Sindhu Beach, Sanur, is a sister restaurant to the popular Soul in a Bowl in southern Sanur. Open all day it starts with an early breakfast [bowls, omelettes, pancakes and many egg dishes, or build your own from the list of possible ingredients]. Beach and sea in the background make a pleasant start to the day. Lunch and dinner menu includes a variety of healthy [stuffed tofu, corn fritters, falafel], seafood [grilled sardines, yellow fin tuna, herb-crusted barramundi], meat [burger sliders or the real thing, duck breast salad or duck rice paper rolls, sticky chicken] and pasta [chilli prawn spaghettini, mushroom fettuccine] pizzas [most of the standard ones but all with crazy names], burgers and sandwiches. Great value in a most relaxed setting.


Above Eleven Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is an intruder from Bangkok, Thailand, where it has been packing them in ever since 2012. It is situated at the Movenpick Resort in Jimbaran, on the rooftop, but with its own separate entrance. It can almost be called a beach club as it overlooks the sea. The Nikkei cuisine, a blend of Peruvian and Japanese food specialties, is complemented with a raw seafood bar. There is a range of Peruvian Ceviche such as the original with red onion, sweet potato and chilli or just a simple one with mango and chilli. There are also Causas [mashed potato, chilli and lime with various toppings, such as crab meat, quail egg and avocado], Tiraditos [Peruvian sashimi] and Anticuchos [grilled skewers of meat or seafood; pork neck, baby squid, chicken thighs, beef heart]. The stars of the mains are Lomo Saltado [grilled beef tenderloin with onions, chilli, coriander], and the amazing Seco de Cordero, lamb shank slow cooked in beer, chilli and coriander. There are also many sushi and sashimi options as well as a variety of seafood dishes. For such an up-market operation the prices are quite surprisingly moderate.


Gerry Williams

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