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3 domestic tourists arrested in Bali over fake PCR test results

Police in Denpasar have arrested three domestic tourists who were allegedly caught carrying fake PCR test results, as the province sees more visitors amid loosened COVID-19 restrictions.
The tourists came from different parts of Indonesia, police said, identifying the suspects as MF from Jakarta, ACA from West Kalimantan, and LL from West Java.
MF and ACA were arrested last Friday, whereas LL was arrested on Sunday.
Indonesia previously implemented a mandatory PCR requirement on all domestic flights, but that has since been reversed as authorities now accept rapid antigen test results for air travel within Java and Bali.
MF and ACA told authorities that they had acquired their fake test results from another person, who police are now investigating. Meanwhile, LL was found to have only taken a rapid antigen test, results of which she edited to show a PCR test result instead to meet the previous travel requirements. They have been charged with fraud under Indonesia’s Criminal Code (KUHP), which carries a maximum prison sentence of 12 years. (coconuts.co 02/11/2021)


Jokowi invites world leaders to Bali as Indonesia assumes G20 presidency for 2022


President Joko Widodo has formally invited world leaders of G20 countries to Bali next year, as Indonesia assumes the G20 Presidency following the end of this year’s summit in Rome.
At the closing event of the G20 Rome Summit last night, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi formally handed over the forum’s presidency to Jokowi, which was marked by a symbolic hitting of a gavel.
“We will entertain all of you honorable ladies and gentlemen, in open space, on the beautiful beaches of Bali to inspire innovative ideas for the productivity of G20 in the future,” Jokowi said, according to an official statement.
“See you in Indonesia.”
Indonesia will host the G20 Summit on Oct. 30-31 in Bali next year. The country aims to push for more cooperation with world economic recovery in mind, by adopting “Recover Together, Recover Stronger” as a theme during its presidency. (coconuts.co 02/11/2021)


‘Completely free’: Heather Mack leaves prison, set for deportation

Heather Mack, the American woman convicted with her boyfriend for the sadistic murder of her mother in 2014 in Bali, was freed from prison earlier today.
Mack served seven years of a 10-year sentence and is set for deportation to the United States.
The notorious case had sent shockwaves throughout Bali then. Mack, who was 19 years old and pregnant at the time of the crime, had been found guilty of assisting in the murder that her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, committed. Schaefer got 18 years for killing Chicago socialite Sheila von Wiese-Mack and then stuffing the body in a suitcase at a luxury hotel on the island.
Now 25 years old, Mack was granted early release for good behavior, the head of Kerobokan prison’s female section said.
“Heather is completely free,” Lili said.
“When she was released, she was a bit shocked and emotional. She hesitated and was scared, but we encouraged her.”
Donning sunglasses and an orange prison vest, Mack was handed to immigration officials to await deportation. It is not immediately clear when she would be flown back home, or whether Mack’s six-year-old daughter, who has been raised in a foster home in Bali, would also be deported together with the convict.
Previously, Mack filed for her daughter to remain in Indonesia, as she did not want the child to be hounded by US media. (coconuts.co 01/11/2021)


Local Bali Woman Arrested For Stealing Thousands Of Dollars From An Expat

A 60-year-old local woman named Erni Harum Cahyani has been arrested after stealing a large amount of money from a French expat.

The Head of Denpasar Public Relations Officer, Iptu I Ketut Sukadi confirmed that Erni was arrested for stealing money from a 73-year-old expat, Christian Moussier. “The suspect who is originally from Bogor, West Java was arrested from her boarding house in Denpasar after 2 weeks of investigation.” Iptu Sukadi said on Sunday (31/10). Prior to the incident, Erna and Christian had arranged a date at a villa that is located in Ubud on September 27th 202, after getting to know each other through an online dating app.

After meeting up and briefly visiting at the villa, they both went to the Bintang Supermarket that is located in Ubud to buy groceries. When the victim paid the cashier using his debit card, the suspect apparently managed to see his pin number. Shortly after, when they were back at the villa, the suspect stole Christian’s debit card while he was asleep on the villa’s balcony. The victim realized that his debit card was gone when he attempted to pay for his dinner in Ubud on Tuesday evening (28/9). Once he got back to his place in Denpasar on Wednesday (29/10), Christian called the bank to cancel his card and was surprised as the bank told him that someone had withdrawn a total of USD 3,274 (IDR 46,5 million) with his card.

