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The Cost Of Covid PCR Tests In Bali Reduced After Presidential Instruction

The cost of the Covid-19 PCR tests in Bali has been significantly reduced as recently instructed by the President.

The Head of the Bali Health Agency, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya confirmed that as a response to the instruction from President Jokowi through his official Youtube channel recently, Bali officials have decided to reduce the cost of their PCR test as one of the solutions to boost the economy during the pandemic. “I have proposed to the Health Minister to reduce the cost of PCR swab test to around USD 31 (IDR 450,000) or a maximum of USD 38 (550,000).” Jokowi said on Sunday (15/8).

As a result, Dr. Suarjaya confirmed that the PCR test price in Bali was just reduced to USD 34 (IDR 495,000). “We have just updated the new PCR test price to USD 32.70 (IDR 475,000) plus a USD 1.30 (IDR 20,000) administration fee, so the total cost will be USD 34 (IDR 495,000) for Indonesian citizens.” Dr. Suarjaya said. Apart from the price, officials also ensured that people will receive the result of the test within 24 hours maximum.

Prior to this implementation, many people criticized the government regarding the cost of the PCR tests in Indonesia which was considered high in comparison with several other countries in Asia such as India, where people are only required to pay around USD 6.60 (IDR 96,000) to get a PCR swab test. Resulting in the people urging the government to reduce the tax on their Covid-19 test price as a form of support to its people during this crisis. (thebalisun.com 20/08/2021)


Hundreds of ‘vulnerable’ Australians evacuated from Bali today

Hundreds of Australian nationals categorized as “vulnerable” left Bali this afternoon on a chartered flight organized by their government, officials have confirmed.
“This flight has been arranged to enable vulnerable Australians, whose flights have been canceled or where transit options are no longer available, to return to Australia,” Australian Consul-General, Anthea Griffin, said in a statement.
Taufan Yudhistira, a spokesman from airport management firm PT Angkasa Pura I, confirmed to reporters earlier this afternoon that some 180 Australian nationals were scheduled to board a Qantas Airways flight at 3pm.

Late last month, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) opened up online registration for Australians looking to leave Indonesia, which reportedly saw almost 800 sign-ups. However, only those deemed most vulnerable for health, financial, or visa reasons managed to secure seats on today’s flight.
Passengers are reportedly expected to pay the cost of their one-way flight to Australia, priced below AU$1,000 (US$726.40). This fee is said to be comparably cheaper than the cost of flying to Australia from Indonesia commercially.
It is not yet clear if the Australian government plans on arranging any more repatriation flights from Indonesia for hundreds of Australians who signed up to leave the country. Many have reportedly gone to great lengths to go home, including by chartering private flights at hefty prices or arranging to sail down under.

Indonesia has become Asia’s epicenter for COVID-19, following a significant surge in infections driven by the Delta variant. Though infections have started to plateau in Java island, other parts of the country are still recording relatively high numbers.

In Bali, new infections have averaged around 1,000 for several weeks, though the numbers are seeing a decline in recent days. As of today, 10,720 people are in treatment for COVID-19. (coconuts.co 20/08/2021)


Australian national rescued after fainting while surfing in Berawa Beach

An Australian national reportedly lost consciousness while surfing in Berawa Beach in Canggu yesterday, and was rescued by fellow surfers at the location.

“The victim was surfing and he suddenly fainted in the middle of the sea,”  Marshello Aryafara, who heads the water tourism rescue agency in Badung regency, said.
Marshello explained that the incident had taken place at about 9am. Thankfully, there were other surfers nearby when the victim, identified as R, fainted.

A witness said R was already face down on his surfing board by the time they noticed him, and then called for help from others to take him to the shore.

“The victim was resuscitated and he gained consciousness,” Marshello said.

R was then evacuated to the local hospital by officers from Marshello’s team using an ambulance. Officials have yet to give an update on R’s latest condition. (thejakartapost.com/ 25/08/2021)

Indonesia to allow restaurants, shops to reopen in Jakarta, Bali

Indonesia will from Tuesday start to allow the partial reopening of restaurants, shopping malls and places of worship in some areas, including in the capital Jakarta and the holiday island of Bali, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said on Monday.

