June 7, 2017

Rejuvenate in June and Kiss Dry Skin Goodbye!

The kites are flying, sea breezes and blue skies are here in abundance so yes, I’d say it’s official…. Bali’s dry season has finally arrived! But while the drop in humidity and respite from that constant state of sweatiness is a welcome relief, these drier months can play havoc with sun kissed skin and a little extra TLC is often required to help maintain that youthful and dewy complexion.

Now if you ask me, there’s always an excuse for a spa day and Body Temple is certainly making it difficult to resist this month with their special rejuvenation packages designed for all ages and skin types. Dry weather can bring dry skin and Body Temple’s Purity Exfoliation Ritual can let you relax, renew and rejuvenate this June.

Your 90 minute Purity Exfoliation Ritual begins with an algae based, cream body scrub designed to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin and promote new cell rejuvenation. Once smooth and refreshed, skin is then nourished and hydrated during a one hour massage with Thalgo’s intensive conditioning cream, ensuring you will leave with soft and radiant skin and a saving of Rp100K.

For those of short on time but in serious need of an all over freshen up, Body Temple’s Face and Body Pamper Package is right up your busy alley. Wind down from your hectic day with a 45 minute massage using a combination of essential oils the likes of orange, lavender and mandarin to enhance that sense of relaxation and calm. Then, treat your dial to an express facial that harnesses the healing benefits of the ocean and the fruits of the earth.

The initial phases of cleansing and toning incorporate red algae and grape fruit; the prelude to a melt in scrub for all skin types combining the four active ingredients of papaya extract, lactic acid polymer powder, Vegepol – a plant origin polymer that clears blocked pores and Seve Bleu, an innovative new ingredient designed to rehydrate and remineralise! Forget the delicate details, it’s safe to say that after all of those AND a Sichuan pepper based finishing serum that gives a botox like tightening effect to the skin, you’ll emerge feeling fresh, fabulous and a few years younger!

Whoever said spa days were an adult only affair, clearly hadn’t laid eyes on Body Temple’s Kids Corner Treatment Menu designed especially for the junior burgers! This month you can treat your little ones to a spa package including a Mini Me Massage with mani or pedi for little princesses or a massage and body scrub combo for mini men and save a whopping Rp175K in the process! There’s a treat for the kids and for mum and dad’s wallet. Exciting news for Finns Recreation Club Gold and Platinum members, as of June 1st, you can enjoy a massive 30% discount on all treatments and services at Body Temple!

You can find Body Temple Spa at two convenient locations, downstairs at Finns Recreation Club (formerly Canggu Club) and adjacent to Finns Beach Club on Berawa Beach.
Bookings are advisable and contact details are as follows:

+62 361 474 1019 / +62 361 848 3939 ext. 132

+62 856 380 7806



Finns Staff Get Their Hands Dirty to Keep Bali Clean

It’s no surprise to most that Bali battles an ongoing issue with pollution and while many are quick to point the finger at the island’s rapidly expanding tourism industry, one could argue that this major money spinner might be an integral part of the solution as international media attention brings light to the problem and provides some impetus for change.

Action, education and a desire to be a part of this change are vital in order to see any improvement in the problem and Finns Beach Club is one Bali business that has jumped on board the trash train in an effort to reduce the unsightly rubbish that tends to tarnish our island paradise.

For some time now, Finns has been organising regular beach clean ups between the creeks that mark the borders of Berawa and Perancak in support of the local ‘Keep Bali Clean’ campaign. Staff from all departments (including management) are asked to attend these early morning beach combing sessions and together they are achieving positive results. Sure this continuous clean up effort helps to maintain a clean sandy ‘canvas’ for Finns guests to enjoy, but it also benefits smaller local businesses and beach goers in the entire area and stretches much farther than merely the immediate beach club frontage. In addition to these group initiatives, two of Finns’ staff are assigned the task of cleaning the Berawa section of beach every morning.

Finns itself has taken steps to reduce paper usage, recycle paper and plastic, use grey water for gardening, separate and recycle trash and use alternative bags rather than plastic. A composting system is also being introduced to the beach club. Bags used for monthly clean ups and rubbish collection are oxo-biodegradable as opposed to regular garbage bags which simply contribute to the overuse of plastic on the island.

In an ongoing effort to support sustainability and continue Finns’ rubbish recycling program, the collected trash is sorted into organic and non-organic waste, with recyclables being sold to respected local companies for reuse and redistribution. Staff involved in the clean up effort not only benefit from this ongoing environmental education program in the hope they may pass on such recycling efforts to their family unit, they also receive proceeds from the sale of these recyclables as an additional part of the service element of their salary!

