Well, this series has been going now for 36 issues!  Since I receive emails from folks asking about information that appeared previously, this will be a SUMMARY of the previous 12 columns! I’ll do this every 12 issues or so.
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Column  Topics
– Latest ‘Gadgets’ & Accessories 3 & 6 mega-pixel cameras; digital movie cameras; portable music players; DVD writers; the latest 17” flat-panel monitor AND TV – all in one!
– Portable computing in Bali – real life information from someone who is doing this NOW in Bali
– SCAMS, SPAMS, RIP OFFS, and SWINDLES – internet and other SCAMS, hoaxes, and ways folks try to steal your money & time
– Humidity & Heat in Bali – things YOU can do to protect your hardware and your files
– Troubleshooting computer problems – things to do BEFORE disaster strikes and things to do after
– Software upgrade – what upgrades are worth the effort
– Hardware upgrades – when to add a new component vs. purchasing a complete new PC
– How to protect your computer from theft, viruses and more – adding password protection to your files & virus protection MUSTS!
– READY REFERENCE – web sites
– Downloading a book to read
– Making an international call
– Finding out how much it cost to mail a letter or package
– Figuring out foreign postal addresses
– Looking up health hoaxes
– Researching public information available on the internet
– SMARTER SHOPPING – web sites
– Finding the BEST product (what did others who have used it think)
– Getting it at the best price
– Tracking it’s delivery
– Finding out if it’s being recalled
– MIND YOUR MONEY – web sites
– Checking the latest stock price
– Estimating your US taxes
– Determining what your next house payment will be
– Seeing if you won the lottery
– Checking the latest arrival and departure times
– Making sure your baggage isn’t over weight click on “Rules of the Air”
– Getting weather reports world-wide
– Seeing what shots you’ll need
– Learning what visa requirements the country you want to visit has

Other LINKS Mentioned:
(Note: type all listed web address EXACTLY as listed, yes upper and lower case is important) – very helpful site  – step-by-step on how to make an emergency boot disk – Cloak7.0 password program – check on frauds  &  – Hoaxes

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Bali PC Advisor and other Bali Advertiser article Archives now ONLINE:
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