June 6, 2018

Gut Instincts

“Just go with your gut!” It’s a statement that seems to resonate with many of us as we pay more and more attention to nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether gut issues have become more prevalent as producers and growers do more than just dabble in genetically modified foods, our diets are dangerously rich in processed foods, sugars and trans fats or perhaps we are better educated and aware that we are indeed what we eat, the trend towards introducing natural probiotics into our daily diet is undeniably moving into top gear.

Forget your green smoothie, fermented drinks like Kefir and Kombucha are now being bandied about on almost every Bali cafe menu and for good reason! An excellent source of probiotics – friendly bacteria that balances your digestive system and boasts a whole host of health benefits; Kefir and Kombucha are readily being consumed to help treat all kinds of conditions from allergies to eczema, constipation and candida, diarrhoea and bowel disease!

Popular products to be sure, but one Bali cottage company is committed to producing these health drinks (and other tonics) using traditional methods and all local produce. Cupboard Creatures’ fascination with the fermentation process began with a relatively small yield of Kombucha primarily for personal use, but once word got around about how terrific it tasted, production has since been ramped up and they are now supplying to a number of Bali cafes and personal clients across the island. Little wonder when these fermented, live, enzyme rich drinks come in appealing flavours the likes of Smashed Berry, Happy Hibiscus and Ginger & Lime! All natural, black tea based beverages, Cupboard Creatures Kombuchas have the fizz factor of soft drinks without the added sugar content. Sour yet sweet, they are the perfect pick-me-up for promoting intestinal flora and a healthy gut. Think apple cider meets champagne sans the headache!

Adhering to a similar fermentation process, milk kefir is another natural anti-biotic that boosts immunity and energy as well as being a great belly fat burner! With a similar consistency to yoghurt, Cupboard Creatures creates this healthy breakfast alternative using either cow’s milk or coconut milk for those favouring animal free alternatives. An ancient elixir that has been around for over 2000 years, Kefir has high levels of calcium, phosphorous, vitamins and minerals. As most of the lactose is eliminated during the fermentation process, it is easily digested and is great for the skin, with suggestions that Kefir can even assist in the treatment of rosacea, eczema and acne! A power pack of probiotics indeed!

For years, locals have turned to traditional tonics to treat almost every infirmity on our island haven and if you ask any Ibu, chances are she’ll have a Jamu recipe to ease what ails you. With local ingredients in mind, Cupboard Creatures also produces their own Jamu remedy in the form of a revitalizing morning tonic designed to detox the body and heal the heart. Limes, tamarind, fresh turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, cinnamon, black pepper, honey and H2O are combined to create their Shot of Sunshine that packs a real punch in terms of anti-inflammatory power and tastes a little like curry in a cup!

With a product list that includes Kombucha, Kefir, Jamu and more, check out Cupboard Creatures’ instagram page

@cupboardcreatures for further information about their probiotic pantry to promote intestinal health and a happy belly!


World Welterweight Title Well Worth The Wait

An injury to Terence Crawford’s hand may have delayed this much anticipated clash between the American and Aussie underdog Jeff Horn, but the wait has certainly done nothing to dampen any enthusiasm in the battle for WBO World Welterweight supremacy. Originally gazetted for April 14th, Crawford’s injury has meant another month of preparation for Horn, yet despite his initial disappointment, the extra training might be just what’s required for the quiet Queenslander to knock the undefeated American off his winning streak!

The June fight means Horn will again be called upon to defend his World Welterweight title for the third time in 12 months. He first claimed the title with a win over Filipino champion Manny Pacquiao and defended it again in December against UK fighter Danny Corcoran, defeating him with a TKO. Despite these wins Horn still heads into the clash against Crawford as the underdog. A veteran of over 30 fights, the American will make his Welterweight debut against Horn with a healthy tally of 32 wins (23 of those knockouts) against Horn’s 18 victories, yet it is Horn who holds the professional title – something he’s not about to give up without one hell of a fight!

