It is the obligation of the leader, to continually renew himself, in order to renew the people, by his example (Confucious).


Leadership is about learning to lead and continually updating oneself professionally, in order to set a good example. This is the job of the President, Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua and the Board.


Handover Dinner – Ayoyda Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali

Edward Naus, President RCBND 2017-2018 handed over the leadership to the new President RCBND   2018-2019, Hugh Brown and Board members on Friday, 20th July, 2018. Edward led the Board and fellow Rotarians through a successful year, with some significant achievements.

It was a cool, calm Bali night at the Ayoyda Resort, Nusa Dua. The trees sparkled like brilliant diamonds, as many guests chatted and enjoyed their dinner, in a garden setting near the pool. Music provided by a live band added to an enchanting evening.

I recall Edward Naus saying something meaningful about Confucious and leadership, as he handed over to the incoming President Hugh Brown and new Board. A valuable Global Grant was awarded and RCBND is working on its many varied charities, with a forthcoming Golf Tournament in September 2018, to help fund its projects.


Global Grant: Cleft Palate Operations

The RCBND Global Grant took many months to prepare and significant reviews were carried out by various organisations, to ensure the funds would meet the objectives of its target group: Indonesian people requiring Cleft Palate operations. As the amount being sought was just over USD $130,000 (Global Grant 1864795), the reviews were even more thorough.

Most of the work was completed by Karl Schmelzer, Treasurer of RCBND, in consultation with the Board and its Secretary, Wes Nieman, the original initiator of the Cleft Palate Project, since 1994.

A cleft is a gap on the lip or in the roof of the mouth (palate), that has not closed since pregnancy. It is estimated that every three minutes, a child is born somewhere in the world, with either a cleft lip or palate and sometimes both. This is about one in 700 live births. Depending on the type and severity, a cleft palate can create serious health issues if not corrected. Babies often have difficulty with feeding, which in some parts of the world, can lead to malnutrition or even death. Ear infections are another common concern because recurring ear infections can lead to hearing loss. Left untreated, cleft palates impair: dental development, speech and language development, not to mention the social stigma, to which children are victims.

Since 1994 RCBND has not only provided the initial cleft lip or palate repair for some 1650 children and adults, but has also funded on-going and follow-up treatment, including bone graft surgery to close the palate as need. All treatment is free of charge.

Further Wes explained to me, that whilst a significant difference can be noted between the before and after photographs of children who have had cleft palate operations, adults may experience additional problems post-surgery. These include issues associated with the complexities of identity and other emotional needs. They may in fact, decide not to proceed.

To continue this vital work (on the Cleft Palate Project) RCBND, together with RC Carnegie-Collier and District 7300 (USA), Rotary Clubs Kaufbeuren-Ostallgau, Koln-Kapitol and Mulheim-Ruhr-Uhlenhost (Germany) as well as individual donors, received $USD130,906.00. This grant will allow RCBND to perform as many as 180 cleft lip and palate operations, as well as dental examinations and basic treatment to older children over the next two years. Working with Yayasan Kolewa, RCBND will be able to reach out to new remote areas throughout NTT (East Nusa Tenggara), for example: Sumba, Flores, West Timor and Rote to identify and help children, that have until now gone untreated.


Annual Charity Golf Tournament

The Rotary Club Bali, Nusa Dua will hold their annual charity golf tournament on the 8th September at the Bali National Golf Course. This is the 18th running event, in support of some very worthwhile charities, that help to improve the lives of Balinese people. The RCBND is looking forward to welcoming you to an excellent day’s golf, followed by a wonderful presentation dinner. Please look out for further information about this exciting event in the “Bali Advertiser.”


Thank you

A special thank you to the Ayoyda Resort for providing such a wonderful venue and dinner for RCBND’s hand-over dinner. Thank you also, to all Rotarians and friends who supported RCBND, by attending the dinner.


Further Information

For more information on the Cleft Palate and other RCBND community Projects, please visit: http://rotarybali.org

If anyone reading this article know of a person or persons in need of a Cleft Lip or Palate operation, please email: cp@rotarybali.org

Players and sponsors considering participating in the Golf Tournament on September 8th, may contact Karl Schmelzer for more details by phone or mail: 0813 3756 7884 or schmelzer@nusa.net.id

If interested in membership of RCBND, you are welcome to join our Thursday weekly lunch meetings, (1-2 p.m.) which are held at the Bali National Golf Club. Contact Wes Nieman, Secretary – email esecretary@rotarybali.org

Authored by Christine Velde, Writer and Rotarian, Rotary Club Bali, Nusa Dua.

(On behalf of the outgoing President, RCBND, Edward Naus (2017-2018) and the incoming President of RCBND, Hugh Brown – 2018-2019).




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