Learning and Academic Success at Dyatmika

Curiosity and Creativity

Sparked by passionate subject specialists, and learning through the Cambridge International programme in first language English, our students build and maintain curiosity. We have a highly structured academic and pastoral support system to ensure each student’s wellbeing and academic progress are optimised.

Our new performing arts centre and sustained success in visual arts qualifications are testament to our commitment for creativity to be a vital part of the curriculum. Subjects across the curriculum benefit from this, and collaborate to facilitate further creative thought in learning.

Dyatmika students’ academic success in 2019 continued to show consistency:

Both our staff and student retention is high, with many students staying from Playgroup through to Class 12, and our average international teacher staying for over 5 years.

Our students take a lead in their own learning and, together with close friendships and community, set an achievement culture. We also aim for bilingualism – an important aspect of our close integration with our community. Students take Bahasa lessons ranging from first language to beginner, based on competency.

The Dyatmika campus is spectacular and, we feel, contributes to the well being of students, with views over the rice paddies to the ocean. We also have 2 large football pitches and a high quality sports hall. This allows us to facilitate a wide range of sports and activities – students also have the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom in various areas of the campus, such as our community garden.


Extra Curricular and Trips

Students benefit from the opportunities that Model United Nations, Scholar’s Cup, Global Issues Network and the International Young Person’s Award provide. This year we have had several trips abroad to network and collaborate with the wider student population in Asia – our links with charities ensure our students are aware of life outside of the Dyatmika community, and work to sustain these links through visits and fundraising. Our community garden also provides a wide range of opportunities for students to learn about permaculture, organising events, marketing our produce, and building links with the local community.

The School Council of students organise many events to enhance our community spirit, applying their learning in real life settings to a professional standard. Together with other volunteers, they lead with the organisation of our annual Science Fair and Art exhibition – the public opening of which is at 5pm Thursday 9th April at Komaneka Gallery, Keramas.

In 2019/20 our students have had the opportunities to strengthen their application of knowledge and skills through educational trips; Singapore Art month and Symphony Orchestra backstage tour, Nusa Penida and Gunung Agung Geography trips, Vietnam and Korea History trips, Kalimantan Biology jungle camp to name just a few.


University and Alumni

Our curriculum, excellence in teaching and learning, and one to one support throughout the university application process means our students receive locally unrivalled university offers and acceptances. Our students have high expectations of themselves, and realise their aspirations through their success

The Cambridge A Levels are regarded as highly as any other qualification worldwide; grades convert to high ATAR scores in Australia, and have allowed many of our Alumni to bypass up to 1 year of University in the US due to credits. For the UK, Canada, Holland, and many other countries, A levels allow a smooth transition directly into the first year of Bachelors study.

Dyatmika alumni keep in touch; we hold an annual Alumni event, and host many returning Alumni throughout the year who still feel their connection to our strong community spirit. They return to share their experiences of university with our current students and further enhance our students’ preparation for life after Dyatmika. We also ask every Alumni for feedback on their experience at Dyatmika, and how well they feel prepared for university – as well as very positive feedback, we work on any suggestions to continually improve.

Jonathan Cherry – International Head of High School


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