All of the action is scheduled to go down on Sunday June 10th (June 9th in the US) and you can catch every minute of it on over 30 television screens at Finns Recreation Club where they’ll be showing the telecast live from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas! Experience all of the energy and atmosphere of ringside seats from your bar stool as the excitement escalates and the heat starts to build in their air conditioned Sports Bar, or take a seat in Bistro C and keep your eye on the kids at play as the fight action gets underway from 11am.

You won’t need to take your eyes off the fight for a moment with full bar and table service, cold beer, beverages and Bistro C’s all day menu available. Be sure to get in and secure your seat early because previous title telecasts at Finns Rec Club have proven extremely popular with a full house come fight day! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning, June 10th’s fight is set to be a fast and furious affair of twelve, three minute rounds in the absence of an earlier knockout. Both of these 30 year olds are out to set the record straight with the Queensland Hornet wanting to strengthen his hold over the Welterweight title and Crawford looking to retain his ranking from the Boxing Writer’s Association of America as the world’s best active boxer – and of course, take home the belt!

Even if the fight does finish early, remember it’s footy season and all AFL and NRL fixtures will also be telecast live so why not make a day of it and stay to watch the play. For information about all of the games and matches telecast each week in the Sports Bar at Finns Rec Club, simply click on this link:


It’s Bali’s best Sports Bar none!


Teach Your Tot to Swim With JSA Today!

For most of us island residents, the necessity to teach our toddlers to swim is a no brainer. We live in a tropical paradise surrounded by water and if that’s not enough to get you seeking out the nearest swim coach, the thought of your adventurous two year old tottering toward the unfenced pool at your villa just might be!

Safety factors aside though, the benefits and advantages to getting little tykes in the water are almost too many to mention. Swimming with your baby isn’t just fun because of all that important skin-to-skin contact, it is also a terrific bonding activity to enhance the connection between you and your little one. Add to this the multitude of health, mobility and fitness advantages and swimming would have to be one of the best sports to introduce to your child at an early age!

Swimming benefits your baby’s strength and coordination, builds cardio-respiratory function, develops strength, stamina and agility, enhances eating and sleeping patterns, encourages physical, social and psychological development and it’s social and fun for everyone!

The Junior Sports Academy offers Baby Swim classes every Tuesday from 3.45pm. These thirty minute classes are designed for little ones from three months until three years of age. Baby Swim will develop your child’s love for swimming and teach valuable water safety skills. Parents or nannies are required to participate in the class, so bring your cozzie and be prepared to jump in the pool and join in the fun with your child! Held in the Lap Pool of Finns Recreation Club, session price is inclusive of both child and adult and entry is through the club’s lobby.

The Baby Swim lesson is a play-time activity designed to promote the harmonious development of the child in terms of psychomotor, emotional and social skills. Through pool time play, the children will discover the aquatic world and their body in the water. With the presence of a parent, family member or nanny, this activity promotes the establishment of a unique and special relationship based on trust and a shared experience due to an enriched environment.

Coach Luisa is a certified high level swimming coach by the Italian Swimming Federation and graduated in Sports Management. As part of the Italian National Swimming Team from 1997 to 2007, she competed in four European Championships, four World Championships and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Luisa also coaches the successful Bali Barong swim team, training them to success in the pool at the recent Aqua Dragons meet in Jakarta!

Should you prefer more of a one-on-one aquatic learning experience, private toddler swim lessons are also available with Luisa at a mutually convenient time. In addition to those all important life skills, playing, kicking, bubble and breath techniques, submersion under water, back floating and entry/exit from the pool are all included with development dependent on each individual child.

Set your mind at ease and enrol your youngster in swimming lessons today. For complete details about the comprehensive swimming program options available with the Junior Sports Academy at Finns Recreation Club, check out their website: www.jsabali.com or email them at: jsa@finnsrecclub.com You never know, your little Nemo might just be the next Superfish!