Places of worship and restaurants will be allowed to operate at 25 percent capacity while shopping malls will be allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity in those areas, the president said during a virtual press conference.

Since a peak of new infections of COVID-19 in Indonesia on July 15, new cases have fallen 78 percent, he added. On Monday, at least 211,759,090 cases of coronavirus have been registered globally.

The vast majority have recovered, though some have continued to experience symptoms weeks or even months later. (coconuts.co 25/08/2021)

Settling down in Indonesia? Here’s how to apply for a permanent stay permit (ITAP)

A permanent stay permit (ITAP) allows certain foreign nationals to live and reside in Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen. An ITAP has a validity period of five years, except for foreign nationals who are the spouse of an Indonesian citizen or the Indonesian-born children of an ITAP holder, where they are subject to the permit holder’s validity period.

Immigration Directorate General head of public relations Achmad Nur Saleh explained that there were two ways foreign nationals could acquire an ITAP: a change in status from a temporary stay permit (ITAS) or directly applying with no prior ITAS.

Foreign nationals eligible for the latter include ex-dual national children, Indonesian-born children of an ITAP holder, as well as ex-Indonesians who lose their nationality while in Indonesia. Foreign nationals who wish to upgrade their ITAS into an ITAP are required to stay in Indonesia for three years in a row, or have been married for at least two years to an Indonesian citizen.

“Applying for an ITAP can be done online through izintinggal-online.imigrasi.go.id or by directly visiting the immigration office,” he said. Before applying for an ITAP, applicants are required to prepare the relevant documents, such as their passport, ITAS, statement of domicile and statement of integration.

Meanwhile, special requirements will apply accordingly to the applicants’ purpose of stay. For example, expatriate workers will need to prepare their work permit (IMTA) issued by the Manpower Ministry, while foreign nationals married to an Indonesian citizen will need to provide their marriage certificate as translated by a sworn translator if in a language other than English.

“Please contact the immigration office by direct messaging our official Instagram account or by WhatsApp. The ITAP application can be sent via email or WhatsApp, while the next stages of the process such as payment transaction and biometric data recording will also be informed through WhatsApp or email,”

Achmad said. For consultation regarding ITAP application or other immigration services, contact the Immigration Directorate General information team through live chat at www.imigrasi.go.id, available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (thejakartapost.com/ 25/08/2021)


Bali Hosts Training Program With US Army

The Head of Bali Military IX/Udayana, Major General (Mayjen) Maruli confirmed that a team of six soldiers from the Mobile Training Team Security Force Assistance Brigade (MTT SFAB) has arrived at the Raider 900 Infantry Battalion/ Satya Bhakti Wirottama Buleleng on Friday (20/8) before starting 2 weeks of training with the Indonesian Military in Bali. “Apart from a training program, MTT SFAB Team has come to Bali to strengthen the relationship between Indonesia and America.” Mayjen Maruli said on Friday (20/8).

Maruli explained that the MTT SFAB Team was chosen by the US Military to train stronger skill sets and share some of their experience in different combat situations. “ The team was scheduled to train our soldiers to deal with several different combat situations such as how to combat safely downtown within the city, how to better face combat at night time, organizing an operation and better casualty care. We hope that we can learn from each other during this program” Mahjen Maruli added. Once the training program is finished, the Indonesian Military will host another program called culture day on the 25th of August 2021 to introduce them to Indonesian culture, history and tourism.

During culture day, the team is scheduled to visit places such as Tampak Siring Palace, Beratan Lake Temple and Tanahlot Temple with a hope that they will promote Bali tourism to their friends and family once the international travel corridor reopens in the future. “We planned to take them to visit some of our tourism attractions as part of the promotion program in our tourism sector before their departure from Bali and head back to the US on the 2nd of September 2021.” Mayjen Maruli concluded. Maruli is honored and proud to be able to host this training program and hopes that their partnership will be benefiting each other in the long run.