July 4, 2018

Big Changes Begin From Small Steps

How much rubbish do you generate everyday? If we took a long hard look at the sheer volume of non organic waste we are individually responsible for on a daily basis, I think many of us would be mortified! But is this enough to shock us into changing the way we think, buy, process, package, wrap, store and generally operate on a daily basis? It was for island resident, Silvija Rumiha.

An expat for seven years, Silvija and her family have developed a love affair with this Indonesian archipelago and are happy to call Bali home. Recently though, a family snorkelling trip around Bali left her aghast, not just at the volume of plastic waste polluting the ocean en route to their destination, but also the amount that surrounded them as they paddled around what was once a pristine marine environment. “The amount of rubbish that pollutes the rivers, roadsides, oceans and even in the beautiful mountain regions of Bali is so disturbing.”

As an owner/operator of a food delivery service called Mini Muncher (they create fabulous organic family friendly meals, healthy snacks and treats!), Silvija fully understands the amount of waste that can be generated by one such business alone. “Previously our products were packaged in plastic containers that we encouraged to be reused, however, after some of our recent family adventures I decided to make changes in the packaging.” Mini Muncher has now transitioned to glass jars and they’ve gone label free too! Yes! label free! To help reduce waste and simply dumping of the jars Silvija asks her customers to let her know when the jars are empty so that they can collect them and sterilise them for reuse. But that’s just one of the steps Silvija has taken to reduce the amount of trash on the island. She has also opened a new bulk food store aimed at creating zero waste!

Aptly named Zero Waste Bali, it is the island’s first successful zero waste bulk food store! They stock all sorts of dry goods like grains, seeds, nuts, spices, chocolate, loose tea leaf and much more in bulk bins, gravity dispensers and glass jars as well as organic frozen baby meals, muesli bars, sauces, soups and other fresh food items. You won’t find any plastic bags, wraps or tin packaging available in the store. Shoppers will be offered either compostable paper bags or reusable glass bottles, jars, and material produce bags that can be purchased, or you can bring your own containers with the weight deducted from the price of whatever you buy. Simply select what you wish to purchase, then weigh, fill, weigh, label and pay!

Zero Waste Bali will also have a dedicated section of non-food items that will help you get a little closer to living a zero-waste life. These will include: bamboo tooth brushes, organic and non- organic plastic free beeswax wraps, shampoo soap bars, organic menstrual pads and other reusable products as well as some cleaning products. Some of these non-food items will be arriving in store in July and they are having a pre-order sale to help you on your zero waste journey. All details can be found on their website: https://zerowastebali.com

Sivija’s goal is to guide people to change their lifestyle and practices and make small and simple changes. “This is the beginning of my journey to try reduce reuse and recycle wherever I can. I am not perfect and have a long way to go to be zero waste however if we don’t try make small changes the problem will continue to grow.” Big changes begin from small steps and everyone’s choices can make a huge difference to the earth and our future. Be sure to pay a visit to Silvija at Zero Waste Bali to check out this fantastic initiative and bring your reusable containers! You can find them at Jalan Raya Anyar No.30 Kerobokan Bali or give them a call on +6287862305959


So Much More Than Simply a Work Space

When your career relegates you to long hours in front of a computer screen with perhaps the occasional ping of a Facebook friend’s post passing as your only company, work can be become a long and lonely road. But thanks to portable computers, widespread wifi and the concept of coworking spaces, sitting alone at your desk at home as you work towards your deadline is becoming a thing of the past!

A relatively recent concept, coworking spaces first seemed to surface around 12 to 13 years ago and have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity of late, with the average number of these social work spaces around the world more than doubling each year. Pretty certain the idea was around long before that – we just called it by a different name…… a coffee shop with connectivity!

Let’s face it, humans are fairly social beasts by nature and it’s much more fun to be around likeminded peeps when you’re striving to be productive, but understandably, some of us also find it tricky to function effectively when surrounded by the constant buzz of chatter and background noise. It’s with these factors in mind that the crew at Finns Recreation Club were motivated to create their new, multifaceted Coworking Hub.