“The suspect managed to steal thousands of dollars from the victim by illegally using his debit card to withdraw money. The suspect attempted a total of 14 transactions.” Iptu Sukadi added. Shortly after, the victim filed a report to the police in regards to the incident, and after a couple of weeks of investigating, the suspect was finally arrested from her house that is located on Jalan Gunung Lebah, West Denpasar on Friday, October 15th, 2021 and will potentially be charged with 5 years of imprisonment.

“During the interrogation, the suspect admitted that she had spent the money on jewelry, paying off some of her debts and she started a new business.” Iptu Sukadi concluded. (thebalisuns.com 01/11/2021)


Bali Authorities Instruct All Shops To Utilize The PeduliLindungi Tracing App As An Entry Requirement

Authorities from the Public Civil Service office have instructed all shops and supermarkets in Bali to start utilizing the PeduliLindungi tracing app as an entry requirement.

During an operation to inspect the compliance of prevention protocols in many shops and other businesses in Denpasar on Friday (22/10), the Head of the Denpasar Public Civil Service, Dewa Sayoga stated that all businesses such as minimarkets, shopping malls, and supermarkets are required to install a PeduliLindungi tracing app’s QR code at their entrances.

“Every business that could potentially have many visitors like shops and supermarkets are required to start utilizing the PeduliLindungi app as an entry requirement for their customers,” Sayoga said on Sunday (24/10). He also said that businesses that neglect this instruction will receive a fine from authorities. “This is one of our prevention steps to avoid Covid-19 transmissions from surging, so they must comply with this policy,” Sayoga added.

Sayoga also reminds people to install the PeduliLindungi app on their cellphones, especially before visiting public places in Bali. “To end this pandemic is everyone’s responsibility, and not only the government’s. So I urge people to always follow our instructions and keep complying with prevention protocols.” Sayoga concluded. (thebalisuns.com 01/11/2021)


PCR Test Prices Reduced To Support Bali Tourism

Officials from the Bali Health Agency have announced that the price of PCR tests in all medical laboratories in Bali has been reduced.
The Head of Bali Health Agency, Dr. I Ketut Suarjaya confirmed that in accordance with the Indonesian Minister’s Decree Number HK.02.02/I/3843/2021, the central government has officially reduced PCR test prices in Bali and Java from the previous USD 33.50 (IDR 475,000) to USD 19 (IDR 275,000). Suarjaya also said that authorities have forbidden the medical facilities that provide the PCR test services from increasing the set price.

“There will be no problem if any medical facility that sells the PCR tests below the set price to their customers. But we legally fine those that attempt to sell them at a higher price.” Dr. Suarjaya said Wednesday (27/10). He explained that any offenders will potentially lose permission to practice and medically treat patients if they get caught by the authorities.

Several days prior, Suarjaya admitted that he had warned multiple laboratories that attempted to advertise their PCR test services through their social media with expensive rates in order to receive an immediate profit. However, this new PCR test rate will not be applicable for tracing and testing programs that are conducted by the government. “This new policy is only meant for individual test requests, and not for any tracing or testing program that is supported by the government.” Dr. Suarjaya concluded.


Russian man and Ukraine woman deported from Indonesia after forging PCR test results

Two foreign nationals who were arrested earlier this year in Bali for using fake PCR test results have been deported over the weekend, immigration officials confirmed.
The foreigners, DA from Russia and OM from Ukraine, were deported almost eight months after they were arrested in Karangasem regency.
“The two foreign nationals had been imprisoned in the Karangasem Prison for eight months,” Head of the Bali office for the Law and Human Rights Ministry, Jamaruli Manihuruk, said.
In March, shortly after arriving at Padangbai port from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), health officers found questionable details about the test results DA and OM presented upon arrival. The dates on the papers did not match their trip that day, and it was later confirmed that the Bali hospital named on the documents did not actually issue the test results.
DA and OM were deemed to have violated Indonesia’s Criminal Code (KUHP) for using a forged statement and were sent to Karangasem Prison. Their deportation on Oct. 30, Jamaruli said, is because both DA and OM also violated Indonesia’s immigration law.
“The two have also violated health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. So this deportation is an enforcement of immigration laws,” Jamaruli said. (coconuts.co 01/11/2021)