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The Rotary Club of Bali Lovina has been continuing its activities in the field, but in this report I would like to tell our readers about some of the interesting and inspiring guest speakers that have recently visited our club.

These visitors have shared their stories of how they are working to help the less privileged people in Bali, and in particular North Bali.

At a meeting in January we were delighted to welcome guest speaker Marjanne Oomen, a physiotherapist now working with the Stepping Stones Bali foundation. Marjanne gave an inspiring talk on the work of the foundation in helping children with disabilities in Bali, and particularly those born with “club foot”. With early intervention babies with this condition can be successfully treated. More information can be found at

In February we were treated to a talk from Jeroen Van Overbeek, founder and CEO of Social-Impakt. Jeroen spoke about the water filters his company produces and distributes, providing a cheap and efficient alternative to bottled water. The filters make water from any source completely safe for drinking, and the key component lasts up to 3 years. In addition to his work in bringing affordable drinking water to the villages of Bali, his company has been instrumental in assisting relief operations following the earthquakes in Lombok and the tsunami in Sulawesi. More information about the work of Social-Impakt can be found at

Our next guest speaker was Robert Faber, a geologist, who gave a fascinating and useful talk about the causes and effects of earthquakes. Did you know that if you experience an earthquake, and you can feel it moving side to side, but not up and down, then there will not be a tsunami produced? And that there is a direct relationship between the strength of an earthquake and the time duration of the shake? Earthquakes cannot be predicted, says Robert, but a knowledge of their effects can reduce panic.

We had a truly inspiring guest speaker at our meeting on the 10th of April – Ari Ambarini spoke of her journey to become a doctor, her long-held dream now nearing fruition. She is about to start her internship and we wish her all the best!! Ari has received some assistance in her studies from a member of the Rotary Club of Everett, WA, USA, and from one of our own members who has personally encouraged her to pursue her ambition.

Our most recent inspiring guest speaker at was Andy Bracey from the Global Village Foundation. This organization does brilliant work in, among other things, providing wheelchairs to children and adults in need across Bali. They also provide free water filters and other services. A foundation well worth supporting! More information on their work can be found at


Pictured is Andy with a child’s wheelchair.


Hearing about the challenges and successes of these individuals and organizations has certainly inspired our Rotary Club to work even harder in bringing about positive change in North Bali.


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