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One of our major projects over the last few years has been to work at improving literacy in elementary schools (SD) through the provision of accessible and enjoyable reading material.

We have worked with other Rotary Clubs in the past on this project, most notably the Rotary Club of Kenwick (Western Australia). They provided funds for several thousand dollars (Australian) worth of library books, donated to a number of Sekolah Dasar in the Buleleng area.

We have also worked closely with the Pondok Baca Foundation to equip libraries and train librarians at two locations in Buleleng.

One of these Pondok Baca is situated at Window to the World School, in Lovina, and the staff there have been providing additional training to teachers from local SD in the use and care of school library books.

Over the past few months we have been following up at some of the schools that have received assistance through our library programs. Through surveys, school visits and discussions with staff and students, it is apparent that there are still further needs in improving literacy at these schools.

The Rotary Club of Bali Lovina is attempting to find funds to provide each of five needy SD with approximately Rp2,5 million worth of library books. To this end, we have applied for a District Grant to assist us to meet this goal in 2019.

Also needed are materials for covering books, library cards, stamps and so on. We will also be trying to find funds to continue the ongoing in-service education of staff from these schools. In particular, we aim to assist the teachers in integrating the wider reading materials into their curricula.

As possibly the smallest Rotary Club in Bali, in one of the poorest regencies in Bali, our own financial and workforce resources are limited. Yes, this is a cry for help!! If any other clubs, individuals or companies would like to assist us to fulfil and perhaps extend our goals, please get in touch!!

Contact person: The current chair of the Education Committee is Conchita De Jong. You can find her contact details on our website,


Keith Fletcher


RC Bali Lovina


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