Nowadays, coworking connoisseurs are demanding much more than simply a comfy chair and speedy wifi. Workspaces require shared and private areas in order to maximise productivity for all, access to stationery supplies, printing possibilities and of course, readily available recharge stations for all those essential electronic gadgets! But what if your work space offered much, much more? What if you discovered a coworking concept that was more of a lifestyle choice – an all in one venue where you could combine work, recreation and play?

Cue Finns Coworking Hub. Access to the Gu’s newest work space not only affords you the use of their comprehensive business centre comprising 3 dedicated work spaces decked out with comfy chairs, every possible print and stationery need, food and beverage service, meeting rooms and high speed wifi, it also offers a place to play! Finished work for the day or need a break to blow out the cobwebs? Why not hit the gym, lap pool or even the water slides or take to the net for an hour at the tennis club. Refuel the think tanks with their selection of healthy and delicious menu choices at Bistro C or simply celebrate the end of a successful day’s grind with a cold beer or cocktail.

No need to worry about being locked into long and unnecessary contract commitments either. Finns offers a multitude of options to suit every digital nomad, short term visitor or working expat ranging from one day, a week, month, quarter or year! As well as complete access to the private business centre, F&B outlets, gym and pool facilities, member benefits also include Tennis Centre use, free VIP daybeds at Finns Beach Club (Including welcome pack with every visit), food and beverage discounts at Finns Recreation Club and Finns Beach Club, Water Park Access, discounts at Body Temple Spa, Toni & Guy Hairdressers, Strike Bowling and Bounce Trampoline Centre!

Open 7 days a week, Finns comprehensive Coworking Hub provides the perfect environment to work, unwind, workout, chill out and relax. A comfortable and friendly environment with a community minded focus, Finns provides the place for productivity and play combined. Read more about Finns Coworking Hub and everything they have to offer here:

www.coworker.com/indonesia/bali/finns-bali or contact them directly by telephoning: +62 (361) 848 3939


Choose Sports Over Screens for Summer Holiday Fun

School’s out for Summer and I’m guessing the kids are already bored and driving you bonkers! The solution is simple! It’d be a cinch to let them sit glued to their iPads, phones or PCs for the day but being out and about is far more beneficial! Say no to screen time for at least a few hours each day from Monday to Friday and get them moving and active with JSA’s Summer Holiday program.

With 2 kinds of camps on offer, JSA has holiday activities to suit sporty types and those just looking to have some fun! Kids seeking a variety of activities throughout the day might tend towards the multi sports option. Daily schedules include a cross section of sports the likes of soccer, tennis, trampolining, parkour, ten pin bowling and water park play!

Sessions are divided into three sections each day and include snacks and lunch. No need to be a sporting superstar, no opportunity to get bored doing the same thing and no limits as long as you are six years and above! Kids can sign on for a day or a week, whatever they’d prefer!

Prices begin from just Rp400K per day for Finns Gold & Platinum members to Rp600K per day for non members. Sign up for the whole week and get the benefit of a free bounce board session, a complimentary pair of new bounce socks and one day for free! Come along Monday to Friday by 9.30am for sign on and then be fully supervised and actively entertained from 10am ’til 2pm.

For kids with more of a sporting focus, sign up for Summer Soccer Camp or Summer Tennis Camp. Based around a more professional sports academy program, these holiday camp options are designed to help kids achieve marked development in their chosen sport. These intensive coaching programs will run for 1-2 hours with up to three sessions available each week. Participants will be organised into groups according to age and skills levels in order to achieve maximum results for each session. Tennis camps run from 9am, Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and begin from Rp350K per day for Gold & Platinum members. Soccer sessions run in the afternoon with tots from 3-4pm and beginners and intermediate groups from 4-5pm. Daily sessions are priced from Rp250K accordingly.

Sign up weekly or save when you sign up for the entire 6 week holiday term. JSA camps commence June 25th until August 3rd and are open to all levels and ages from 6 years plus (with the exception of tots soccer participants from 4 years of age!)

Whether your kids are languishing here at home on their Summer break from school or you are a family visiting for an island holiday and are looking to involve your youngsters in some sport while they’re here, sign up for JSA Summer Camps today. Full information regarding prices, times, inclusions and conditions can be found online at www.jsabali.com