Finns twice monthly beach clean ups are scheduled for the second and final Friday morning of each month from 6.30am – 7am and it’s incredible how much trash can be collected in just half an hour when there are many hands to make light work! Gloves, bags and tools are provided and everyone is welcome to join in and help out.

If you love your island home and are keen to help keep Bali clean, join the Finns team this Friday, June 9th on the Berawa steps at 6.30am and be ready to get your hands dirty to keep your conscience clean! Contactbella@finnsbali.com to be a part of the change you wish to see for Bali’s beaches.



Just when you thought the silly season was well and truly over, think again. It’s time for Bali to say goodbye to the wet season and hello to a very festive one as Finn’s Beach Club opens their doors to a whole new pop, lock and party dropping world.

Get out your diaries, book your flights, and lock it in Eddy as the party starts on June 11th, with what is set to give a whole new meaning to Sunday Sessions as Finns presents LIQUID.

Kick starting your Sunday at 3pm, LIQUID is inspired by anything water related and in other words; it is the pool party you have all been waiting for.

Luxury champagne, cocktails, combined with swimsuits, explosive entertainment from the best in the business, LIQUID makes the reality of those bucketlist parties come to life.

LIQUID’s winning concoction has been enthused from the best pool parties from around the world. With a hint of Palm Springs, a touch of Ibiza, and a sprinkle of Miami Beach, a spoonful of Vegas, a garnish of Croatia, and a whole lot of secret ingredients you won’t want to miss, Finn’s Sunday Sessions recipe is bound to blow your mind and leave you with an aftertaste begging for more.

And a KARNAVAL of more is what Finns has for offer on their Saturday Night menu. Kick starting your tastebuds with their entree of elegance at 9pm sharp. KARNAVAL is bound to bring all your senses to life, but not even your sixth sense will guess what happens next. Seeing is believing in this Saturday Night Live skit and they have some unbelievable sights for you.

Forget where you are and what you’re doing as see the fate of Finns magical stars, hear the sound of world class performers, stop and smell the roses, lose touch of reality and taste the mouthwatering alternative universe of KARNAVAL.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, FRIYAY the 23rd of June takes on a whole new meaning when Finns presents the one and only, RIMBA party. Inspired from the Indonesian word; Jungle, Friday nights are all about being young, wild and Tarzan and Jane free, even Snoop Dogg and his green hat will be saying ‘it’s a Jungle in here’.

Once you walk through those doors, there’s no turning back as RIMBA welcomes you to the jungle with big open arms. You’ll be sipping on coke and anytime of cocktail rum’s alongside swinging jungle men, monkeys, elephants, snakes and african drums. Get ready, get wild and be prepared to get lost in a safari through RIMBA’s amazon rainforest right here in Finn’s very own backyard.

Set those expectations high, and they are yet to be exceeded, but not before Finn’s presents their extraordinary finale on Thursday June 19th. Last but not least, and it’s about time someone brought back modern day etiquette with the motto; ‘ladies first’, you guessed it, and the feeling is right. It’s Ladies Night, and LIPS is more than just your average drink specials.

Think of your dream date, dream night out and LIPS is set to keep your heels, heads and standards high, and in the wise words of Beyonce; ‘all the single ladies put yo hands up’, and in the wise words of Kool & Gang; ‘you’ve got to be here’. But, LIPS (Ladies In Pursuit of Sex) aims to put every girl first, no matter what her relationship status. So it’s time to save your swipe rights, leave the boyfriend at home and join them for ‘a night that’s special everywhere, from New York to Baaaaali’ but especially here, and join Finn’s for Ladies Night.

If think you’ve missed out on the opening parties and can’t bare to read anymore, you’ll be happy to hear that this is only the beginning for Canggu’s red hot party destination. Due to the already popular demand of some of the world class DJ’s, performers, too many eager special guests and a mountain of exciting unique weekly plans for LIQUID, KARNAVAL, RIMBA and LIPS parties, the show must go on, and Finns is presenting it for a limited time only with October 31st set to the be the closing season party of all parties.

So, what are you waiting for? Four world class parties all under the one roof, all in the same location while feeling like you’ve traveled right around the globe on a tour de’ beach club dream holiday. It’s the festive season that seems a little too good to be true, which only leaves you with one option. Seeing is believing so it’s time to grab your friends, lock it in the diary and see the magic for yourself.

LIQUID – Sunday, 11th of  June
Karnaval – Saturday, 17th  of June
RIMBA – Friday, 23rd of June
LIPS – Thursday, 29th of June

Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu – Bali
P: +62 (361) 844 6327 / +62 828 9701 6178