June 20, 2018

Naughty Nuri’s Seminyak is actually on Jln Mertanadi, Kerobokan. Whilst Ribs are obviously the specialty of this franchise, unlike the original in Ubud they also offer quite an interesting menu of other options. I was amazed when I first tried their Fish Wings [pictured], never having even thought of eating such things before. They are quite sensational, the meat at the base of the wing so soft, sweet and delicate not unlike that surrounding the eye, the wings themselves crisp. New dishes are always being added to their menu, a sure sign of a switched on management, never resting on their laurels. The latest ones all have ‘unusual’ names, another quirk of the management but one that never detracts from the taste. Porky Soup is a bowl of pork ribs, potato, carrot seasoned with Balinese herbs [cardamom, cloves and star anise]. Potato Crisp Nachos are thin slices of potato fried till very crisp replacing the usual corn chips. They are covered by baked beans, diced tomato, melted cheddar cheese and sour cream. You can also add chicken or pulled pork on top. Then there is the Naughty Pork Quesadilla, pulled pork combined with pineapple chutney and cheese, once again an interesting creation. Even that Indonesian standard Nasi Goreng gets a makeover, the fried rice is topped with shredded egg and pork strips, two baby back ribs sit on top, together with a strip of crackling. However it is the Pork Drumettes [a ball of pork mince attached to the bone] and the Pork Poppers [crumbed] that are impossible to stop eating!


Pekandelan Warung, at the entrance to The Tegenungung Waterfalls at Kemenuh, continues to amaze with the quality of food served at such a surprisingly cheap price. Our Cheap Eats find of 2017, they have now done it again! A full range of Dim Sum at the crazy price of Rp.15,000++ per serve [3 or 4 pieces in each]. Not surprisingly the most popular order is for their giant mixed platter, 18 pieces for Rp. 65,000++.


Food Court stalls are normally staffed by cooks rather than chefs and more often than not home trained. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover that two of the outlets at rhe new Ubud Food Court on Tebasaya [operated by the food court owners] were under the control of young talented Balinese chef Komang Juniantara, ex Taksu and Ulun Carik where I had previously tasted, and raved about, his dishes…quality at that price! Eggs Benedict @ Rp. 40, 000, in a food court! One outlet offers Indonesian; Crispy Tahu & Tempe, Bakmi Goreng, Ayam Bakar Rica-Rica, Rendang, etc. The other is Komang’s Western choices; Fish & Chips [Mahi-Mahi], Pasta, Burgers, Cajun Chicken or Schawarma and Ribs. There is a standard western breakfast as well as the Eggs Benedict. Not bad for a food court?


Daebak is Korean on the Renon loop at Jln. Jok Agung Tresna. The big menu covers all of the traditional Korean dishes plus a few new creations. Kim Chi [cabbage soaked in chilli] is a popular base to many dishes, sometimes just eaten as a side dish, here you can have it in a soup, with noodles or even mixed with the Korean fried rice, their version of Nasi Goreng. Bulgogi is a beef staple of Korean cuisine, it is thin strips of meat that have been marinated before grilling. In view of the long time conflict between north and south it is interesting to note that Bulgogi is actually a traditional dish from North Korea but one that has long become adopted in the south as well. Many Japanese dishes have been modified to Korean tastes, sushi and noodles particularly, and are available here.


Souphoria on Jln. Bumbak, in Canggu, is most unusual in that their menu is all pork! They serve their pork ribs in a soup. Pork Sate may not be that unusual but these are very large ones. Loco Moco is a Hawaiian special of rice, meat and a fried egg on top. At Souphoria that meat is of course, pork. Many of the dishes are based on local standards, the Crisp Pork Belly with Balinese sambal matah, the Rendang with pork and the Betutu, pork ribs. Or you can go Chinese with Pork Belly and Salted Egg. Nothing is wasted here…. you can also order Pig Ears, very spicy!


Beach House Sanur may sound like a new restaurant, it is and it isn’t. On the beach at Semawang, south of Sanur it is the re-branded Stiff Chilli which was always one of Sanur’s best budget-priced restaurants. The Australian management have broken away from Rodney Holt’s banner, though the menu stays the same as they were doing under that name last year. Does this mean the end of Rodney’s Stiff Chilli restaurants? The original Stiff Chilli, on the hill at Uluwatu almost 20 years ago, was an instant success introducing simple, tasty, bistro style food to Bali at budget prices! Rodney Holt was one of Bali’s chef pioneers. He was one of the first top chefs to venture here [Amanusa and Begawan Giri in the 90’s, he fell in love with both the island, and a girl, and stayed!].Whilst the Beach House Sanur is also a sports bar that section is kept completely separate, a great idea for all those who do not want the constant interruption. Interesting pasta combinations include Prawn and Chorizo Linguini, with large prawns, chorizo, Lombok chilli, paprika, fresh tomato garlic and lime, or Tagliolini all’inchiostro, squid ink pasta with smoked marlin cream sauce. Even the pasta with meat is a ‘cheap eat’. Such as Agnolotti Pollo Funghi, chicken and mushroom filled pasta, with a mushroom, thyme, garlic cream sauce. Seafood and meat dishes as well; a Bintang battered Mahi Mahi or Gamberone alla Griglia, prawns grilled with garlic parsley and lime served with salad and chips. The always popular Sicilian “Bangers and Mash”, 2 large beef sausages on a bed of mashed potato, topped with an Italian salsa of tomato, onion, garlic, chilli and olives. Great Value!


Gerry Williams

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